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I'm back with live review... mostly one liners because I'm still loopy from being sick last week... lol

Southland! )

All in all? A good finale. I really want a 4th season, though... and I want Ben and John to be partnered together again...
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I'm back with live review... mostly one liners because I'm still loopy from being sick last week... lol

Southland! )
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Southland! )
The preview has me going 'holy shit' in multiple ways... lol
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My brain is... not functioning well, so I may make less sense than usual... lol... but here's the latest ep from my opinion...

Southland 3x06 )
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Damn it... my being a genius, I missed the first minute or two of Southland... came in just as we saw John with the acupuncturist.

I'm... distracted tonight, so it'll almost exclusively be Cooper and Sherman rambling... and even that is kinda... lacking this week... ::shrug:: sorry... I'll download the ep and rewatch later for a more in depth review...

Southland )

Not as in depth as usual, but... there ya' go. I kinda think my brain is like our car, when it's this cold (-28F) it just doesn't wanna work. lol
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Slightly delayed this week since from now on I'll be watching the 10pm re-airing of Southland, because One Tree Hill is back from winter hiatus and... well... I can't abandon Brooke! OTH was awesome, by the way... hilarious, and kinda ridiculous, but... I loved the Alex/Quinn bonding, and if the show does get renewed for another season (though it's like 50/50 chance last I heard) I want Alex to stick around... and Brooke and Haley at the end? See, THAT is why I have Brooke refer to Haley as her best friend in most of my fics... Because Haley has always been there for Brooke.

As usual, Ben and John get the most attention, Lydia gets some attention, too.

Southland 3x04 Live Review )

Fuck. I liked the ep, but... damn it.

I didn't need this tonight, today was a crappy day... I watched a guy have a seizure and actually stop BREATHING briefly today... thankfully he started breathing again on his own, and the paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital, but... it freaked me the hell out... over 12 hours later and I'm still freaked out...
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I miss doing this for The OC... lol

I'll admit it up front, I don't care as much about anyone who's not John, Ben, or Lydia... lol... I like them, but... there absolute love isn't there like for the other three... so the stuff for everyone else is kinda sparse... and really I know I missed a few bits of Lydia's story this week... but John and Ben are my primary interest, Lydia a close second to them...

I'm grinning just from the sound of the opening credits... lol...

I'm with Lydia, that chick is crazy... I'm assuming her new partner... guess we'll see...

It's back! )

In short? FRICKIN' LOVED IT! As expected... I don't really like Lydia's new partner much, though.
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And now 'The Debut'... I don't know how much long I'll be able to do these, because I have a job interview tomorrow and don't know what my hours will be if I get it...

Read more... )
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Missed part of the end thanks to power glitch... stupid storm...

Read more... )
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Here it is... lol...
Read more... )

I need to start making a list of fic ideas I'm getting while rewatching these eps... because there's been some good ones... lol
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Well, The OC is back around to the 1st season on SoapNet, so I will be writing commentary on the eps as I watch, just like I did for Season 4. These may not last for loing because I'm looking for work and depending on the hours may not be able to catch either the 4pm or 11am airings... We shall see... anyway, it's time for the Series Premier of The OC!

Read more... )

Overall impressions, 4 years after first seeing the ep... it still freaking ROCKS! lol... I remember why I once loved Marissa, although I still remember my many more reasons for hating her... lol... I got quite a few ideas for at least short fics... we'll see how many of them I actually write... lol...
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Currently on SoapNet, they're showing the Season 4 episodes of The OC, but right now (at this very moment) a Season 1 ep (The Heights) is on and it made me think...

Would anyone be interested in me doing commentary on the earlier episodes once SoapNet gets around to showing Season 1 from the beginning on weekdays? It'll be like a week and a half until Season 1 starts over (As long as they start it the day after the Series Finale re-airs, which will be on a Tuesday, meaning I would expect 'The Pilot' to re-air on that Wedsnday)...

It would be in the same style as the commentaries I did for all of Season 4, and it could be fun... plus if I miss and ep, I can watch it the next morning at 11 on Soapnet... lol...

Anyway, just wondering if anyone would be interested... if anyone new to my friends list has no idea what I'm talking about, click the 'other:reviews' tag down below to see the Season 4 Commentaries I did...

I'm a little bit snarky in them... lol... and you'd have to expect Marissa bashing in any Season 1/2/3 commentaries, although early Season 1 might have some slightly more positive Marissa stuff because watching 'The Heights' makes me kinda see why I liked Marissa/Ryan at the time... not enough for me to write them as a happy couple, but... lol...
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::sigh:: It's all over and done. This is the last commentary for The OC that I will ever write... makes me sad...
The End Isn't Near, It's Here )

Stay tuned for a post about by VS5 because now I'm rethinking a lot of things...
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Only 2 eps (counting tonight's) left of the series... ::sniffsniff::... I've read spoilers and seen spoiler pics for both this ep and the finale, but I write the commentary as if I haven't... lol... so now worries about finale spoilers (beyond what may be in the preview...)

The Night Moves )

One week to go now... I'm getting weepy about it... after next week's finale I'm gonna post some info about my VS5...
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Only 2 eps (not counting tonight's) left of the series... ::sniffsniff::... but I do still plan on doing a VS5, and I'm working on the ideas and storyline outlines a little everyday... After the series finale airs, I'm gonna post some more information about my VS5...

The The Shake Up )
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Only a couple more eps left of doing this... I MAY pick a new show to do live commentary on after The OC ends... maybe I'll wait until next fall and see if any of the new shows, like maybe Hidden Palms, which stars two The OC Alumni: Taylor Handley (ex-Oliver) and Micheal Cassidy (ex-Zach), catches my attention enough to be worth it... or maybe I'll test out doing it with other shows this spring... we'll see...

The Case Of The Franks  )
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I wasn't sure I'd be able to post this tonight! My stupid ISP was ahving problems and I only JUST managed to get online after The OC was over!

The Groundhog Day )

Overall, this episode actually gave me some storyline fodder for my VS-5, so... lol... I've decided that if the Season 4 finale totally messes up my ideas, I may either ignore it entirely or just use portions of it for VS-5... lol... we'll see in 4 more eps... lol...

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Sorry for the delay. I taped the episode and watched it later (Mama and I watched Supernatural together instead...), and wrote my thoughts in my notebook as I watched. Then I got lazy about typing it up... sorry... lol... It's all transcribed exactly as I wrote it, except for spelling errors, so... yeah... lol

The French Connection )

And here's tonight's new episode, typed up as I watch.

The Dream Lover )
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Live review, typing as I watch. It's sad that I only get to do this 8 more times (counting tonight) before The OC is over... stupid fox cancelling a show when it's having it's best season since the first and the ratings are improving... ::mutters until the show starts:: okay... sorry about that... on to...

TheMy Two Dads )

Fics may be a little delayed besides the update I made to WAW tonight... I think I'm coming down sick, and when I get sick, it tends to be pretty bad... I'll try to keep updating regularly, but... if I can't sit up at the computer, then I can't...

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Yes, this is extremely late, in fact I'm posting my commentary for both last week and this week in the same post, just under seperate cuts... Enjoy!

(Note, I'm typing things up EXACTLY as I wrote them in my notebook)

The Chrismuk-huh? )

The OC - Notes on 'The Earth Girls Are Easy'
reviews, the oc

and now for tonight's NEW episode, 'The Earth Girls Are Easy'! lol

The Earth Girls Are Easy )

Also, people, I have NO IDEA when I'll be updating my fics... I got a little bit of burn out, give me some time... I'm getting a second wind with Heavily Broken, but I'm also working on a General Hospital fic of mine ('The Ties That Bind', which I began YEARS ago and is currently at 100 completed chapters... lol...)



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