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A short little amusing moment in my Genuis!Ryan universe. Ryan is already part of AR-5 on Atlantis, and the Warehouse 13 team is there to collect a recently discovered Artifact that accidentally was brought along by a new arrival to the expedition. And then AR-5 Returns from one of their usual types of missions...

Warehouse Seeking: Atlantis )
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Finally I post this... Internet was seriously in and out all day... bah...

The opening bit of what may someday become a longer story... A multifandom AU based on the show 'Terra Nova'. The Cohens+1 go from an overpopulated, polluted, future to nature in the extreme 85 million years in the past. But things don't go smooth and never will. I took the basic premise, including the population police thing, but twisted it around a bit.

Fandoms in this part: The OC (Cohens+); Eureka (Zane Donovan); Supernatural (Dean Winchester); and Stargate: Atlantis (Sheppard and Weir).

BraveNew World )
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This is the story I mentioned last night that put me through a ringer... I hope you guys like it.

I mention the team (specifically referred to collective as 'The Rangers' because of Jo Lupo's status as a former US Army Ranger, other teams are/were called other things) as caring P-90s. These are real submachine guns, and they are the weapon of choice in the Stargate 'Verse. They became standard issue for the SGC Teams in about 2000, and were standard issue for the Atlantis Expedition. One of it's pluses is armour piercing capabilities. For more In-Universe information, check here on the Stargate Wikia.

'The Trust' is another Stargate 'verse thing. They are an interplanetary terrorist group who's priority is gaining new technologies, even if they have to destroy other, non-earther, humans to do so. They want the tech for the sake of power and money. And now that money is worthless following the apocalypse, they are focusing on technology so they can rule the world. Yeah, pleasant folks there. For more information, look here also at the Stargate Wiki.

I also mention 'Croats' and 'Croatons', which are from Supernatural. These are people infected with a virus that causes the same kinda reaction as the Rage Virus in 28 Days Later. Basically? Living Zombies who will tear you apart without any hesitation. Essentially, this is a future that was partially inspired by the SPN episode 'The End', where Dean was sent into a possible future, apocalyptic of course, and dealt with a world in ruins. For more info on the 'Croats' and the episode 'The End', go here and here. Also, for info on 'The End', try here. All links go to Winchester-Journals, which is an awesome SPN resource site.

Yeah, this world is totally fucked up.

The Rangers )
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Here's the final gift, some maybe spoiler-ish/maybe just a fun way of brainstorming for 'Keep Breathing' manips!

Behind the cut are:
One Peter Petrelli and Jo Harvelle Manip
One Molly Walker and Dean Winchester Manip
One Brooke Davis and Mystery Baby Manip
Four Peter Petrelli/Brooke Davis Manips

Going Through Life, Looking For Angels, People Passing By, Looking For Angels )

Hope everyone enjoyed this year's gifts! Merry Christmas! And if you don't celebrate, have a Great December 25th!
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Behind the cut are 15 Character Banners for 'Keep Breathing', my new Multifandom Apocafic. Some characters have yet to appear, and there are some vague spoilers for what's to come since each banner features a quote from the character.

They are in alphabetical order by first/primary name.

Keep Breathing... Just Keep Breathing... )
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I struggled a bit with today's gift. I had a bad day at work (Who the hell, after hearing the cashier say three times "We're suppose to be closed now, but we can't close until there's no line." then spends 5 fucking minutes hemming and hawing about what she wants to get to eat? And then changes her mind not once but twice? And then takes fucking forever to get her money together? I mean seriously? Will it kill you to get $4.65 back instead of $5 even? Do you have to waste so much time that someone ELSE got online, delaying us MORE so that we didn't close until like TEN MINUTES after we were suppose to? Bitch.) and none of my planned gifts seemed... good enough... when I got on my computer.

So, I started thinking, and decided that tonight, the gift is a couple snippets from a storyline I've been working on for a while. It's very much a multiple crossover, with characters from about a half dozen fandoms (only 1 or 2 per fandom, though), and I'm kind of in love with it.

I don't wanna give away too much here in the notes, and I think the snippets make the back story relatively clear. In short, though? Apocalypse. Massive Apocalypse.

The snippets feature characters from Eureka, Supernatural and The OC. But there are other fandoms in the universe, too. Before each snippet, I've listed the characters featured in the snippet. Others may be mentioned or cameo, but the listed characters are the focus of the snippet.

For reference sake, since I write a LOT of apocafic, this one is (for now at least, it may change) being called the 'Keep Breathing' universe, because that's what everyone is trying to do, Keep Breathing.

Scenes From A Resistance... )
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Day Five, Gift Five! This one is set in the same universe as Scenarios Dr. Rodney McKay is teaching Physics at Berkeley, he drives students to mental breakdowns, but he's one of Ryan's favorite professors.

Horrified )
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Remember the universe where Jack O'Neill is travelling with a mute Ryan Atwood towards Stargate Command and Ryan is kinda crazy as well as mute, and O'Neill flat out refuses to refer to the walking, rotting, dead as 'zombies' because this isn't some bad horror movie or even good Romero horror? Yeah, this continues that universe.

Stories In The 'Verse:
He Refused To Call Them Zombies. - An experiment at writing humorous Apocafic. I think it turned out well. In which O'Neill has stupidly spent weeks travelling with a mute teenager who's name he never bothered to find out, and Ryan practices his grafitti technique.
Been Getting A Little Too Evil Overlord For Our Tastes. - Continues the story with Ryan and O'Neill arriving at Cheyenne Mountain, and Ryan shows a slightly crazy side with Woolsey and his guards, while O'Neill calls him a stray dog.

I'm sure our odds of survival just went through the roof. )

Oh! I jsut realized i have an excuse to use my "Apocalypse - Zombies" icon! lol
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Part of my expanded Eureka!Atlantis!Ryan Universe. Ryan was recruited from Global Dynamics, after getting a recommendation from Henry Deacon, to join the Stargate Program and go to Atlantis. He was put on Major Evan Lorne's team, which also consists of Lieutenant Laura Cadman and a Pegasus Native, Leri Ackora.

Since I can't seem to find a reference to the canon designation of Lorne's gate team, or Cadman's, I'm just arbitrarily making them AR-5.

The last one, if you tilt your head sideways and squint, is kind of Sheppard/Weir.

5 Surprising Gate Returns Made By AR-5 )
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Sequal to 'He Refused To Call Them Zombies'. The Continuing Adventures Of O'Neill and Ryan. More SG-1 characters and some SGA characters appear in this one. I'm trying to build an actual plot, but I know at some point I'll go back in fill in some blanks about the early days of both the beginnings of the Apocalypse and O'Neill and Ryan's travels.

Like the last one, the title is a paraphrase of a line in the fic, this one coming directly from dialogue. It was too great a line not to use as a title... lol... I tried to keep the 'Apoca!Humor!Fic' theme going...

Been Getting A Little Too 'Evil Overlord' For Our Tastes. )
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An attempt at vaguely humourous Apocafic. Jack O'Neill and Ryan Atwood in a Zombie Apocalypse. Most of the humor stems from the title (which is a theme in this thing... lol) and from O'Neill's interpretations of the looks Ryan is giving him.

He Refused To Call Them Zombies )
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So... I was working on the next part of 'Good Enough' (The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover), and my mind kinda clicked to how in B&S there's this kinda running thing about how the siblings keep getting sucked back into living with mom, like most recently Justin had moved back home and in a recent ep the other sibligns were giving him a hard time about it, but then it clicked to how the Cohens had both Ryan and Seth living at home in Season 4 and how they fought so hard to get Ryan to come home, and while obviously it was because he needed the emotional support of being there, it kinda... well... Read the subject line and you might be able to guess... lol

Please don't ask how the crossovers happened, I didn't plan it until I was writing and suddenly there they were... lol

Obviously I don't think this is even remotely the true motives of the Cohens, but... the idea struck and I kinda liked it... so... I think this one will be tentively titled, for the sake of reference until/if I come up with a title (and I probably will come up with something better, I'm jsut tired right now so... nothing comes to mind):

Controlling Cohens )
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Sorry this one is so late (technically it's the 18th already here!)! It took me longer to finish it up than I thought because I decided the original cover art sucked royally.

A long time ago, just for the hell of it, I wrote a one shot where Ryan Atwood was a genuis and got recruited to live in Eureka. Last year, for my 24 Gifts Of 2007, I added Stargate: Atlantis to the mix by having Ryan get hired from Eureka to work on Atlantis. Then came the idea that Ryan once travelled with The Doctor for a time, which evolved first into a story where Ryan helped Torchwood out, and then into one where Ryan and his Atlantis teammates run into The Doctor and Rose in the Pegasus Galaxy.

This mix tells a story, from the point following Ryan's first meeting Captain Jack Harkness (I promise, I WILL write that story someday!) and then his adventures with The Doctor, Rose, and Jack, and finally a little about Atlantis and how he relates it to his days as one of The Doctor's Companions. Hopefully it makes sense as a narrative.

8 songs are MP3, 2 are WMA. Uploaded on MediaFire as both Individual songs and as a .Zip file (about 48mb), which includes all 10 songs, plus Cover Art, and the Windows Media Playlist.

The Universe At His Feet )
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Takes place in the Eureka/Torchwood/SGA!Ryan universe, and officially makes Doctor Who part of the continuity of the universe, too. Rose is my favorite Companion of The Doctor's, so... yeah, I'm going AU that she's still his companion. Also, I like Dr. Weir as head of Atlantis, so... she's still there. Oh! 10th Doctor is the one I'm picturing as I write this.

Also? This is total and complete crack, referencing a fic I haven't written (yet) involving Ryan getting sidetracked during his time helping out Torchwood and going on this little adventure with The Doctor, Rose, and Jack...

The Flying Time Travelling Blue Police Box )


Nov. 11th, 2008 03:08 pm
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So... I sorta... got this idea...

Those on my Flist who are Stargate fans almsot certainly know that there's a 3rd SG series planned, titled (at least for now) "Stargate: Universe" (lamest title ever... lol). The comments about making it more "youth friendly" vaguely concerns me... but I'll still watch because other aspects of the plot interest me...


I kinda wanna write a fanfic based on the basic plot, but with characters of my own creation. Maybe have one or two minor characters from SGA or Atlantis be more important characters in it (like how Lorne was mostly a throw away character on SG-1, but is now a more important character on Atlantis), but mostly originally characters.

I'm sorely tempted to do this.

I've actually sorta started figuring out who my characters would be and the overall story arc of the first season... lol

Cut For My Random ideas and a few vague real SGU Spoilers )

Anyway... yeah...
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I don't know precisely where this came from, and there's a LOT of unanswered questions (starting with the very first sentence... lol), but... it popped into my head and intrigued me.

The first sentence sets it up but... basically it's about Rodney McKay teaching at Berkeley and Ryan is one of his students who catches McKay's interest by being brilliant.

For some reason, the tense briefly switched from past tens,e to present, then bakc to past, but when I tried changing it all to either one or the other, it somehow didn't seem to work as well, so I've left it.

Scenarios )
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Finally a new chapter! This one's been half written since August, but tonight I suddenly got inspired and finished the chapter. There's some background info given here, explaining some stuff and setting up a new part of the story.

Previous Chapters:
One - Two - Three - Four - Five

Chapter Six - Bring It )
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Another new chapter of this one... I know there's a lot going on in this story, but... lol... when I do action stories, I like to have it be one thing after another... lol

Previous Chapters:
One - Two - Three - Four

Chapter Five - Haunted )
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FINALLY the fourth chapter... I completely forgot to post it... edited a little bit on re-read to make a bit more impact in one scene and clarify something in another... lol... so maybe waiting was a good thing...

I'm thinking I'm gonna make some more art for this story soon... and I'm actively piecing together a soundtrack for it... but I do still love this story, even if it DID get abandoned a bit... lol...

In case you need a refresher, this is the fic that takes place in a universe where an attack like the one in the show 'Jericho' happened. Ryan Atwood comes home to Tree Hill, California for his adoptive mom's birthday the day before nuclear explosions go off around the country. It's a multiverse story with characters from The OC, One Tree Hill, Heroes (minus superpowers), and Supernatural (Minus ghosts, ghouls and paranormal monsters).


Previous Chapters:
One - Two - Three

Chapter Four - Still Here )


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