May. 25th, 2012 10:41 pm
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There's wildfires to the southwest of us, and they're big enough that the smoke is even in the air here, even though we're like 200 miles away from the fires... We went into Albuquerque today to stock up on stuff for the weekend because my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are coming to visit tomorrow (their first visit to the new house! They're staying the whole weekend!) and there was this haze all over the mesas, and it just got worse as the day went on.

And late this afternoon, as the sun went down, it was kinda creepy because the sky was like glowing orange thanks to the sun shining through all the haze and smoke... you can SMELL the smoke in the air if you go outside, which is very bad for me and my mom, and it means my nephew won't be ale to play outside much while they're here because we don't wanna expose him to all that smoke... thankfully the house is plenty big so he has tons of room to play... but still...

Add in that my back is killing me for some reason... I think I've mentioned before that i have a bad back thanks to a childhood injury (fell about 4 feet onto a tile floor when i was about 4 or 5... so much pain at the time, lingering back issues even now), but today was... weird. We're in Wal-Mart getting food and one minute I'm totally fine, the next it feels like a giant fist just slammed into my back and it's hurting and making me feel woozy... It's mostly better now, just a little achy, and I plan on taking painkillers before I go to bed, but it scared the crap out of me when BAM out of nowhere there was pain...

I'm thinking I need to find some good writing prompts (I bought three kindle books of story prompts a couple weeks ago, I need to finish looking through them... lol) and write like a shit-ton of one shots to get back in the writing mode... lol
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(New Icon #3! Again, it's a cropped version of a larger piece of art. Nathan, Brooke, and Summer are the 3 people in the world, and all other worlds, that Ryan really, absolutely, truly, trusts)

So... I did my takes on Sunday and E-Filed... unless I royally fucked up, which I don't THINK I did, I'll be getting a couple hundred dollars back with my refund. So I'm thinking about some funn stuff I wanna get with it...

I have plans that for my birthday/christmas at the latest, I wanna get a laptop... either by myself or split the cost with my mom, so I'm probably gonna set like half or 3/4's of my refund aside as part of that plan (my plan is $5,000 in my savings, then laptop, and I'm less than $400 away from that right now...), but even then? Yeah, I've got at least $100 dollars to play with for 'fun'... lol

So, a Poll to help me decide what I should buy! I won't promise that I'll buy what wins, but... I'm easily influenced when it's stuff I want anyway! lol... pick the ones you think I should buy... or suggest something I don't have listed but you think I'd like...

[Poll #1355051]

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Just my own opinion of shows i loved and think ended far too soon.

Gone But Not Forgotten )

If I think fo eithers, I'll edit this, but... I just thought I'd share the shows I miss.
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Or rather, what ideas pop into my head suddenly and I can't really explain why I think this, but I do... Let's assume, for the sake of this little list, that all the mentioned fandoms take place in the same universe, even if the 'rules' are different between fandoms (the Vampires in Buffy and SPN are different from eachother), although obviously not all these ideas would be in the same timeline... lol... and obviously timelines don't always mesh... lol

Oh... and some of these are severely Cracktastic... lol

Please Forgive Me... My Crossover Canon )

End of the insanity... thank you for your time... lol
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That was the one where a drunk Seth caused a car accident that paralyzed Ryan from the waist down...

I was just rereading it, and while I like it, I kinda wanna rewrite it a bit with the intention of making it a longer story... adjust the details, be mroe specific about when it happens... I suggested the original took place in Season 3 because Ryan mentions Seth not learning from 'what happened with Kirsten last year', but at the same time, it most definitely couldn't have been taking place during Season 3 because S/S were together until the spring, while AMLP has them broken up when the accident happened, which was several MONTHS before Chrismukkah... lol... I obviously wasn't paying too close of attention to canon... lol...

Anyway, I'm thinking that, while I'll leave the original version up, I'll write a slightly different version of it to be the prologue or first chapter of a new, longer version...

Don't know WHY I'm telling you guys this... maybe so you won't be all "Huh? this looks really familiar..." when I post the new version... lol...
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Credit goes to [ profile] allthisbliss. I figured with how much I love Brooke, I should change it.
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YAY! After trying for like a half hour, I FINALLY got a mood theme I downloaded to be loaded into LJ properly... (Turned out my big problem was that the code list thing that came with the theme? had the images labelled as .jpg even though all the images were .gif argh)

I'm thinking my next endevour might be to make my own mood theme... lol... I just gotta decide who to use... I'm thinking a mix of Ryan Atwood (The OC) and Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill) since they are two of my favorite characters and I'd love to have my journal sprinkled with pics of them... lol

Anyway, until such time as I make my own, I'm gonna be using this nice Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls) mood set that was made by [ profile] motoredxheart...

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What is a Universe!Crossover you ask?

It's taking the characters from one fandom and putting them into the situation of another fandom...

Click to read more... lol )

Okay, jsut felt like posting that little explaination because I may start writing some more Universe!Crossovers. And the 'Rules' above are just what I consider to be the rules since I've never seen this actually referred to as a SubGenre... lol...

Anyway, it's late, I'm falling asleep... good night...
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I'm not gonna be back to daily updates quite yet, but I am feeling much better than I was for a while. I'm gonna be updating Heavily Broken for sure later today, and possibly With A Whimper (I still need to edit and spellcheck it)...

I'm also working on a couple new fics, so for my own sanity I'm gonna make a post later this afternoon that lists my various fics that I'm writing and what my progress on them is... lol... in many cases it'll simply be 'Very Much In Progress'... lol...

Anyway, I'm feeling better, more fic tonight, fic list later this afternoon... yeah... lol

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Okay, I'm working on a fanvid... lol... I've made some in the past, but never really showed them to anyone... I made a great one last year that was about what if Marissa missed Trey and shot Ryan during the Season Two finale...

So, I'm working on a Ryan/Kaitlin (In a sibling type way... not romantic... lol) to the song "How's It Gonna Be" by Third Eye Blind... it's kind of AU, could be consider to fit in with a majorly AU fic idea of mine... anyway, does anyone have any idea where I might be able to find the clip from 'The Heavy Lifting' where Ryan si trying to comfort Kaitlin by saying it's not her fault Johnny died, and she replies that she knows it's not, it's Ryan's fault? I'd LOVE to have that clip in my vid... visually it would be perfect as like the final scene... lol

As I said above, I have this AU Fic idea... )

The vid could be seen as a promo to the story... it hits on a couple of plot points I have in mind... hmmm...

I'll be posting more of 'Heavily Broken' in a couple minutes, as soon as I spellcheck...
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Thanks to my ISP being screwy today, it took me all damn day to get the header image added, but I FINALLY did it! I don't know how long this specific image and color scheme will last, the colors are kinda bright, but... now I know how to do it! lol

I'm gonna update Heavily Broken in a bit, still gotta edit the chapter... but I'm happy to announce that I have finalized the soundtrack for HB, and once I've posted through a certain amount of the story (the song choices and why I chose them contain spoilers for as yet unposted stuff) I'll post the soundtrack... 12 songs, covering through the end of my AU Season One.

Anyway, just wanted to direct people's attention to my header image... lol... I like the words I put on it, might re-use them, I'm jsut not sure about the image and coloring... eh



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