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Everyone remember my kitten, Fargo, that I got back in July? and posted a couple crappy webcam picks of?

At the point when I took this, he was still suffering from an upper respiratory infection that led to horrible gunky drainage from his eyes...

Isn't he SO handsome? And he knows just how handsome and cute he is, too... lol

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I'm... not completely sinking. I felt like the first day after ACC died. I had him since I was twelve, almost 14 years now, and losing him came just a month short of the 4 year anniversary of my beloved Meja dog dying. It hit me really hard, and even now as I type this, I'm trying not to cry.

But I'm not sinking. I'm okay.

I have the 'explainations' for the 'Lyrical Endings' post written, but when I tried to upload the sings last night, mediafire was giving me trouble... it would upload, then it wasn't verifying the files... I'm gonna try again in a little bit... mayb upload elsewhere instead since it seems now mediafire is having other problems...

I've been putting a lot of focus and work into my original webseries ideas... I WAS gonna do a complete reboot of my first webseries, Heaven Falls, but... that kinda boxes me in in terms of stories, unless I totally change tons of stuff... so instead I'm taking characters I planned on introducing into HF, and some plans I had for a series called 'Hood Point', and putting them in a new series...

Years ago, I told you guys a bit about Hood Point (You can find that post here) and some of that still stands... more info on the new series behind the cut.

Cut If You Don't Care )

Okay, yeah.

Don't worry if you don't care about my original stuff, but like my fanfic, I will still write fanfic plenty, I always need to bounce between writing projects because if I focus too much on one thing, I get completely burned out on it and stall out.

Watching Southland now... I kept forgetting to watch online, but it's reairing on NBC now, so... I'm watching. Taylor Handley's on again! I kinda like in a hate kinda way his character... lol
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If you read this entry from a couple days back, you know my cat, ACC, was sick and I was worried we'd lose him soon. If you read my response to comment about it, you'll know we thought he might be gonna be okay afterall.

He didn't get better.

Yesterday my mom took him tot he vet, the vet said that it may ahve been a bad tooth (which ahd since come out) hurting him that caused him to lose weight and he may have an infection. So she gave us antibiotics for him.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked home because I wanted to see him as soon a spossible, not almsot 3 hours after I got off work. He wa sin the bathtub, drinking from the dripping faucet, and I sorta teased him about being soaking wet and slipping in the tub, and then later he stumbled while moving on my mom's bed and I teased again. Now I think he had a small stroke sometime between my mom seeing him at lunchtime and me getting home.

This morning my mom woke me up early to tell me he not only wasn't better, but he could barely lift his head. So I got dressed and came out to sit with him for the next 45 minutes or so, petting him and holding him and watching him try to get up but not be able to.

Mama took me to work, then took him straight to the vet. When our vet looked at him, she told mama that his heart was barely beating, and she thought he might have had a stroke, and that's why he couldn't get up.

Mama had him put to sleep so he wouldn't suffer. And I of course agree with that decision, the last thing I wanted was for him to suffer.

Almost 4 years ago (May 24th, 2005) we lost our poor sweet Meja, who was my dog, and now we've lost ACC, who was my cat... They were the oldest, so of course we lsot them first, but... the dog we currently have is clearly mama's half the time I'm lucky to get a glance when we get home form work he's so excited that she's home. One of our remaining cat's barely tolerates me but loves mama. The other cat doesn't prefer anybody beyond whoever's willing to love on her when SHE wants to be loved on.

ACC was the only one who ever cuddled with me when I was sick and needed comfort and he's gone.

I won't be uploading the songs for my 2nd Lyrical ficlets thing, or posting the explainations. I may not respond to comments for a while either, though I'm gonna try because otherwise... I really don't wanna start sinking but I'm scared I will.


Mar. 29th, 2009 07:48 pm
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I'm sick.

Like majorly, big time, omfg sick.

Yesterday, I got up and felt like crapo. Spent maybe 1 hour ont he computer all day, the rest was spent camped out on the couch, huddling under my comforter feeling shitty. Fell asleep halfway through a movie I love (I'll admit it... I was watching Mulan and I fell asleep like right after she's found out as a girl... woke up briefly as Ling/Yoa/Po were in drag to stop the Huns in the Imperial Palace, then fell asleep again until the end) then woke up and was too tired to sick to do anything rmoet han shut downt he computer and go to bed... I checked my temp at one point during the evening, and it was 100.4 (Farenheit)... I haven't had a temp that high in YEARS!

Woke up this morning, still feeling shitty, but a little beter... temp was 'only' 99.4, so... that's mildly better... still felt crappy, though. I checked my email once this morning, responded toa comment, then went back to crashing ont he couch, feeling miserable and sick. And now, after like no mroe than 5 minutes at the absolute MOST, I'mk feeling tired and woozy and have to go lay down again... god I feel crappy, but I HAVE to go to work tomorrow because I don't know if Bau (who had his appendix out last week) will be well enough to be back, and if he isn't, I need to be there or there's no one there until 10... maybe my boss will take pity on me and let me leave early because of how sick I am...

Or maybe I'll wake up tomorrow feeling all better...

I wanted to spend this weekend writing ebcause I've got some really good fic ideas, but... that didn't happen...

Oh well, off to lay down on the couch again and whimper and moan...
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I SUCK at making cookies.

At my mom's office christmas party, I won a little game thing and my prize was chocolate cookie mix with a moose cookie cutter. I wanted to make the cookies, and I thought I'd make them while my mom was out running errands today. Except no matter what I do, it's fucked up. You're suppose to be able to ROLL the dough out, but it keeps sticking to the rolling pin, even after I put flour on the pin to keep it from happening. And now there's extra flour int he dough, and it's probably over mixed, and I';ve completely fucked it up.

I jsut put it all bakc int he bowl, turned the oven off again, and put the bowl in the fridge, I'll see if mama can find a way to fix it, and if not... at leats we didn't pay for it, we got it for free.

I just feel like a fuck up because I apparently can't follow simple instructions and immitate what I've seen my mom do a MILLION times since I was a kid. I wanted to surprise her with fresh baked chocolate cookies, but... now I've just made more work for her. I'll tell her that I don't mind just having chocolate drop cookies and I'll spoon them out, but... I'm hoping she can maybe explain what I fucked up so I'll know.
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There's a severe thunderstorm warning for my area until 9pm, and we had like 3 or 4 tornadoes spotted in a row earlier... terrifying afternoon, all in all...

IF there's mor tornado warnings, we MAY evacuate (since we live in a TRAILER) to somewhere more safe, but... w'll have to wait and see...

For now, I am sfend fine, no worries. I have a bag of some clothes and stuff packed in case we end up leaving home for a bit. Buty mom is home, so at least I'm not alone dealing with upset critters... lol...

Because of the storms I don't know how much I'll be online tonight and tomorrow, or hell, all weekend depending on when they finally end, Weather Channel keeps changing when they say the storms will pass... lol... I'll try to keep everyone updated on what's going on, but if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't automatically worry.

Update: Thunderstorms turned into snow. Which turned into the power going out twice more. But we're fine, and today is bright and sunny out. Wyoming weather can seiously change within minutes, so... big shocker that it changed... lol
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Okay, RIGHT at 4pm (closing time for CJ's), after I closed one gate and I'm starting to close the other, two teenage boys race up and want to come in and shape. These boys are kids that come to CJ's pretty much everyday at leats once. They were probably there earlier today. They claim to want to just get one pack of gum, but if that's all they wouldn't have made such a big deal out of it. And why didn't they buy it earlier in the day? Are they somehow the ONLY two two kids at the lab school who don't have some time between 7am and 4pm to come into CJ's? I get a couple DOZEN of the kids EVERYDAY!

One of them stood under the gate so I couldn't close it, and it took my asking them to please move like 3 or 4 times, polite every time, before finally the kid did. Then they proceeded to whine and complain that 'the other guy would', and be obnoxious and rude for about 5 minutes, including yelling "I hope you get fired!" and "You're gonna get fired!" at me while I'm trying to do closing. When I asked "Why? For following the rules?" they made a comment about "How about something called customer service?" at which point I admit to loosing any semblence of patience and saying in a very firm tone "How about I call campus police and tell them your harassing me?" and the boys hurriedly left saying "No."

These kids were rude, and made some comment about "More money for the bunny." followed by snickering, which strikes me as being a playboy bunny reference which is insulting on so many levels. If they hadn't snickered I would have thought that maybe they just thought they were cool because they rhymed money and bunny... but the snicker was telling... my instincts were yelling at me not to let them in and not to take my eyes off them until I had the gate down.

Afterwards, I was paranoid about checking everytime I heard the slightest noise in the store (I had to wash some dishes in the back, so I couldn't see the main store unless I leaned back out the doorway) because I just felt nervous.

Yes, there were other people close enough that if they'd tried to rob me or otherwise hurt me, I could have yelled and gotten help, but that doesn't mean they might not have shoplifted (I've been warned that the Lab school kids have to be watched because they'll shoplift) by having one distract me while the other pocketed stuff.

If it had been someone who wanted to get toothpaste, or a tooth brush, or headache medicine, cough drops, shampoo, laundry detergent, I might have made an except. But these boys wanted GUM and my instincts said I shouldn't let them in. I've always been raised to trust my instincts, so I did.

So... do you guys think I was a bitch for not letting them in? By threatening to call Campus police? I plan on asking the morning person if she thinks I was right or wrong tomorrow, so I'll know in the future, but... since I didn't know one way or the other what the policy is, and considering my instincts yelling at me 'no'... do you gusy think I was wrong?
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White, white, and, oh yeah... white!

It's a white out! We like can barely see the vaguest of outlines of cars that are parked right across the street... Usually, white out conditions will last for like 10 minutes at the most, then it dies down... it's been over a half hour now... it's kinda... weird... lol...
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It's tradition to have it on Christmas Eve so that no on has to do more than wash their own dishes if they reheat something... lol...

Ham, corn on the cob, and stuffing, plus a pumpkin pie (homemade by my mom) and a Razzleberry pie (store bought). I don't much like pie, but... the rest is always yummy because my mom? Is a GREAT cook...

I'll be back later with the final of the 24 gifts, plus a bonus because... ::drum roll:: I finished the next chapter of Black Friday! lol... actually, I'm posting this public to announce that tomorrow or the 26th, I'm gonna make all 24 gifts, plus all of Black Friday so far, public entries as a gift to everyone who reads my journal but hasn't friended me.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys the day, later!


Dec. 11th, 2007 08:02 am
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I need a 'Freezing My Ass Off' icon.

It's 14 degrees farenheit with a windchill of 2 degrees farenheit. And it's snowing. And I'm gonna have to walk the equivalent of 3 or four blocks in it ALONE at 4:30, by which time it'll be damn dark between the sun going down and the thick cloud cover, just to get to my mom's office, and then another 3 or so blocks in it to get to the car, then a 2 mile drive in it. grrr... not fun...

But I shall survive! lol... I seriously can not wait until the end of thursday, when my 3 weeks off begin! lol
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My big brother Seth is coming THIS SATURDAY for a week and a half visit! It's been like a year since I saw him, and I've missed him SOOO much, but he's coming THIS SATURDAY! YAYAYAYAY! lol
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it can't get much worse.

My dad called early this morning to tell me: My Grandma Maxine, his mother, died last night, after months of not even knowing who her family was anymore. I didn't really know her very well, but she was my last living grandparent, and feel so horrible because last year she sent me a letter and I never got the chance to write her back...

And now all I can think about is being 11 years-old and watching my Grandpa Fred, my mom's dad, slowly wasting away and not knowing who we were even though we lived in teh same house with him...

I was answering comments in my LJ to try and distance myself for a bit, but I can't do it, and I'm upset and I don't know if I'll be updating any of my stories today... so... don't expect anything today.

I'll still probably do my commentary for The OC tonight, but...



Oct. 15th, 2006 07:37 pm
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Sorry to readers of "With A Whimper" and "Another Day", I don't know when either fic will be updated... I couldn't write last ngiht because it hurt too much to sit upright (I have a bad back from a fall I took when I was about 7), and then this morning... this morning was the Earthquake in Hawaii.

My brother says lives on Oahu, works at Pearl Harbor Naval Station (He's a Navy guy), and we haven't heard from him. With the power out on the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu, plus phone lines and cell circuits down, we may not hear from him for a while.

Mama and I are sure that we would feel it if something happened to Seth, so we think he's okay, but we can't help worrying and I'm only online for a few minutes to check e-mail to see if he's gotten in touch that way, then I'm getting offline again so he can maybe call.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to write today, but I don't know if I'll be back online again.

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I love ACC (Short for A Classic Cat, an ironic name if I've ever heard one...), but he's an idiot. For the 2nd time in about a year, he set himself on fire.

Last year, it was just a tiny bit of singed fur on the end of his tail. This time the entire end of his tail was on fire and the entire house smells of burned fur, and it scared the hell out of me. The dumb cat is really fluffy, so I guess he didn't feel it because he just looked at me all confused when I yelled. Thankfully, when I leapt across the room to grab him and smother the flames, he swished his tail and put the flames out...

I love him, but he's an idiot.

On a less humorous, but even more distressing, note... my mom is having minor surgery on Thursday. It's nothing major, she'll have it in the morning and be home by evening as long as nothing goes wrong, but I love her and I'm scared to death. Especially since she wants me to take a book and wait at the hospital for her... I HATE hospitals... I freak out and stuff... I'll go because she wants me there, but... they scare me. I'm sure mama will be okay. I just dread waiting for her at the hospital.

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It's official, Lot #28 is still cursed.

The guys with the loud ass generate and the music MIGHT have just been the guys setting the place up (Hooking up the water pipes and hookign up the power), but today... oh man... lol

A little while after I got up, I heard a loud knocking next door and I look out the window to see 2 POLICE OFFICERS knocking on the door. A pair of guys pulled up and talked to the cops, one of them had the keys to the trailer and went inside... the cops asked the guys for IDs... I couldn't overall all of it, so I don't know what the deal was, but... the cops showed up before anyone had even moved into the trailer, so that CAN'T be good, can it? lol

I want out of this place... lol

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Okay, some of those on my friends list may know this, many may not, but I currently live in a trailer park. I am NOT white trash, though, just to get that out of the way... lol Anyway, our neighbors are #28, and since we moved in we've had... 5 different neighbors in that lot. Well, #28, although it has had many different trailers parked in the space, is cursed.

First, there were the people who had the cops called on them for failure to pay rent for several months. Sadly, they were the BEST of the bunch. At least they were quiet.

Look below the cut for the full list...
Read more... )

Mama and I are hoping to be out of here and in a real house by the end of the year. If it comes through, I'll be sure to post about it, especially since I may be offline several days.

Anyway, that tis all, I just felt like shairng the story of the Curse Of Lot #28... lol

Oh! And I AM working on the sequel to the quartet of stories (Numb, Sinking, Fallen, and Clarity) I posted this past week. I wanna get a couple chapters written before I post anythign though, so give me a couple days.



Jul. 16th, 2006 01:50 pm
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As in, yesterday morning, over the course of 20 minutes, I went from waist length hair to jaw length hair... lol

I had my first professional hair cut (my mom always cut it before), and donated the longness that got cut off to 'Locks Of Love', the people who use real hair to make wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to cancer and other diseases. The person who runs the place was really like awestruck by the huge amount of hair that I donated! lol

But OMBG I LOVE my new haircut! It's like even with the back of my jawbone, so it's fairly short. And my hair is naturally wavy/kinda curly, especially when short, so it's got tons of body that it didn't before because the weight of the hair made it straighter. And it's been so hot the last few days that it's just SOOOO nice to not have all that hair anymore... lol

And it's so great because, like, with my hair long, I HAD to put it in 2 braids every night before bed or it would be so damn tangled the next morning. Last night, my hair was sjut plain loose, and yet this morning? I just ran my fingers through my hair and got all the tangles out in like less than 30 seconds! lol So great...

Anyway, I'm happy with my new hair... yay me... lol



Mar. 21st, 2006 03:58 pm
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I just found out that someone I knew years ago died, and I started to cry. Even though I haven't had ANYTHING to do with her in YEARS and our last communication was FAR from friendly.

The thing is, she was a great author, one of the first SeaQuest fanfics I ever read was by her. And while yeah, for a LONG time after the last time I had any communications with her, I was pissed off and bad mouthing her, it still breaks my heart to know that she's died. She was so young (Only 26) which just makes it all the more sad.

I don't know... it's weird that it's hitting me hard since i hated her for so long, and even before the big nastiness (during which *I* somehow became the badguy after being insulted and treated like trash...) we weren't like friends really... but she's dead and it's breaking my heart. Apparently she went in for surgery (Planned surgery, not emergency) like a week ago, and something happened the other night...

Maybe it's hitting me because my mom's health isn't the greatest right now. She has Bronchitis for the 3rd year in a row (It's always around this time of the year, too...) and it just scares me soemtimes when I hear her coughing in the middle of a night and when she's sick... because it takes a LOT for my mom to get sick, and she bounces back fast most of the time (A virus that knocked me on my ass for like 2 full weeks and left me weak for another 2 weeks, only knocked her out of commission for like 3 days), but it scares me.

So, I'm having a freak out moment today. It'll pass. I plan on another post later that won't be so depressing. Maybe a run down on my current favorites in TV, Movies, and Books... or something... lol...


(Editted because I found out Chance's Age)


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