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Behind the cut are 8, count them EIGHT new manips. Most were made using Roswell pics as the base images (Because I'm on a 'Leaving Normal' kick right now), and one was made using a 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' still as the base. They can basically be considered LN pics, although two of the Ryan/Brooke ones could easily be used elsewhere... I'm not saying they're perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I really like how most of them turned out.

I put them in somewhat ascending order, the lower you go, the mroe I like the images... lol...

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Messing around with Paint.NET, made some art... the original project dimensions are for a wallpaper for my screen resolution (1440x900), but I saved it smaller to show off... I can save it in other sizes if anyone wants, and since i have it saved as a project, I can remove the text... I'm thinking I want other text on it, like lyrics or something, but I can't decide WHAT so I went with the series title and their names... for now anyway... lol

Cut For Image )

Opinions? Suggests for different ext/song lyrics/whatever?
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This one is a smaller version of my second attempt to manip Nathan and Summer into a graphic... it's pretty much as bad as the first try... lol... It was SUPPOSE to be a cover for a 4 Aliens centric soundtrack for Hybrid Theory/Leaving Normal... but while I LOVE most of it, Nathan and Summer still look horrible so I'll have to try again... the other two look great, though, which jsut make me wanna growl... lol...
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I just uploaded 5 new icons, all 'Leaving Normal' related, and made from manips i've mad eover the last few days...

The one I used for this particular entry is actually a small portion of a wallpaper sized (1024 x 768) piece of art I'm working on...

Anyway... yeah, just showing off the new icon... I'll find excuses to use the other 4 new ones in the next few days, I'm sure... lol
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I posted a large version of one of the posters yesterday, ut I had some issues with it (Nathan's hea dlooked really weird...) so I reworked it... so behind the cut are all 3 versions. The original one with Nathan's funky looking head/hair. The 2nd version where Nathan looks a little more normal, and a third version that is just Ryan and Brooke.

Leaving Normal:Hybrid Theory' Poster 1 (Versions 1-3) )

'Leaving Normal: Hybrid Theory' is coming soon and will be a longer story that basically covers my version of the full events of Season 1 of Roswell, upto and including White Room/Destiny. And there will be an accompanying soundtrack for Hybrid Theory! At LEAST one soundtrack! It's Ryan/Brooke centric and all the art and such is already put together, including the tracks list... I have to decide about whether to have individual graphics for the songs or not, and it';s spoiler-y so it's gonna wait until the fic is all posted... but... yeah, at least one 18 track, 70 minute long, soundtrack is coming... lol
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This is a manip poster for my fic where the characters of The OC and OTH were in a situation like Roswell. Ryan, Sumer, and Nathan are aliens. Ryan heals Brooke after she is shot, exposing their secret and putting them at risk. I plan on doing more of these manips, including redoing this particular one, over the weekend...

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Another little snippet from the 'Leaving Normal' Universe. I do plan a longer story at some point, probably relatively soon, but I want to establish the relationships first.

Alone )
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Another little snippet from the 'Leaving Normal' Universe. Introduces the other two aliens.

Truth )
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A new 'Verse!

So earlier, while killing time before work actually started, I was looking at some of my older fics and came across Superheroes... Or Something, the story that was The OC/OTH/Gilmore Girls in the universe of 'Early Edition'. Anyway, in the comments(Specficaly this comment thread) the idea of fusion between The OC and Roswell came up, then evolved into The OC/OTH and Roswell...

Anyway, I started thinking on the idea again... and I wrote somthing...

There will probably be more little snippets coming very soon (maybe even tonight...) because, while I have this great idea for a longer story in this unierse, I need to set up the relationships between the characters in this universe first...

I'm calling this universe 'Leaving Normal' because it fit so well, epecially after I came up with the tagline I used in the banner (also under the cut) and as a tribute to Roswell, since that was the title of ep4 of Roswell.

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