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Unfortunately, Youtube butchered the quality. But episode one of Orange Hill is now up on Youtube!

Behind the cut is the embedded ep, a more detailed summary of the episode events than in the Youtube description, and a link to download. The downloadable one is better quality video.

Orange Hill - 1x01 - Mad World )
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Same universe as Damon - Food, just at a different location, in this case Atantis, in the Pegasus Galaxy, and a different time frame, in this case a year after everything started.

John - Atlantis, Pegasus Galaxy - January 21st )
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As a reminder, there is no Day Eighteen because of me managing to splash hot grease on my hand last night... too much pain to focus on anything else... it'll be okay, though.

Takes place in the universe of Someone Tells You They Love You, a Ryan/Brooke ficmix I made back in May '09. In STYTLY, Brooke met Ryan while spending the summer between junior and senior years of high school in Newport with her parents, and she helped him through an alternate version of the events surrounding Marissa shooting Trey (where Marissa made up the attempted rape to get back at Trey for rejecting her), and they began to fall in love, but at the end of the summer, they parted ways with the knowledge that cross country romances don't work, but a friendship could. This takes place during early season 4 of OTH (which would be the second half of their senior year in high school).

I Miss You )
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Originally, there was no Day Eighteen, but I'm filling in the blanks on my gifts caused by some RL chaos... So now there is a Day 18.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this vague little idea of mine of a fic where Ryan Atwood of The OC and JJ Jareau of Criminal Minds are cousins. Well, here's a little bit of story with that premise. Set just after 'The Heavy Lifting' in The OC and sometime late season 4 of Criminal Minds (after Henry was born). This obviously shifts timelines slightly, but not by too much.

I won't promise that the CMers are perfectly in character, I'm still experimenting with finding their voices in my writing, and how else can one expect to find that voice if they don't, you know, write it and see if other's think they got it? But I did my best for Morgan and Garcia's oh so brief appearance, and I think I have JJ pretty good, at least considering the innate minorly AUness of the fic...

Cousins )
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Tonight's gift is a Brooke Davis Wallpaper using stills from 8x11 - The Darkness At The Edge Of Town. It, obviously, contains spoilers for the episode, and is, just like my 'review' of the ep, full of gushing about how awesome Brooke is.

Brooke Davis = Hero )
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So, I've mentioned the idea of liking the Eureka!Ryan/Claudia (Warehouse 13) pairing, and while I have an idea for working it into something later, here's a little snippet of their first meeting...

For the sake of this universe, ignore the most recent season of Eureka completely, including the Eureka/Warehouse 13 crossover ep... in my mind, Zane Donovan of Eureka and Claudia Donovan of Warehouse 13 are cousins, rather than strangers who share the same last name... lol...

Untitled Ryan/Claudia Snippet )

I need a Claudia icon... lol
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So, the fic I planned on having for tonight's gift fell through. Instead, you get a Ryan/Brooke manip!

Meet You At The Bar... )
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A little sequel to the 12/12/10 Gift. Brooke gets her revenge.

Hair... )
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Set in the universe of 'Never Again', but several years pre-story. It's a significant Ryan/Brooke moment in this universe, though, and I sorta love it.

Completely Safe )
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Ryan lets Seth and Summer babysit his daughter... Summer trusts Seth with a simple task... Seth still screws it up.

Red, And Green, And Blue, And Platinum )
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I've had this half written for a while... just another little snippet from the Ryan/Jess (The OC/Gilmore Girls) slash universe, this time Ryan meets Lane, Rory's best friend.

Ryan Meets Lane )
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Ryan begins to regret moving to France after graduation so he could be with Taylor. Crappy apartment, limited contact with family, no friends... thank god for Summer and the internet.

Paris )
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So... I think this is only my second strictly OTH fic ever... (the first was a kinda of horrible Lucas/Haley one shot I wrote after the pilot first aired 8 years ago)... post 8x11 (the ep that aired on Dec 7th), so there's major spoilers, so unless you've either seen it or don't care if your spoiled, you probably shouldn't read this.

Hero )
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A sweet little Ryan//Brooke ficlet, with appearances by The Nana and Sophie Rose.

Dancing )
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There will definitely be some tweaking of the credits, like changing out some clips, adding some extra 'in between' scenes, but this is the rough draft of them.

Orange Hill Credits (Rough Draft) )
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Another cute one... I think it's cute, anyway...

Is uncle Seth crazy? )
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I wrote this last month as a gift, and ironically it also kinda fits one of the advent prompts this year. At the end of the story is also the picture that inspired the story.

Fairy Dust )
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AU Ryan/Alex, taking place sometime after the disastrous Ryan/Alex and Seth/Lindsay double date, but before Seth and Alex became a genuine 'item'. It ended up with some ranting and some melancholy, but it's also got some nice flirting going on... lol

Let Go For Once )
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Wanted to get this out before LJ goes down for maintenance, in case I forget later.

So, I've been working on this project for a little while, and eventually it will have TONS of one shots from various fandoms that all take place at different points during a Zombie Apocalypse. This is my favorite so far, I think.

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV Show)
Characters: Damon
Time: Five months after the initial outbreak.

Damon Salvatore - Mystic Falls, Virginia - June 23rd )
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Last year I wrote this untitled snippet on Day Twenty. Well, this little, also untitled, snippet is the sequel. I didn't establish it in the first one but this takes place when Sophie Rose is almost 14.

Untitled Snippet 2 )


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