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Feel free to ignore, I'm just feeling pissy and bitchy... if you don't like swearing, skip over this entry...

I'm tired of all the bullshit lousy ass fanfics I keep finding.

Alright, I'll admit that some of it I just refuse to read because I don't like the pairing or it's summary just sounds horrible... one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when the summary for a fic is 'It's better than the summary sounds, I swear!'... why the hell should I trust some random person who can't write a summary when they say the story is good? If it's an author that I KNOW is good, then okay, I'll still take a look... but if the above phrase is accomapnied by 'My First Fanfic!' I run away screaming.

I have issues with RPF/RPS (Real Person Fic/Real Person Slash)... if people like to write and read it6, fine, good for them, but personally I find it slightly creepy since it's real people being written about... especially if it's smutty... but, whatever, some people like it, I don't think fans of it are freaks or crazy or anything, I just find it weird and a little creepy...

I flat out refuse to read certain pairings or fics about certain characters... Ryan/Marissa is something I simply won't read, same with Marissa-Centric stories. I just won't do it.

I'm thinking I should start doing rec posts... like a post per fandom (The OC, GH, X-Men, OTH, etc)... where I cna share what fics I simply love and adore, and at the same time ask for recs from others that are for that fandom... I can alter my layout to have links visible on the sidebar, and have links to each Fandom-Rec Post on there, so people can quickly find them, and I'll update the posts whenever I find something new that I really like... including if a story rec'd to me totally rocks I may add it to my main list (With credit to whoever rec'd it...)

Anyway, rant over, now that I had that idea I'm feeling less bitchy... maybe I'll get to work on that tonight...
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