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Okay, this is both my final gift, and my response to the Chrismukkah Dialogue Challenge. Tomorrow or the 26th I'll make this post public for everyone to read, along with the other gifts.

The first line of the story (Also the cut text) is the line I picked for the challenge, and it had been provided by [livejournal.com profile] krisherdown.

I never thought I'd miss Chrismukkah )

I really hope everyone has enjoyed the 24 Gifts, I know I've enjoyed writing them. I think I'll probably do this again next year, though maybe I'll start writing snippets in like... say... July... to make sure I'm not rushing around half of the days to get something done... lol...
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It's Eureka!Ryan... with another show tossed in for fun! lol... This one takes place 6 or 7 years after the bulk of the Eureka!Ryan stories, and was jsut written as fun so it doesn't really have any bearing on the future of the other stories... except that Ryan WILL have degrees of some kind by the time he's 22, and they'll be degrees that normally take a LONG time to get... lol...

This is purely for fun and my own amusement... I think ti can be understood jsut find without much knowledge of the third universe... might make it funnier since you're just as lsot as poor Ryan is... lol...

Ryan's Job Offer )
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Yeah, it's technically late now because it's after midnight, but... whatever... I've spent all dya trying to write somethign new and couldn't get past the first paragraph, so I went and found this, polished it up a bit, and I'm posting.

Remember 'Blackbird'? That was the story that was The OC/OTH in the univers eof 'Higher Ground', where the teens were all residents at a school intended to help troubled kids heal. Well, that fic fell by the wayside, but this snippet is what would have been the big reveal, when Ryan confessed to Brooke exactly why he ended up at the school, and Sandy and Kirsten found out the cause of Ryan's problems.

I openly admit that the basic set up is a total rip-off of a HG ep, but whatever... lol

Editted to add a warning for damn it... how do I warn without giving it away? Oh well, I have to so I can prevent problems: Warnign for mention of Sexual Abuse of a teenager from 14 to about 16. Not graphic, but... it's said to have happened... F-Word is used quite a bit, too...

Blackbird Snippet )
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Yeah, another AU I refuse to write... The OC in the universe of Earth 2... it's a little TOO insane even for me... lol...

I'm kinda playing fast and loose with the background of Earth 2, but since this is just the basic universe, I can do that! lol... While in Earth 2 canon, Syndrome kids only live to about 9 if they were lucky, in this universe Syndrome 'kids' can live to be teenagers and even into their early 20's, but it's a really lousy life and by the time they hit their teens almost any exertion, even just walking a few feet, in an immuno suit, is extremely tiring.

Ryan kinda uses the 'F' word quite a few times... he's in a bad mood... lol

AU I Refuse To Write #3 )
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Yeah... umm... experimental bizarre piece I wrote late last night in about 5 minutes total and added like half a sentence to while spellchecking just now... it's in present tense, although the events that happen in it span several years... It's The OC/Supernatural, centered on Ryan and Dean... but it's definitely not part of my other universe with them... lol... it's kind of... bizarre... fractured... leaves plenty untold but tells the important stuff...

This WAS going to be one of the '10 AUs I Refuse To Write', but... I'm somewhat intrigued by this universe and wouldn't mind writing a couple little things that fit into it... lol... warnign for mentions fo character death, drama, angst, and scars...

Edited: Now with a nifty little manip I made of Ryan and Dean... While they don't perfectly match shading with eachother, I did some stuff to each of them that turned out REALLY cool... lol...

An AU I Might Be Convinced To Write... )
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Another in the Four Brothers Universe. This one is another flashback, and contains Lucky explaining Chrismukkah's origins to Ryan... I did decide, you'll see, about whether Sandy exists in this universe... lol

(Lucky is 17, Jess is 14, Nathan is 11, and Ryan is 8)

Ryan's Introduction To Chrismukkah... )

In other news... YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! My brother is here and I am happy and YAYAYAYAYAY! lol
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18th Gift, just barely gutting it in under the wire (in my time zone... lol).

Black Friday Universe which is my epic The OC/Supernatural/BTVS/One Tree Hill crossover with an impending apocalypse. This takes place a LONG time before 'Black Friday' does, though. It fits in between Someday (The story that started the 'Verse), and this little snippet here (about Ryan meeting Ellen for the first time). I'd say this takes place when Ryan's been hunting with Dean about a month or so.

When Ryan met Bobby... )
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17th gift now. It's in the Kaitlin Atwood universe, which si the one where Kaitlin is Ryan and Trey's biological sister. This one is set late Season Two, when trey gets out of jail. I make reference to various Season 1 and Season 2 events, but... don't ask me if the Theresa stuff happened because I honestly don't have that figured out... lol...

Oh... and a warning for language and some major Marissa!Bashing... Trey and Kaitlin don't like Ryan's taste in women... and they don't hesitate to let him know how they feel... lol

Trey Comes To Newport )
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So, here's my latest offerings... lol...

The first (smaller) one was made in about 15 minutes without any thought of what it was going to be. The second (larger) one was made the next day when I was trying to flesh out the story I discovered in the first one... lol...

There's some minor spoilers for 'Random Acts', but... nothing overly major... and when I mentioned RA before in another entry, I mistakenly said it took place in Season 2... nope, it's post-season 4, but with Ryan having met and fallen for Brooke instead of Taylor.

Two montages for my coming soon fic: 'Random Acts' )

Before the story ever gets posted, I'll make a better image to be either a banner of 'Book Cover' for it... but I kinda liked how these looked... lol

On another note... less than 72 hours until my brother Seth is here! WooHoo! lol
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14th day of December, 14th gift being offered.

There's a series of these, but... none are related to eachother... lol... if that makes any sense... basically, they are a bunch of AUs that I totally couldn't keep up writing as full stories, but the snippets are too good not to write... I should actually label this as #2 and the "The OC in Star Wars Universe" one as #1... lol...

An AU I flat out refuse to write... really... I won't do it... why are you laughing? lol )
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So, here's the latest gift! There are 9 songs total, and when put together (along with the little description of why underneath each song... lol) they tell a story about Ryan/Brooke... It's a fun little (mostly) upbeat thing. The first two songs are slightly angsty, but it's before they meet eachother, so... lol

All songs are uploaded to mediafire, but if you need them uploaded elsewhere, let me know and I'll try to be accomadating, though it might be a day or two before I get to it if you want ALL the songs uploaded elsewhere... lol

Somewhere Only We Know ~ A Ryan Atwood & Brooke Davis Fanmix )
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A little Ryan/Brooke manip I made. Might fit into an eventual story, might not. But I like it... lol

Rooke Hospital Manip )
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Okay, so, I actually did a little bit of research about NYU and found that all NYU Dorm Rooms have their OWN bathrooms, there are NO common bathrooms, making Brooke's little 'ambush' of Ryan impossible.... oh well, this is a fictional version of NYU, so... I can have my facts totally wrong! lol...

Ryan and Brooke both live in the (fictional) Knight Hall, a co-ed freshman residence hall (though no freshmen under the age of 18 are housed there for obvious reasons). While each room has a half bath, there are common shower rooms and each floor has a shared common/living room.

NYU - Coffee Break )

Would anyone object to some of the 24 gifts being like art? I have this really cool montage I made, that sort of tells a story (In fact I have two versions, one was made totally out of the blue, the other I made trying to expand on the story the first one told) and I'd like to use it for one (though I warn you, it's angsty... lol)... and I also have an idea to make a couple fanmixes sometime after winter break starts and I'd like to use at least one of them... The montage is actually for a story I plan on writing, and while it contains spoilers, it doesn't totally ruin the story... unless I give the full explaination of what every single image represents... lol... and at leats one of the fanmix ideas I have would tell a story through song choices and snippets of story.

So, would anyone mind if I did that? lol
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This one is a major, big time AU. Kaitlin is Ryan's biological sister, and after the whole Trey thing and Dawn abandoning them, the Cohens took in both Ryan and Kaitlin. This is a glimpse into that universe during the Oliver mess. Assume that things basically went the same way as on the show in terms of the big events. This one has angst in it... a lot of angst. But it also has some not-so-angsty moments.

Influence )

Three more days of work and then I'm off for like 3 weeks... I MAY get called in if my manager is desperate for someone to cover a shift, but... lol... I don't HAVE to agree to come in if I really don't wanna... I probably would, but... lol... and I only have to work 5 hours a day for the next 3 days, so... WOOHOO! lol
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This one was originally the third chapter of a longer, angstier, fic that went AU during season 3 while Seth was experimenting with drugs. So there's several little AU points to it, and some angsty stuff is mentioned, but... I think it's a nice little hopeful thing... lol

Moving Day )
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This is my 8th gift (Click the 'fics:24 gifts 2007' tag for the others, and after I post the last one I'll make a post that links to all of them and identifies the ones set in the same universe... lol).

This is nice new universe with Ryan and Brooke meeting while both are attending NYU. There will probably be more of this universe, both in 24 Gifts and later on... lol

Oh! And it also responds to a prompt from [livejournal.com profile] brandywine421's second batch of 15 Minute Prompts.

Who knew colege could be so much fun? )

In less fun news, i was gonna get the leather jacket I liked today, but... first, it turned out to be synthetic not actual leather... then even the supposedly 'large' size didn't fit right (I bent my arms at the elbow and it was REALLY uncomfortable...) plus EVERYTHING at the store was just so freakishly hugely expensive and not worth it, so... I didn't buy anything. Maybe I'll find something good elsewhere...
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The latest of my gifts!

This one is in the StrokeVerse, about how Ryan and Isabella first met in that universe. Also, an additional little surprise before the story... again, Isabella is portrayed by Kristen Kruek in my mind... lol...

Summer's keeps meddling in both of their love lives... )
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This one takes place like 8 years before the previous one in the 'Four Brothers' universe. It's got a tinge of angst, but... it's also got sleepy Little!Ryan... so I think it balances out...

(Lucky is 17, Jess is 14, Nathan is 11, and Ryan is 8) )

On a side note, I found out today that I work reduced hours next week, and then I won't HAVE to work for at LEAST 3 weeks, maybe 4 weeks! I agreed to be 'on call' if my manager is desperate for help, and I volunteered to come in in the afternoon to do prep or wash some dishes, but I don't HAVE to come in unless she specifically schedules me to do so, which it sounded like she wouldn't, she'd jsut call if she needed me... so... YAY!

Although, this does mean it'll take long for me to get to the goal of $500 dollars in my checking account (I already have $1,081 in my savings account... but I wanna leave that alone unless I really need the money for an emergency...), at which point I plan on buying myself this oh so cool leather jacket I saw in a local store... it's $50, which isn't that bad, but... I still want to reach my goal of $500... even though I initially made a goal of $1,000 in my savings before I'd buy myself something bit, and now I'm not buying something big even though I reached that goal... lol
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This one is short, but... lol... adorable...

How did this always happen? How did he always end up sitting right across the table from her? )

I'll have the other gift I owe you guys posted later, but this one can count as yesterday's... lol


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