Jun. 22nd, 2007

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Title: Superheroes... or something
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/OTH/Gilmore Girls (In the Early Edition Universe)
Rating: R
Warnings: Language. Violence.
Summary: Ryan Atwood's life is rapidly coming apart at the seams when suddenly he starts getting a very special newspaper...
Note #1: So okay, during a little discussion about 'Friday Night Lights' and how I should totally watch it, the conversation took a little side track to Kyle Chandler and his role in the show 'Early Edition', which led to me suddenly thinking that we all know what Ryan would do if he was in that situation. This is the result.
Note #2: The short version of what 'Early Edition' was about: A man named Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler) mysteriously started getting the next day's newspaper, and while initially he used it to make money, he soon realized just how much good he could do with it and started saving lives.
Note #3: If it's bold, it's a newspaper headline. If it's italics, it's a newspaper article.

Superheroes... or something )
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Title: Learn To Fly
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/OTH
Prompt: #071 - Broken
Rating: R
Warnings: Reference to Character Death.
Summary: Brooke's new in Newport, and Ryan is completely broken.
Notes: The description of the Cohen pool being visible from a balcony of Marissa's old room in the Cooper house is totally made up, since as far as we know that isn't possible. Um... yeah, it's angsty as hell.

Title comes from the song 'Blackbird' by The Beatles. "Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly".

Learn To Fly )
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Title: Belief
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/OTH
Prompt: #094 - Independence
Rating: R
Warnings: Some smut at the beginning... like the first little paragraph... lol
Summary: After being abandoned by family and friends, Ryan and Brooke try to make it on their own.
Notes: Yeah... this was suppose to be more smut for my friend Riley, but... it ended up only being smutty in that first little bit... lol

Belief )
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Title: First Impressions (Snapshots Five)
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/One Tree Hill
Prompt: #024 - Family
Rating: R
Warnings: A little smutty.
Summary: Brooke meets the Cohens...
Notes: Fifth in the 'Snapshots Series'. Follows immediately after the previous installment, 'Sidetracked'.

First Impressions )
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FIRST I spent all fucking day waiting for the guy to come and hook us up with DSL for the computer and a TV channel package that includes tons of channels like Soapnet and BBC America, and he enver fucking came! They even woke me up at like 10am (I slept late because I was up late and didn't EXPECT to need to get up until about noon!) with a recorded message saying they would be coming between 8am and noon TODAY (Friday)... Well, I get dressed, I do the last few things so our house doesn't look like such a mess (Yeah, it's just like a cable guy, but still... lol... we had a couple empty beer boxes, which we use for organizing and moving around books, stacked in the living room... we didn't wanna look like drunks!), and then I wait... and wait... and wait... Noon comes and there's no sign of them. So then I figure, okay, someone punched in the real code and they're gonna come when they originally said they wood, between 1pm and 5pm TODAY... well, I continue waiting... and waiting... and waiting... 5pm comes and goes and NOTHING! When Mama got home from work, she called and bitched someone out, and an hour later we got a call that they'll be coming on MONDAY between 8am and Noon, and insisting that that's what the message must have said, evne though I KNOW it said TODAY between 8am and Noon... GRRR!

AND THEN! A little while ago, I'm in my mom's room talking to her, and I see something odd colored between our dogs paws where he's laying on the foot of mama's bed... I assumed 'shit, he caught a mouse or found one that the cats had killed...' and I told mama, but before she could stop him and grab a tissue to pick it up, he grabbed it and ran... well, we chased him down and what do you know? It's not a mouse at all...

It's a fucking bird. Or rather, PART OF A BIRD! As in this thing died outside, was alreayd partially messed up either from decay or from another critter, and Shotzi PICKED IT UP AND CARRIED IT INSIDE AND UP ONTO MAMA'S BED!!!!!!!!!!!! ::shudders:: I get grossed out by real life stuff easily... I could deal with reading Brandywine's Sausage story with only mildly feeling grossed out... but a dead PART OF A BIRD totally makes me whine and complain and get all insanely girly... but anyway, mama called Shotzi over, then grabbed a couple paper towels to pick it up with, then threw it in the trash, but... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am NOT sitting on the end of mama's bed, stepping on the portion of carpet that Shotzi dropped it on, or letting that dog kiss me ANY time soon...



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