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It's the 25th, and with that day comes the unlocking of the 24 Gifts Of 2009! Most are The OC related, only 3 aren't.

Merry Christmas To All! )
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Here's the final gift, some maybe spoiler-ish/maybe just a fun way of brainstorming for 'Keep Breathing' manips!

Behind the cut are:
One Peter Petrelli and Jo Harvelle Manip
One Molly Walker and Dean Winchester Manip
One Brooke Davis and Mystery Baby Manip
Four Peter Petrelli/Brooke Davis Manips

Going Through Life, Looking For Angels, People Passing By, Looking For Angels )

Hope everyone enjoyed this year's gifts! Merry Christmas! And if you don't celebrate, have a Great December 25th!
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Only one more gift after this, and I'm working to make it a good one! Hence the reason that this one is an old manip that I'm about 95% sure I've never shown you guys... But just in case, I'm also adding a second little graphic I made while fooling around to come up with graphics for fanmixes... lol

Art! )
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Behind the cut are 15 Character Banners for 'Keep Breathing', my new Multifandom Apocafic. Some characters have yet to appear, and there are some vague spoilers for what's to come since each banner features a quote from the character.

They are in alphabetical order by first/primary name.

Keep Breathing... Just Keep Breathing... )
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This is the cover art for 'Blood Magic', a story in the 'Book of Shadows' Universe.

In BoS, Haley, Summer, and Brooke Roe are sisters and Witches (Basically? They're like the Halliwell Sisters in Charmed) and Ryan Atwood is their Whitelighter (the Charmed version of a Guardian Angel). Behind the cut is a cover I made for a story in the universe.

Book of Shadows: Blood Magic )
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Anti-Taylor... I don't know why I''ve started making her a bitchy whore in my fics... I mostly liked her on the show, especially in Season 4... lol

Untitled Snippet )
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Okay, there's no explaination for why The Nana is seemingly living in Berkeley, but... she is... lol

Matchmakers )
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Part of my Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano Universe. There's bad language and much angst and heartbreaking-ness, but I promise, it's okay in the end.

Never Gonna Be Alone )
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Today sucked and was too long, so very little talk, just manip... Behind the cut is the full version of the Dean/Faith Manip that is my icon.

Dean/Faith Hotness )
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I struggled a bit with today's gift. I had a bad day at work (Who the hell, after hearing the cashier say three times "We're suppose to be closed now, but we can't close until there's no line." then spends 5 fucking minutes hemming and hawing about what she wants to get to eat? And then changes her mind not once but twice? And then takes fucking forever to get her money together? I mean seriously? Will it kill you to get $4.65 back instead of $5 even? Do you have to waste so much time that someone ELSE got online, delaying us MORE so that we didn't close until like TEN MINUTES after we were suppose to? Bitch.) and none of my planned gifts seemed... good enough... when I got on my computer.

So, I started thinking, and decided that tonight, the gift is a couple snippets from a storyline I've been working on for a while. It's very much a multiple crossover, with characters from about a half dozen fandoms (only 1 or 2 per fandom, though), and I'm kind of in love with it.

I don't wanna give away too much here in the notes, and I think the snippets make the back story relatively clear. In short, though? Apocalypse. Massive Apocalypse.

The snippets feature characters from Eureka, Supernatural and The OC. But there are other fandoms in the universe, too. Before each snippet, I've listed the characters featured in the snippet. Others may be mentioned or cameo, but the listed characters are the focus of the snippet.

For reference sake, since I write a LOT of apocafic, this one is (for now at least, it may change) being called the 'Keep Breathing' universe, because that's what everyone is trying to do, Keep Breathing.

Scenes From A Resistance... )
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This is like the Year Of Arts for 24 Gifts...

This time around, it's a Ryan Atwood/Tyra Collette (The OC/Friday Night Lights) wallpaper! The first version, which has a thumbnail is without text (because desktop icons covered the text on my desktop... lol) and then a text link goes to the version WITH text.

Never Gonne Be Alone )
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So, [livejournal.com profile] rymmer mentioned wanting Ryan/Brooke ANYTHING, even mentioning manips, and I made this manip earlier this month with the intent of using it as a gift/part of a gift, so...

Ryan/Brooke Is Love )
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Mild, very mild, spoilers for 12/10's ep of CSI. Like nothing about the plot, but two of the caps used for the banner are from the ep.

Nick Stokes... )
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So, a select few on my friends list have seen this banner before, but... well... I haven't been feeling well the last few days, and I PLANNED on finishing up something to be today's gift, but... I felt like such crap I just couldn't focus. So, instead I'm gonna post this banner for everyone.

The fic HAS fallen by the wayside, unfortunately, but I still plan on writing it someday.

Come What May )
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Technically, this is Genuis!Ryan Verse, but... it's not part of the main timeline. It was a random idea that came to me. It's heartbreaking, but in the end it's okay.

Dog Tags )
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Part of the Ryan Troy!Verse, taking place Ryan's first night living in LA with Christian and Wilber. Pretty much pure humor.

Tradition )
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I've tlaked about this universe before, a blend of The OC and OTH, and behidnt he cut is a manip promo pic for it. No text, just the characters. Ryan, Brooke, Peyton, Summer, and Nathan.

Orange Hill Promo Pic )
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An art related to my Ryan Troy!Verse, the NipTuck/The OC fic where Ryan is Christian Troy's son. The art takes place post-Ryan being attacked by The Carver... it's frickin' driving me crazy because I was SO sure that I'd posted the ficlet of Ryan being attacked by the Carver, but I can't find it on my journal... grrr....

But I'm REALLY proud of the manip I made... it's not perfect, but... I really like it...

Delusional )


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