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Sorry for the long wait. Been busy with work and other things.

Give Me Love - Part Five )
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These next few chapters will somewhat be skipping ahead in time. They'll basically be montages of scenes, because in general things won't get interesting until Lucy is home from the hospital, because I can only right so many scenes of Ryan spending as much time as possible sitting next to Lucy's incubator. But there's little bits and pieces that need to be shown (First time Ryan holds Lucy, Ryan's first night back in Newport, Marissa and Julie finding out Ryan's back, trying to get Seth back, first day back at Harbor, etc). So this chapter and the next one, and possibly one more after that, will basically be montages of a couple weeks worth of events, showing only major things that are important in the grand scheme.

Give Me Love - Part Four )
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I originally had Ryan back in Newport at the end of this part, but after a conversation in response to the prologue I rethought my approach and this is the result which, while dragging things out longer, is much better than the original version.

Give Me Love - Part One )
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A few days ago, I posted a fic called Lay Bare Your Heart, which was an AU of the 1st season episode 'The Strip' (You know, the one where Seth accidentally hired like four hookers?). This is the sequel to it, which will be much longer.

I want to warn for sexual assault in this part (and references to it in later parts) as well as the fact that it briefly mentions that the first time Ryan had sex with Eddie, Ryan was 12 and Eddie was 16, and while Ryan doesn't consider it rape, it was traumatic and he did say stop which Eddie ignored. So to be clear: both that previous encounter, and the events near the end of this prologue are both rape/sexual assault, whether Ryan acknowledges the earlier encounter as such or not.

Give Me Love - Prologue )
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AU for The Strip. After catching Seth with the bikini clad UNLV girl, Summer immediately dumped him and stormed out, having hit her limit of his crap. Ryan follows her, and neither knows about the whole prostitute thing. They end up hanging out for a while and Ryan makes an intended confession.

Lay Bare Your Heart )


May. 23rd, 2017 10:11 pm
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My 'Ryan Raises His Little Brother' story is actually kinda coming along... sort of... the first bit of it is basically little snapshots of life after Jake being hospitalized thanks to Frank's abuse when Jake is 4 years old. There will be random bits and pieces of them ove the years until Jake is fourteen or so, when a longer story will pick up. And at the moment I'm leaning towards Ryan/Summer as the pairing because... yeah... my love for them is forever... lol...

And also because I recently found several fairly new (like within the last year) Ryan/Summer fanvids that were put up on Youtube! I hadn't searched in a while because it was frustrating to never see anything new... but I've found three 'new' ones so far, so... yay! lol

I also may write some other new Ryan/Summer... or do some art... or a fanmix... because I love them so much... lol... maybe I'll even try my hand at a R/S fanvid of my own? I do have some clips on my computer... actually I have ALL of The OC (years ago, before I bought the whole series on DVD, a friend of mine recorded the episodes and put them on disc for me... and I recently found those discs!) on disc, and I have some random eps of Southland, Gotham, and Hart of Dixie on my
computer, so I could make a vid with them as adults too... lol...

Song suggestions? Sentence Prompts? Random pic you think I should use as Ryan/Summer inspiration? Keep in mind I always love Ryan/Summer kid fic because omfg they would make some gorgeous kids... lol...
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I have a fic idea I love and am considering...

Ryan has custody of Frank and Julie's son. Basically, Julie ended up marrying Frank, and when Ryan's little brother (Jake, because I like that as his name... lol) was about six or seven, Ryan found out that Frank was hitting him. Ryan confront Frank and Julie, and Frank got beat the crap out of Ryan, bad enough that Ryan could have gotten Frank tossed in jail for years. Julie still went and bailed Frank out, then begged Ryan to refuse to press charges/co-operate with the police, so that Frank wouldn't go back to prison. Ryan told her that she had a choice: Frank goes to prison and Julie keeps Jake OR Julie and Frank give Ryan custody of Jake and Ryan will refuse to co-operate with charges against Frank (No complainant, almost zero chance of conviction). And Julie f***ing chose Frank. So Ryan got custody and started raising Jake. Jake has No Contact with Frank (One of Ryan's main rules/conditions... especially since Julie divorced Frank a few years after giving Ryan custody), and Limited Contact with Julie, who has had a string of short term marriages to rich men... leading Jake to have 'Gold Digger' by Kanye West as his ringtone for her... Officially Ryan disapproves, but he actually finds it hilarious.

Julie starts trying to get custody back, even though she and Frank signed away their rights to Jake in front of lawyers and a judge, and Julie outright told the Judge that she felt Jake was better off with Ryan than with her and Frank. She doesn't really stand a chance, but she's annoying the hell out of Ryan. Ryan would love to just cut off all contact, but can't bring himself to do so unless Jake asks him to, because he doesn't want to leave Jake without a mom, even if she's a bad one.

I don't really have much beyond that. Ryan and Jake are close, and while Jake doesn't call Ryan 'Dad', he doesn't correct others who refer to Ryan as his Dad. Jake calls Julie 'Mom' when actually with her, but the rest of the time she's called 'Julie'. He's never excited to see her, and in fact the older he gets the less he really wants to see her, but he does because he thinks he should and he thinks Ryan will be disappointed if he stops, though actually Ryan would prefer Jake didn't see Julie, but he doesn't want to deny Jake what he thinks are wanted visits... basically the Atwood Boys don't have very good communication skills... lol...

I'm thinking that Sandy, Kirsten, Kaitlin, Bullit, Seth, and Summer are all Team Ryan in the custody issue... and at some point Trey would show up and Ryan would have a very tense conversation with him about he if he wants to be in Jake's life, he needs to stay clean, sober, and law abiding... not sure if Trey actually succeeds at that...

I'm thinking Brooke would be a good romantic interest for Ryan... although I also kinda wanna meld it with another idea of mine...

Crossover between The OC and The Night Shift (NBC Summer Series about doctors, most of whom are Army Vets, at a hospital in San Antonio, Texas) Ryan Atwood/Dr. Drew Alister (Brendan Fehr) pairing... Drew is my favorite TNS character, and is gay in canon (He married his boyfriend at the end of Season 2, and in Season 3 they became adoptive dads), and I just adore him. In addition to being a Doctor, he's an Army Medic and an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. He's all around awesome.

As much as I love Rick (Drew's boyfriend/husband) I love the idea of a Ryan/Drew pairing... and I sorta have an idea how the above Ryan and Jake story could combine with a Ryan/Drew pairing... (for the sake of this idea, there is no Rick, and no Brianna, Drew and Rick's adoptive daughter)

So, Julie is harassing Ryan and Jake trying to get my contact, get unsupervised visits, talking about trying to get custody back. Bullit, being Team Ryan, offers to help Ryan relocate himself and Jake anywhere they want to get away from it (since Julie signed away her rights, she has no legal claim to Jake and can't interfere with them moving. Ryan lets her have contact, he doesn't have to). During this, Ryan gets a call from Drew, who he had been somewhat dating for a little while around the time he got custody of Jake. Ryan is Bisexual, but wasn't out about that, and Drew was very much in the closet (as far as anyone else knew, they were good friends and that's it), so they ended up breaking up, and no one ever knew they were a couple, they just thought the two were friends... I could potentially have it AU that in his grief over Marissa, instead of the cage fighting, Ryan enlisted and that's how he and Drew met, and Ryan left the Army when he got custody of Jake... anyway, Drew calls him and they talk, Drew finds out about the crap Julie's pulling and suggests that maybe Ryan and Jake could at least come on vacation to San Antonio, they could hang out. Drew is still closeted, but over the course of the story he would come out and he and Ryan would get back together as an actual, official, couple...

I don't know, I kinda wanna do it... lol... I'll defintiely write the Ryan and Jake part of it, it's the Ryan/Drew pairing part I'm iffy on... but I am rewatching the first two seasons of TNS on Netflix so I can get a beter grasp on Drew's character... lol...
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I posted two gifts yesterday. But I guess I posted them just as the site was having issues because when I went to double check that I am all caught up except for tonight's gift, I found they weren't there. Unfortunately, I did spellchecking and such when I went to post, so my saved copies have tons of errors. I'm going to re-edit and post those, then post tonight's gift ASAP... this year may have gone better than the last two, but still, it's like one thing after another... lol
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So, I think I will go back to my original 24 Gifts format of one gift (fic, art, video, fanmix) a day from December 1st to December 24th. I pretty much gave up on NaNo Read more... ) So... yeah, got behind on NaNo and there's pretty much no way I'll catch up.

Anyway, yeah, so 24 Gifts will be back in it's original form. I've had more writing inspiration lately, and I have a couple things written already, but I realized I wanted opinions...

Do you guys want mostly happy fluffy stuff? Or is some of my usually kinda sad/angsty stuff okay?

Cut for explanation.. )

I mean, I know I'm kinda known for the angsty stuff, but... Christmas is suppose to be happy and fluffy? So... are you guys cool with angsty for gifts? Or should I try to focus on Fluffy? Like the presidential election, there's no guarantee I'll actually go with the popular vote....


Nov. 1st, 2016 10:16 am
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So, it is once again November, and I am once again attempting to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I'm off to a good start. Last night, I did the End Of Month inventory at work, so I didn't get home until a little after 1am, and when I did, I started writing. 874 words by the time I went to bed at around 2:30am. Now I'm up to 1329, so less than 400 words and I reach the daily word count goal. I can do this. lol
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This one's for [livejournal.com profile] steve_ski who requested I use Prompt #1 for 'something new'. Well, technically not brand new, since this takes place in the same universe as #27 - Minister's Wife, though prior to that one. In MW, Robbie mentions Ryan helping him deal with his mother, and this explains that comment. Robbie's mother is not a good mother. It also reveals the actor I picture nowadays when I picture teenage Robbie for one of my fics. Not the actor from the final scene of The OC, even though the character is intended to be the boy from the finale. But I adore the actor I picture as him...

Pick-A-Prompt Fic - My Son - Prompt #1 )
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[livejournal.com profile] steve_ski requested Prompt #106, in my Ryan/Chuck universe... so here's some adorableness of them with their adoptive daughter!

Pick-A-Prompt Fic - Tale As Old As Time - Prompt #106 )
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Jessica made another request, #17 in the universe of this (I assume... it's the only The OC/Vampire Diaries I've written, and it is vaguely slashish for Ryan/Damon... there's innapropriate flirting...) This one kinda makes it even more innapropriate, since we see Damon interacting with Ryan when he was little, right after Damon and Stefan saved Ryan from getting killed by the evil vampire. To be clear, Damon is NOT flirtatious or at all innapropriate with little Ryan, he's actually kinda sweet and big brother-ish, like he was with Stefan in the TVD flashbacks taking place before they were turned. But since it shows how young Ryan was when they met, it makes the later flirtation 'worse' for lack of a better term.

Pick-A-Prompt Fic - The Kid - Prompt #17 )
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I have two prompt responses in progress, but between work issues (Was about to buckle down and write earlier when I got a call from my boss about a big issue I need to take care of at 5am tomorrow morning... not anything I did wrong, so I'm not in any trouble, but still... major issue...) family issues I don't wanna get into, and feeling like I'me coming down with a cold when I'm on my last day off until the 28 and 29 (that 9 days in a row... averaging 8 hours or more a day... ugh) I just can't seem to get writing today. I'll try tomorrow when I get home, hopefully I'll get it done then.
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Go HERE to either challenge me or accept the challenge

[livejournal.com profile] lving_darkness prompted me with #99, in the Good Enough Universe.

Pick-A-Prompt #99 - Image )
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Another prompt response for Jessica (Got her name wrong on the last one and only realized when she commented on the fic... sorry Jessica! I've fixed it now)!

#82 - The OC/Grey's Anatomy, set in my Ryan Sloan!Verse. There's some talk of physical abuse, and Ryan is injured because of it. Also, warning for Dawn Atwood. She doesn't appear but she exists, so there needs to be a warning... lol

Prompt #82 - Keep it Quiet )
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The latest response to my new Pick-A-Prompt Challenge! Go accept the challenge or issue a challenge to me! lol

Jessica issued another challenge to me, #53, set in the 'Beautiful World' universe (The OC/Gossip Girl, Ryan is Lilly and Rufus' long lost son, he and Chuck had a thing in Newport on summer).

The prompt features a car accident (a fictional one, gif is from the show 'The Originals'), and so does the story, but there isn't anything graphic (No blood, just people being thrown around a bit and broken car windows as the two vehicles hit)

Prompt #53 - Mistake )
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The latest written by me for THIS challenge. Come challenge me or accept a challenge! Lots of prompts have yet to be chosen!

I was challenged to use Prompt #62, set in the universe of 'Missing Persons' (The OC/One Tree Hill/Criminals Minds, Ryan and Brooke meet when abducted by organ stealing rogue doctors BAU works the case).

Prompt #62 - Undercover )


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