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This is a minimal spoilers soundtrack. I've already revealed that when all is said and done, Ryan will be happy and he and John will very much be a family, so some of the songs reflect that, along with songs that reflect the low points, as Ryan struggles with everything he's been through and John struggles to help him get to the other side of the pain. Some of the songs were probably intended to be romantic originally, but enough of the lyrics were fitting that the few, if any, romantic lines can be ignored. To prevent giving too much of my plans away, I'm simply leaving the list of songs (and a download link of course), so interpret what the songs mean in terms of 'Mercy' as you will... and feel free to speculate in the comments about how you interpret the song choices (and order! They are pretty much in the planned chronological order!).

(Click images for larger versions)
11 Songs//45m16s

Lost Till Your Found )
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You guys know how much I love apocalypses and zombies... well, it was only a matter of time before I made something Apoca!Brooke... lol

Apoca!Brooke )

One more day and one more gift to go!
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A long time ago, I had this random, silly idea of an AU taking characters from favorite fandoms and having them all live in the same neighborhood with lots of drama and intrigue, ala 'Desperate Housewives'... this is just a tiny snippet of that idea, centered on one of the storylines that would have been revealed to readers early on, then drug out before anyone in the story found out... lol

Desperate Housewives of Newport )
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As I've said, I don't think I'll full on write this story, but... it's a fun little dalliance... lol

Snow... )
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Short, but this is an idea I've had for a long time. I've written Ryan and Puck as being roommates and friends at Berkeley, but what if Santana went to Berkeley instead of Puck? What if she and Ryan became friends? Someday, I will write the origin of their friendship, which involves Marissa being Santana's roommate and Santana hating her with a fiery passion...

You dissed my boy, I'm not touching your skanky ass! )
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Tonight's gift is a continuation of last night's gift, specifically, it's the cover for my upcoming fic 'Brave New World', in which the Cohens+1 go to Terra Nova and things are even more choatic for them than it is for the characters on the show.

Brave New World )

I don't wanna give away unwanted spoilers for 'Brave New World', but if anyone wants spoilers, feel free to ask. Just know that there may be spoilers for the fic in the comments.
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Below the cut is a manip of Ryan, Brooke, Seth, Summer, and Sophie Rose for my upcoming terra Nova based AU fic. I'm not 100% happy with it, and I think any future manips for this fic involving Sophie Rose will just use the little girl from TN for her because the difference in hair color made it really hard... but in general I really like how this turned out.

Into A Brave New World... )
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Ryan's first trip home from college, and John has to give him a hard time, like any dad would. There's mentions of characters from a third fandom which may or may not appear in later chapters of Mercy, it just seemed perfect for the conversation... lol

Home For The Holidays )
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Below the cut are two 'Wordle', basically world collages, both containing little hints and spoilers for upcoming fics...
Wordles! )

Edited to actually put in a cut... lol
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Takes place in the universe of 'Never Again', on the night Neil Roberts got Ryan away from the Cohens for good.

Safety )
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Below the cut you will find four arts made for 'Mercy' (The OC/Southland crossover, John becomes Ryan's foster father) I'm working on a soundtrack for the fic, and these four arts are the current contenders for the cover image. There's technically two sets of two, with the first two arts using the same pictures, and the second set using a separate set of pictures, though in all four I used Southland pics for John and The OC for Ryan, no Ben Sherman caps for the cover! I'd love some feedback on which art you guys like best...

Mercy )
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So, a couple years ago, I wrote Fifteen, a fic where a 15 year-old Sophie Rose was hospitalized due to anorexia, and Ryan came to see her, and he got through to her better than anyone else had. This is a sequel to that, taking place once Sophie Rose is back living at home and making progress. She's not back at school yet, and she's still trying to work through her weight issues, but she's making progress. I'm not an expect on anorexia, but.. the first one left it with Sophie Rose in bad shape, so I really did want to show that she's making progress.

Take No Prisoners )
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Just a simple little manip of Brooke pregnant... it still pisses me off that we got so little actual pregnant Brooke on OTH, they condensed it all into one ep and that's not nearly enough pregnant Brooke looking all cute and happy... lol

I'll Probably use this in an art at some point... lol )
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So. when I started watching Sons Of Anarchy, and they kept referencing Opie doing time in Chino, my brain automatically went to the idea of he and Trey being in jail together, which lead to further AU... the manip behind the cut was a result of that.

Ryan/Brooke Manip )
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So, I'm kinda working on my The OC/Southland crossover 'Mercy', which is the AU where Ryan didn't go stay with the Cohens, ended up spending a year of hell in Juvie, and winds up with John Cooper as his foster dad. Yeah, it makes sense in the story itself, which I now realize I have never unlocked for non-friends to read... oops...

Anyway, this takes place about two years after the main story, as Ryan is about to leave for college. I can promise you, no matter how much I put Ryan through in 'Mercy', this is the 'ending' he gets, a happy one. I've given him bittersweet endings a lot of the time, and this time I wanna promise now, Ryan will be okay in this universe, because... well, read this little ficlet and you'll know why he will be okay. :)

Faith )
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More from the Ryan/Chuck summer of hotness pre-'Beautiful World'... lol

Party )
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The banner below the cut is one I've been toying with though it doesn't have a story attached to it...... I really like how it turned out...

Shatterd Banner )
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More backstory of 'Beautiful World', taking place the summer Chuck spent in Newport that lead to he and Ryan's relationship.

Beach )
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Another day, another gift! Or in this case, to similar but different gifts! First one si Ryan/Summer, second is a 'bonus' Ryan/Brooke manip.

Two Manips )


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