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FIRST I spent all fucking day waiting for the guy to come and hook us up with DSL for the computer and a TV channel package that includes tons of channels like Soapnet and BBC America, and he enver fucking came! They even woke me up at like 10am (I slept late because I was up late and didn't EXPECT to need to get up until about noon!) with a recorded message saying they would be coming between 8am and noon TODAY (Friday)... Well, I get dressed, I do the last few things so our house doesn't look like such a mess (Yeah, it's just like a cable guy, but still... lol... we had a couple empty beer boxes, which we use for organizing and moving around books, stacked in the living room... we didn't wanna look like drunks!), and then I wait... and wait... and wait... Noon comes and there's no sign of them. So then I figure, okay, someone punched in the real code and they're gonna come when they originally said they wood, between 1pm and 5pm TODAY... well, I continue waiting... and waiting... and waiting... 5pm comes and goes and NOTHING! When Mama got home from work, she called and bitched someone out, and an hour later we got a call that they'll be coming on MONDAY between 8am and Noon, and insisting that that's what the message must have said, evne though I KNOW it said TODAY between 8am and Noon... GRRR!

AND THEN! A little while ago, I'm in my mom's room talking to her, and I see something odd colored between our dogs paws where he's laying on the foot of mama's bed... I assumed 'shit, he caught a mouse or found one that the cats had killed...' and I told mama, but before she could stop him and grab a tissue to pick it up, he grabbed it and ran... well, we chased him down and what do you know? It's not a mouse at all...

It's a fucking bird. Or rather, PART OF A BIRD! As in this thing died outside, was alreayd partially messed up either from decay or from another critter, and Shotzi PICKED IT UP AND CARRIED IT INSIDE AND UP ONTO MAMA'S BED!!!!!!!!!!!! ::shudders:: I get grossed out by real life stuff easily... I could deal with reading Brandywine's Sausage story with only mildly feeling grossed out... but a dead PART OF A BIRD totally makes me whine and complain and get all insanely girly... but anyway, mama called Shotzi over, then grabbed a couple paper towels to pick it up with, then threw it in the trash, but... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am NOT sitting on the end of mama's bed, stepping on the portion of carpet that Shotzi dropped it on, or letting that dog kiss me ANY time soon...



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