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Today we discovered that there'd been some sort of snafu and there was no one to work the ice cream place in the union. I let my boss know I was always happy to cover at Ice Cream, and she asked me to do so.

A while later, she asked if I wanted to switch to working Ice Cream permanently, which I quickly agreed to.

See, the awesome thing about working Ice Cream? It's REALLY slow. Like between 11am and 3pm? I had a total of 12 customers. Yes, 12 customers. As opposed to the 200+ we get between 10am and 12:30 PM at Panda Express.

This means that the bosses let whoever is working Ice Cream read and basically kick back and relax, as long as we watch for customers and help them as soon as they appear. Since I wasn't expeccting to work Ice Cream today, I didn't have a book, and my boss let me set up my laptop on a shelf in storage behind Ice Cream so I just popped back and forth, checking on Ice Cream every 30 seconds or so (2 steps to my right from wher emy laptop was and I could see all of Ice Cream). Tomorrow I'll make sure I have a coouple books and a notebook for writing down snips of ideas for fics... maybe I'll use the time to outline my [livejournal.com profile] sncross_bigbang story instead of flying blind... lol

But I also get to wear regular jeans instead of the black pants required by Panda, I can go get a sip of my drink pretty much whenever I feel thirsty, and it's all in all MUCH more relaxed. No more me going off on pissed off rants to my mom! lol...

Plus, I'll still get off work at 1pm on Mondays, Wedsdays, and Fridays, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll work until 3:30 (because Ice Cream is so easy I don't get as exhausted working there and have no problem working later) which means? An extra $43.50 each paycheck! YAY! More money for less work, even though it's more hours? Hell Yes! I'll probably use less than half the energy all day at Ice Cream that I was using just during the lunch rush at Panda...

In closing? I am a very happy girl... oh the things I can do with the extra $43.50 a paycheck (which is $87 a month, since I get paid twice a month).... I'm a happpy girl... will have to get some new pairs of regular jeans, though, since I've only bought black jeans recently so I could wear them to work... lol
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My mom was out of town today, helping a coworker at a job fair thing or something in Denver. The thing didn't end until 5pm, and Denver is about 3 hours away. Taking into account a plan to stop for gas and maybe something to eat, they would have still been home by now. But they won't be back in town for like an hour and a half.

The weather is BAD down in Colorado, and after getting gas, they got turned around on the highways in Denver (which are hard enough to navigate when it ISN'T snowing with lousy visibility!) and didn't ralize it until they were 40 miles SOUTH of Denver. They are only in Ft. Collins (about an hour or so from Laramie) now according to my mom's call right after I posted my last post, and between the weather and the fact that they have to stop at their office at UniWyo to drop some stuff off, Mom won't be home until past 10.

Our dog is upset and keeps looking at me like "Where's mama?" and it's breaking my heart... and I worry about mom driving in the bad weather... it's not so bad here, and mom said it isn't so bad in Ft. Collins, but still! I'll be worried until she gets home.


Updae: My mom's home, safe and sound, no worries.
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Or something... lol... this week has been... yikes...

A quick description:
We have 4 storefronts (Subway, Taco John's, Squeeze, and Goodtimes) and then I do the Hot Stuff Pizzas and Breadsticks in the back prep area. In back with the prep area are the walk-in freezer and walk-in fridge. There are also 2 small fridges under the counters in the prep area, one for Hot Stuff and one for Subway.

Cut for some ranting... )

So out of the whole week, today was the least nightmarish...lol...

On another note... poor Ben, the Taco John's manager...

On Monday, he hit his head on th underside of the microwave door at Subway. Had big ass knot on his head, and had to leave early because he was so fuzzy headed.
On Tuesday, he burne his hand on a piece of hot metal that had cooking oil on it. Lots of pai there.
Today, he managed to scape skin off one of his fingers on the underside of a counter, and he was bleedig a lot. Even after he wrapped it in a LT of medical tape and gauze, it was still bleeding through it.

Poor guy... But Ben is my hero because he's the one who figurd out the air vent/fan as off and turned it on, which got the temperaure to FINALLY go down in the prep area... lol...

Anyway, since each day has bee slightly better than the last, I have high hopes for tomorrow and Friday! lol
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It's at a fast food place in the UWyo Student Union, and the pay is miniumum wage, but still! A Job! lol...

What this means is that today may be the last time for a while that I'll be able to do the The OC Episode Commentaries. Tomorrow morning I report at 8:30am for training, and I work until 3:30pm, and then I gotta wait around an hour for my mom to get off work because we're gonna go out to Wal-Mart to get me some pants for work (Black or Khaki), so I probably won't get home until like 5:30 at the earliest, by which time The OC will be over. Now I THINK I don't have top go in on Thursday (the place is only open tomorrow and friday this week), so I MAY be able to do wedsday night's episode when it reairs at 11am, and then Thursday night's ep thursday night... then I have to work on Friday... but that would probably be the last time for a long while...

Anyway, I now have a job! lol
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Hearing was about a half hour ago. He showed up without a lawyer, then told the judge that he wanted to get legal representation. So everything is delayed until August 6, when we'll have the next hearing. Mama's already arranged for a meeting with a lawyer in town to see if he'll represent us, that meeting is happening tomorrow.

So now I've got almost 2 more weeks of this bullshit.

I almost wish he WOULD do something just so we could have his ass arrested and thrown in jail.

Editted because I don't wanna hear any comments saying "I'm sorry your going through this" or anything of the like. I just wanted to let everyone know the latest.
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Update: My brother's here now.

Okay, we have a temporary protection order, which will last until the hearing (which is on Tuesday). At the hearing, the judge will decide whether to give us the 'official' protection order or not. Jackass was served with the temporary order last night, so if he comes near us, we can call the cops and have him arrested just for being near us.

My brother, Owen, is on his way up here right now, should be here relatively soon. He's gonna be staying with us for a while, so I won't be home alone for 9 or so hours a day... He's also coming with us to the hearing on Tuesday to make sure that Jackass KNOWS that Owen is in town and knows what's going on.

I'm still kinda screwed up emotionally, with the doors extra carefully locked and our big heavy stool from the kitchen is in front of the front door to make it even harder to get in... but I feel a little better now that if he even stands out on the sidewalk in front of the trailer, I can call the cops because he'd be breaking the protection order.

I can totally deal with this crap. And hopefuly I'll stop being such a mess soon.
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Nothing has happened regarding the situation with the Jackass. And yet there was one thing that was SUPPOSE to happen, that we were suppose to get CALLED about, and we haven't gotten the call, so who knows what the fuck is going on.

I haven't been able to write anything all week. I've never gone for 5 days without at leats having ideas that I take notes on, let alone without writing anything... I've never even gone 2 days without writing something! But I've put maybe one short paragraph down, and I immediately erased it because I hated it...

At least my brother's coming. And I'm getting the new Harry Potter. And over the last 5 days I've made about 86,000 Neopoints on Neopets... I'm playing like practically every single game because even if I suck at it? 5 neopoints is still a win! lol

But the not being able to write thing... it's frustrating as hell.

So, I'm making a request: If anyone would like to give me a prompt, be it a song (Please provide a download link), a picture, a couple sentences, some random words, whatever, I'll try my best to write it this afternoon/tonight.
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I can't tell everyone a lot at this point, though the people on my f-list know the latest from a recent locked post... but I want anyone who might not be on my f-list but knows what's been going on with me from reading other people's f-lists, to know that there's one good thing happening.

One of my brothers is going to come stay with us for a while. They're both intimidating guys, so we figure who gives a damn if the jackass sees this, good that he'll know one of the guys will be here. Tommorrow or Saturday I should be able to unlock the friends only post I made and direct people to it for the news it reveals, it's just kinda... not time sensitive, but... it's better if I wait to unlock it.

Just know that I'm good, and one of my brothers are gonna be staying with us for a while so I won't be so anxious. I also may not be on quite as often since my brother will be sleeping on the couch in the living room, which is only like 6 feet away from the computer and I don't wanna keep him up half the night.
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The topic of Dr. Phil today?


How's that for irony?
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Mama's home from work, so I am no longer home alone with only a 15 pound dog who's scared of his own shadow for protection... lol

I've read the e-mail he sent mama now, and it's beyond creepy, saying stuff like 'make love' when they haven't lived in the same house, let alone slept in the same bed, for EIGHT YEARS. The grammar and spelling is HORRIBLE, most of it barely makes any sense whatsoever... it's just overall creepy.

We also found out, by doing a quick Google search, that he had his nursing liscence revoked for abuse (he actually shoved a little old lady's face into her food at the nursing home he worked at!) and for fraud on his liscence application (We don't know what that one is about, but it could be as simple and leaving out some of his employment history because he was fired, or he could have claimed to be a veteran on the paperwork, which is bull, he never served in the military even though he claimed for at least 7 years that he had)...

Anyway, I'm not home alone anymore, mama's here, and she may be short but she is SCARY when she's pissed or protective...
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About ten minutes ago, I woke up to a frantic call from my mom. She got into work and found an e-mail to her from her ex-husband in her work e-mail. This is the ex-husband who once beat a dog with a stick. Who used to accuse me and my brothers of stealing when we hadn't. Who would finish food RIGHT IN FRONT of the rest of us, ahving had the majority of it, then swear up and down that he didn't get any of it. Who we're pretty sure has been letting the air out mama's car tires for years. Who we're pretty sure smashed the back window of mama's car a couple years back.

We're 99% sure he knows where we live, and the e-mail was creepy as hell about how he knew now that mom was his true love, and that they should hold on to that love, so mama was calling to tell me to make sure the door was locked and put the chain on the front door. That I'm not to leave the house today. That she may come home early because she's so freaked.

Mama doesn't get scared easy, but this e-mail has her completely panicked and I'm not much better.

Mama's already notified the campus police and it's going in a folder about suspicious stuff and she's going to talk to her boss and get her boss to talk to his boss (There've been incidents before, a couple years back he was almsot ALWAYS hanging out in mama's office, even when he should have been doing his janitorial work on the other side of campus). Maybe that'll scare him into leaving us the hell alone for another couple years...

I don't scare easy. I tend to get pissed off before I get scared, but I'm almost literally shaking at the moment... scares the crap out of me...
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Okay, here's the situation...

I now have a new computer that will mostly be mine. It's brand new and rocks...

BUT! The disc we have for our internet provider? It doesn't work with Windows Vista, which the new computer has. SO we have to contact our internet provider and get them to send us a disc that is compatible with Vista so we cna get online using the new computer... in the mean time, I can check in one the old computer, but I won't be on as much since it's in my mom's room and I'll only really have access to it during the day...

Hopefully we'll get the new disc soon, though, and then I'll be back full time... I AM, though, writing on the new computer, and I'll have new stuff to show you guys as soon as it gets online...

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Shamelessly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] calendae (I read other people's friendslists as much as I read my own, that's how I saw it... lol)

Name one character from any fandom I know and I will give you three facts about them from my personal canon.

I see this as a creative excercise... might even spark some new fic ideas... lol

(The icon is because my heel is all messed up... a toothpick had managed to fall on the ground, and I was walking and it stabbed me in the side of my heel two nights ago and it hurts like freaking hell if I put weight on it... lol...)

Editted to Add:
Fandoms I Know Enough To Do The Meme With (In no particular order):
The OC
One Tree Hill
General Hospital
CSI (Original Only)
Gilmore Girls
Criminal Minds
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Party Of Five

There's a lot of other shows that I watch just not really regularly, so if you have someone you'd like to see 3 facts from my canon about, and they aren't on the list, feel free to request them, just also ahve someone from one of the shows listed above so I can make sure I give you a response to one of them at least! lol


May. 14th, 2007 01:25 pm
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I'm writing, don't worry... lol... but I'm also doing other stuff...

Never mind, I went ahead and upgraded to plus... lol... I'll be fiddling with my layout tonight, and uploading some new icons...

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Wanna learn a little about me? Mostly about the 3 towns/cities that I've mostly called home (I've left out the florida locales because I don't remember them much... lol) but with some little tidbits about me when I was younger...

Places I've Lived )

Anyway, that was just a little bit about me and where I've lived... lol...

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Well, all the non-backed up files (Which is everything new int he last like 2 weeks since I last backed up, which includes a couple partial chapters, some one shots, and the like) are gone.

BUT! We reinstalled Windows XP and reinstalled our internet software, and now I am back online at home! lol... It's kinda restricted usage for a while, but... I am back!

I don't know when I'll get new chapters out, since I lost almost all of my msuci and fanvid library... I had like 60 hours of music and about as much fanvids... all gone... some of it I may not be able to replace... :(... so I don't have the soundtracks I created for the stories where I can listen to them anymore... that kinda messes with my muses... lol...

But, I AM back for the most part, if somewhat restricted, and I WILL be writing some tonight, so hopefull new chapters of SOMETHING (If nothing else I'll write a one-shot just to hold you guys over... lol) will be out tonight or tomorrow...

Oh! And sometime relatively soon (Meaning within a month or two) mama decided we're gonna get a new computer, so I'll be back even more after that (I don't wanna put all my old files back on here when this one is gonna be my mom's word processing computer after we get the new one for the living room... lol)

Anyway, just wanted to give an update, hope all is well with everyone else...

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Last night, it crashed. My home computer is no longer working like AT ALL. I'm currently posting from the public library's internet computers (Walked 2 frickin' miles to get here, and it's damn hot out... lol)...

The point is, I have NO idea when my home computer will be working again (Mama's probably going to take it tot he people who partially fixed it before and get them to wipe it down and re-install windows and everything), so I don't know when I'll be able to post updates to stories, especially since I hadn't backed up to disc in a few days so I lost several partial chapters and a few entire one shots that I'd written for Brandywine's Arson Challenge... which sucks because one of them was AMAZING! bah...

I'll be back as soon as I can, and if it's not fixed by next week, I'll check in on the libraru computer again and give you guys an update of what's happening...

This just completely and utterly sucks.

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I have the worst immune system like ever.

Last night, I got like MAYBE 30 minutes of sleep all night... around 6 in the morning, I took a some cold medicine and went back to bed, and managed to get another hour or two of sleep total. I stayed in bed, first trying to sleep and then reading, until about noon, then finally moved out to lay on the couch and watch a movie.

I only got on the computer a little while ago, and I'm trying to get some writing done... Ryan's totally suffering through feeling sick now lol... and yes, that does me my The OC muses have somewhat returned, at least for the moment... I'm gonna try to get the next Pic Challenge image up tonight, but no promises...

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I'm feeling much better now, but I didn't really get anything written this past week, and I'm rewriting the last few chaps of 'Heavily Broken' because they didn't fit so well with the direction I want it to go (Ryan was just being way too forgiving of Seth way to quickly... lol)...

I spent today working on my webseries, Hood Point, which I want to premiere next fall, so I didn't get anything for The OC written today. But I plan on tomorrow and Sunday trying to focus on my The OC fics.

I do have a one-shot, my own response to my Pic Challenge #1, that's almost ready to post, and I'll try to do that tomorrow...

Anyway, I'm feeling better, I should resume regular fic posting next week.

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I'm sick. Was sick yesterday too. I don't know when I'll feel better or when they'll be updates to my fics. Sorry guys, I'll be back as soon as I feel better.


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