Mar. 27th, 2009 03:17 pm
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The week from HELL is over! Welcome weekend of NOT HELL!

Monday was fine, everythign was good, except for feeling kinda blah in the not feeling well sense and also in the "I wish I was still on vacation" sense. Monday was the best day of the week.

Cut because it got really long and I started swearing... )

tl;dr - Coworker Mike is an ASS and quit, which has basically made it so I CAN'T get sick because there will be NO ONE else there 3 days out of the week and it would leave the person who's there the other 2 days all alone and I don't wanna be that kind asshole. So yeah, I just can't get sick. Or if I do get sick, I have to suck it up and go in feeling completely bullshit crappy and put up with the bullshit of that place. I swear, one of these days I'm gonna go in sick and end up passing out or something because of it...
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ever written scenes for a fic, but where the scenes won't come into play for a LONG time?

I just wrote what may very well be the 'Heavily Broken' version of the Season 2 finale, and I totally love the three gutwrenching emotional scenes I have, but as HB readers know, it's barely at the end of Season 1 in the story as it's currently posted. There's a full year of events that have to happen before it gets to the point where these scenes take place, and I can't show anyone without giving away what's going to happen over the next year of the fic...


In other, less annoyed news... I've been getting the Earth 2 DVDs from NetFlix, and I've got this crazy idea of a The OC/Earth 2 Crossover... meaning take some of The OC characters and put them in the universe of Earth 2...

For my craziness so no one HAS to read it... )

Oh well, whatever... lol... I'm just feeling kinda... weird... today...
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I hit that point of being fed up, and I banned [livejournal.com profile] thekiller00 from posting comments to my journal... I did it out of irritation of their constantly telling me what I 'should' do in my fics, because whether it was intended that way or not, it made me feel like they were saying that if I didn't do it their way, it was wrong and bad. And I really can't/won't/shouldn't have to take that shit right now...

Part of me feels like a total bitch over it, but... I'm fed up and it's gotten to that point where I am too damn annoyed and frustrated to not do it.

I'm asking [livejournal.com profile] thekiller00 NOT to e-mail me asking me to refriend them and unban them. If they do, then I'll have to make my fics friends only so they can't even read them, and I'd hate to do that to all the other people who read but who haven't friended me/been friended back (though I will friend pretty much anyone who friends me, and won't unfriend unless they really start to piss me off...)

Anyway, just wanted to say I'd done it. Anyone EXCEPT [livejournal.com profile] thekiller00 who'd like the addy of my archive journal/experimental fics journal, let me know and I'll give it to you happily, even if you aren't on my friends list.
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Hearing was about a half hour ago. He showed up without a lawyer, then told the judge that he wanted to get legal representation. So everything is delayed until August 6, when we'll have the next hearing. Mama's already arranged for a meeting with a lawyer in town to see if he'll represent us, that meeting is happening tomorrow.

So now I've got almost 2 more weeks of this bullshit.

I almost wish he WOULD do something just so we could have his ass arrested and thrown in jail.

Editted because I don't wanna hear any comments saying "I'm sorry your going through this" or anything of the like. I just wanted to let everyone know the latest.
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Update: My brother's here now.

Okay, we have a temporary protection order, which will last until the hearing (which is on Tuesday). At the hearing, the judge will decide whether to give us the 'official' protection order or not. Jackass was served with the temporary order last night, so if he comes near us, we can call the cops and have him arrested just for being near us.

My brother, Owen, is on his way up here right now, should be here relatively soon. He's gonna be staying with us for a while, so I won't be home alone for 9 or so hours a day... He's also coming with us to the hearing on Tuesday to make sure that Jackass KNOWS that Owen is in town and knows what's going on.

I'm still kinda screwed up emotionally, with the doors extra carefully locked and our big heavy stool from the kitchen is in front of the front door to make it even harder to get in... but I feel a little better now that if he even stands out on the sidewalk in front of the trailer, I can call the cops because he'd be breaking the protection order.

I can totally deal with this crap. And hopefuly I'll stop being such a mess soon.
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Nothing has happened regarding the situation with the Jackass. And yet there was one thing that was SUPPOSE to happen, that we were suppose to get CALLED about, and we haven't gotten the call, so who knows what the fuck is going on.

I haven't been able to write anything all week. I've never gone for 5 days without at leats having ideas that I take notes on, let alone without writing anything... I've never even gone 2 days without writing something! But I've put maybe one short paragraph down, and I immediately erased it because I hated it...

At least my brother's coming. And I'm getting the new Harry Potter. And over the last 5 days I've made about 86,000 Neopoints on Neopets... I'm playing like practically every single game because even if I suck at it? 5 neopoints is still a win! lol

But the not being able to write thing... it's frustrating as hell.

So, I'm making a request: If anyone would like to give me a prompt, be it a song (Please provide a download link), a picture, a couple sentences, some random words, whatever, I'll try my best to write it this afternoon/tonight.
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Mama's home from work, so I am no longer home alone with only a 15 pound dog who's scared of his own shadow for protection... lol

I've read the e-mail he sent mama now, and it's beyond creepy, saying stuff like 'make love' when they haven't lived in the same house, let alone slept in the same bed, for EIGHT YEARS. The grammar and spelling is HORRIBLE, most of it barely makes any sense whatsoever... it's just overall creepy.

We also found out, by doing a quick Google search, that he had his nursing liscence revoked for abuse (he actually shoved a little old lady's face into her food at the nursing home he worked at!) and for fraud on his liscence application (We don't know what that one is about, but it could be as simple and leaving out some of his employment history because he was fired, or he could have claimed to be a veteran on the paperwork, which is bull, he never served in the military even though he claimed for at least 7 years that he had)...

Anyway, I'm not home alone anymore, mama's here, and she may be short but she is SCARY when she's pissed or protective...
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About ten minutes ago, I woke up to a frantic call from my mom. She got into work and found an e-mail to her from her ex-husband in her work e-mail. This is the ex-husband who once beat a dog with a stick. Who used to accuse me and my brothers of stealing when we hadn't. Who would finish food RIGHT IN FRONT of the rest of us, ahving had the majority of it, then swear up and down that he didn't get any of it. Who we're pretty sure has been letting the air out mama's car tires for years. Who we're pretty sure smashed the back window of mama's car a couple years back.

We're 99% sure he knows where we live, and the e-mail was creepy as hell about how he knew now that mom was his true love, and that they should hold on to that love, so mama was calling to tell me to make sure the door was locked and put the chain on the front door. That I'm not to leave the house today. That she may come home early because she's so freaked.

Mama doesn't get scared easy, but this e-mail has her completely panicked and I'm not much better.

Mama's already notified the campus police and it's going in a folder about suspicious stuff and she's going to talk to her boss and get her boss to talk to his boss (There've been incidents before, a couple years back he was almsot ALWAYS hanging out in mama's office, even when he should have been doing his janitorial work on the other side of campus). Maybe that'll scare him into leaving us the hell alone for another couple years...

I don't scare easy. I tend to get pissed off before I get scared, but I'm almost literally shaking at the moment... scares the crap out of me...
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Feel free to ignore, I'm just feeling pissy and bitchy... if you don't like swearing, skip over this entry...

I'm tired of all the bullshit lousy ass fanfics I keep finding.

Alright, I'll admit that some of it I just refuse to read because I don't like the pairing or it's summary just sounds horrible... one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when the summary for a fic is 'It's better than the summary sounds, I swear!'... why the hell should I trust some random person who can't write a summary when they say the story is good? If it's an author that I KNOW is good, then okay, I'll still take a look... but if the above phrase is accomapnied by 'My First Fanfic!' I run away screaming.

I have issues with RPF/RPS (Real Person Fic/Real Person Slash)... if people like to write and read it6, fine, good for them, but personally I find it slightly creepy since it's real people being written about... especially if it's smutty... but, whatever, some people like it, I don't think fans of it are freaks or crazy or anything, I just find it weird and a little creepy...

I flat out refuse to read certain pairings or fics about certain characters... Ryan/Marissa is something I simply won't read, same with Marissa-Centric stories. I just won't do it.

I'm thinking I should start doing rec posts... like a post per fandom (The OC, GH, X-Men, OTH, etc)... where I cna share what fics I simply love and adore, and at the same time ask for recs from others that are for that fandom... I can alter my layout to have links visible on the sidebar, and have links to each Fandom-Rec Post on there, so people can quickly find them, and I'll update the posts whenever I find something new that I really like... including if a story rec'd to me totally rocks I may add it to my main list (With credit to whoever rec'd it...)

Anyway, rant over, now that I had that idea I'm feeling less bitchy... maybe I'll get to work on that tonight...
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FIRST I spent all fucking day waiting for the guy to come and hook us up with DSL for the computer and a TV channel package that includes tons of channels like Soapnet and BBC America, and he enver fucking came! They even woke me up at like 10am (I slept late because I was up late and didn't EXPECT to need to get up until about noon!) with a recorded message saying they would be coming between 8am and noon TODAY (Friday)... Well, I get dressed, I do the last few things so our house doesn't look like such a mess (Yeah, it's just like a cable guy, but still... lol... we had a couple empty beer boxes, which we use for organizing and moving around books, stacked in the living room... we didn't wanna look like drunks!), and then I wait... and wait... and wait... Noon comes and there's no sign of them. So then I figure, okay, someone punched in the real code and they're gonna come when they originally said they wood, between 1pm and 5pm TODAY... well, I continue waiting... and waiting... and waiting... 5pm comes and goes and NOTHING! When Mama got home from work, she called and bitched someone out, and an hour later we got a call that they'll be coming on MONDAY between 8am and Noon, and insisting that that's what the message must have said, evne though I KNOW it said TODAY between 8am and Noon... GRRR!

AND THEN! A little while ago, I'm in my mom's room talking to her, and I see something odd colored between our dogs paws where he's laying on the foot of mama's bed... I assumed 'shit, he caught a mouse or found one that the cats had killed...' and I told mama, but before she could stop him and grab a tissue to pick it up, he grabbed it and ran... well, we chased him down and what do you know? It's not a mouse at all...

It's a fucking bird. Or rather, PART OF A BIRD! As in this thing died outside, was alreayd partially messed up either from decay or from another critter, and Shotzi PICKED IT UP AND CARRIED IT INSIDE AND UP ONTO MAMA'S BED!!!!!!!!!!!! ::shudders:: I get grossed out by real life stuff easily... I could deal with reading Brandywine's Sausage story with only mildly feeling grossed out... but a dead PART OF A BIRD totally makes me whine and complain and get all insanely girly... but anyway, mama called Shotzi over, then grabbed a couple paper towels to pick it up with, then threw it in the trash, but... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am NOT sitting on the end of mama's bed, stepping on the portion of carpet that Shotzi dropped it on, or letting that dog kiss me ANY time soon...



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