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Just a couple random snippets, some are only a sentence or two... they may or may not go anywhere further, but I liked up, didn't wanna lose the ideas while they were there, and also wanted to share.

If anyone gets in inspiration and wants to 'claim' something to flesh out, feel free, just let me know so I can read it. I may add more later, and if you guys wanna comment with some, feel free, I'll edit them into the list (with credit for the idea).

For now, it's all crossover ideas and the fandoms represented are: The OC, Glee, One Tree Hill, and Friday Night Lights

Numbered For Reference )
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So, I was trying to decide what I want to watch tonight since TV right now sucks, and I was looking at my DVD Box Sets and suddenly had an idea...

Pick a number between 1 and 13.
Now pick a number between 1 and 6.
Finally, pick a number between 1and 4.

The first number will be the DVD box set.
The second number is the disc from the set.
The third number is the episode on the disc.

Whatever ep it lands on, in whatever box set, I'll write a oneshot that incorporates some element of the ep into it. Like say the numbers add up to the 21 Jumpstreet episode "I'm OK, You Need Work", which is the ep where Hanson (Johnny Depp) is trapped in a teen rehab/mental hospital while unofficially working undercover to investigate patient mistreatment. I could write a fic where Ryan is an undercover cop and winds up in that situation. Or Maybe jsut one where Ryan is a patient at a facility like that.

Get it?

These are the box sets I have, so you can get an idea of how loony it could be, but they AREN'T listed in the order I have them in my cabinet, meaning you can't assume you'll know which one you're getting by counting on the list... lol... But after I've had a few responses, I may post them in the order I have them so you can pick something more specific.

21 Jumpstreet - The Complete 2nd Season
Dark Angel - The Complete 1st Season
Firefly - The Complete Series
Jericho - The Complete 1st Season
One Tree Hill - The Complete 1st Season
Party Of Five - The Complete 1st Season
Roswell - The Complete 1st Season
Roswell - The Complete 2nd Season
Roswell - The Complete 3rd Season
Stargate: Atlantis - The Complete 1st Season
Stargate: Atlantis - The Complete 2nd Season
Supernatural - The Complete 1st Season
Supernatural - The Complete 2nd Season

Again, the responses will be one shots, NOT comment fics. These will be about 3,000 words or longer. As a reference, my one shot Gone So Long is 3,449 words. So not quite as long as that one, but... pretty close... lol
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I did this once before, almost exactly a year ago, on January 1st 2008, (Click Here To See the Master Post Of Results), and had a lot of fun, so I decided to do it again but with some slightly different prompts. I look forward to see what the most popular picks are this time.

The basics of it? You pick a list of 2 to 4 characters from a provided list, then you pick a location from a list, and finally you pick one (or two) situations from a list. Then I write you a comment fic for it. The fic will most likely be unrelated to any other fics of mine, but they could go into odd little twists of a universe unrelated to the regular timeline (meaning it technically takes place in the universe, but doesn't have any impact on the main storyline of the universe). If that makes any sense... lol

Pick The Prompts! )

Can't wait to see what you guys request!
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I'm in the mood to amke a bunch of random fanart... I'm thinking a variety of pairings, maniped based on simply how the images look together and not on whether I actually neccesarily like the pairing or would consider writing the pairing... lol...

So, anyone have any requests? I have all next week off from work, so inbetween fic writing I will manip... any couple you wanna see manipped? Any lyrics you want me to base an art on? Give me a summary for a non-existant fic and I'll make art for the non-fic (And depending on what the prompt is, I could end up writing it if the prompter doesn't mind... lol)

I'm willing to manip characters from any of the following series together, though pics may be from projects the actors/actresses were in other than the listed series.
See The List )

So, make a request/give me a prompt for art... I can't promise it'll be excellent quaility, but I will do my best to both have it look good and be what you requested/suggested... although if you're very generic, it could end up completely different from what you expected (Like a request for The OC/SPN and the YED could end up with Ryan being possessed... lol)

Ahem... lol... I plan on makign tons of stuff anyway, but I'd love to fulfill some requests...

Like I said up above, prompts can be lyrics, a non-existant fic summary, random words, whatever.


Mar. 27th, 2008 08:13 pm
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I'm thinking of greating a prompt table of my own... I'm slowing working my way through the ones I have on my profile (oops... I haven't updated those in FOREVER! I'll do that when I finish this post... lol)

I don't know what kind of prompts I want to put on it though... Random words? Song Lyrics? Phrases? First Lines?

So, I'm gonna somewhat rip-off [livejournal.com profile] brandywine421's prompt request from earlier today, but I'm gonna promise slightly longer fics... maybe not epic length (Although considering the average length of my fics... any prompts could get an epic length response... lol), but it'll be at least a thousand words. I can do that easy... lol...

Give me a line and I'll make it a prompt. It can be dialogue, description, even just a random thing (meaning like a song lyric). Just give me some interesting stuff. I promise on my love of the fandom that I will write EVERY SINGLE ONE I receive...

Yes, I am a copycat... lol...

AND! As a reward in advance? As soon as I update the tables on my profile (Which I gotta do first or I'll forget again... lol) I'll post a new chapter of These Walls and a little one-shot that takes place the night of the car accident that paralyzed Ryan in A Million Little Pieces...
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For [livejournal.com profile] cheekymice's FunFic Challenge. I wrote it like the day after I chose a prompt, but... yeah, I totally procrastinated about posting... whatever... lol

Appendix )
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Okay, so, I'm working on my fic response to [livejournal.com profile] brandywine421's AU Challenge and I just, totally without meaning to, tried to make it a crossover... lol

I won't give it away (Although if you look at the Challenge post and scroll down to see my pick, which changed once so expand the thread to see my correct prompt, you can probably guess a bit lol), but Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill, as ya'll know from how often I write Ryan/Brooke) just popped up... lol... One minute Ryan's alone, the next minute Brooke is walking into the room, where she went because she got numbers mixed up while looking for Peyton... (I would guess the timeline for this part of the story would have Brooke still in California with her parents, she hasn't moved to New York yet... but since I didn't PLAN on her popping up, I don't know...)

The problem is, while I like where the couple paragraphs I wrote were going, I'm not sure if it would be against the rules to make it a crossover... unless [livejournal.com profile] brandywine421 edits the rules to say it is, or sees this post and comments saying it is, I suppose I could assume it's okay. Some of the suggested AU prompts are very AU, so I suppose this wouldn't be so out there... lol...

Also? I'm so pimping the challenge, so if you see this and write The OC fic (Or have an idea for an AU The OC fic, but don't write fic), go check out the challenge. You can pick a prompt without submitting any, and you can submit prompts without having to write one. I'm sure there will be some GREAT fics as a result of this challenge...

A meme...

Jan. 1st, 2008 05:00 pm
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Kinda passed off a couple other memes I've seen around... I need a littl bit of a break from my World War II AU, sicne it's been consuming me fore a couple days now... lol...

It's kinda like a random generator, but you guys are the random fact... There's 3 catergories, You guys follow the instructions for each category, I'll write a comment fic based on what you chose. Though if I like the universe enough I may write a longer one later... lol...

Pick The Prompts! )

Okay, you're promised at least a short comment fic in response to whatever prompts develop, but as I said, it might lead to something longer... something could potentially have background from one of my established universes, but it won't matter in the main story of that universe.

Anyway... have at it!
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No spiel, just straight to fic.

Prompt: A young man learns that his girlfriend got pregnant and had an abortion without telling him.

Lies, Damn Lies )

Ahem... yeah... lol... I'm angsty tonight... this one is another one that may have a follow-up at some point... lol
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Fits into the 'StrokeVerse', where Ryan was shot by Oliver, had a stroke on the operating table, and survived but with permanent problems because of it. Just a short little thing written for one of the new batch of 15 minute prompts from [livejournal.com profile] brandywine421.

A Boy And His Dog )

Well... that took all of about 5 minutes to write, spellcheck, and post... lol
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Another Flash Fic Response, this one actually uses 2 of the prompts:
"You're nothing to me."
After a night of heavy drinking, a teenager accidentally slams into another car. Although no one is killed, the teenager's best friend is paralyzed from the waist down.
Hope [livejournal.com profile] brandywine421 doesn't mind my using two at once, but they just so totally belonged together... lol

Again, no spiel, just straight to the fic.

A Million Little Pieces )

I actually might use another of the prompts for a follow-up to this. But I wanted to post some The OC fic since it's been neglected lately... lol
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Not gonna do the whole spiel, too tired and sick (woke up with a fever and feeling woozy, the very idea of food makes me nauseas, so I called in today...I'm just on the computer for a brief time while getting a spurt of energy...) but I wrote this yesterday and thought I'd post. It's in response to [livejournal.com profile] brandywine421's '15 Minute Challenge'. It took me less to write this, but... whatever... a cute little fluffy scene. It's short, but... I'm sure other responses from me will be longer, and if not then, well, I DID click 16 different prompts, so I'll make up for length with the shere number of them... not all will be The OC though, I may write one or two of them as General Hospital fics... lol... or another fandom... lol

The OC/OTH crossover, Ryan/Brooke pairing, takes place in the future a bit. The 'Jenny' referred to is Seth and Summer's daughter.

Green Omelets and Bacon Bits )
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It's called 'Plots Unlimited' by Tom Sawyer (Not a joke, that's actually the name!) and Arthur David Weingarten... Basically, it has all these random generic plots, using random generic characters. So I'm flipping through and decided to offer up a couple that could be interesting.

On To The Generic Plots... )

I think that shall do for now... 25 generic plots to inspire and pic from... feel free to combine more than one if you want... and if people like these, I'm sure I can find lots more good ones in the book... lol
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Or the May Challenge since I didn't post a new Pic Challenge this month... lol...

So I started thinking... what crossovers pairings would I love to see? And I made a list... Some of these I would love to write myself (and may at some point... lol) some of these I don't think I could do justice myself, but I'd love to READ them... so, without further babbling...

Girls Ryan Atwood Never Met (But He Really Should Have...) )

Those were just off the top of my head, if anyone has any other suggestions, comment with them and I'll add to the list... if anyone writes a fic for one of these pairings (Or has already written one... or knows of a fic that involves the characters... lol) please comment and tell me so I can read!

Yes, I am desperately seeking new reading material... I feel like I've alreayd read all the good stuff...
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Okay, it's time for a new pic. You can always go back and write a story for older pics (There's a link to the post for the earlier pic behind the cut, too).

Now... on to the pic! )

After you write and post your story (Or the first part if it's a long one) please comment to this entry to let me know and I'll create a list of responses under the pic.

Have fun with it! I can't wait to see what others come up with!

Past Pic Challenges:
Pic Challenge #1
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Okay, people seemed interested, so here's the first one! A few little guidelines first...

The story doesn'y have to directly be about the picture... like it's a pic of Ryan and Seth arguing, the story could be about the fight, or about what caused the fight, or about the aftermath of the fight. Or something else entirely, it just needs to be inspired by the picture...

It can be a one-shot, but if you get inspired to write a longer story... then yay! lol

Pictures will be from one of 4 sources:
the show (Screencap/still)
cast members in other roles
photoshoots of the cast that are unrelated to the show
and generic pics of people, places, or things

Now... on to the pic! )

After you write and post your story (Or the first part if it's a long one) please comment to this entry to let me know and I'll create a list of responses under the pic.

Have fun with it! I have an idea for a story based on this one, and I can't wait to see what others come up with!

Stationary by [livejournal.com profile] garnigal
Waiting by [livejournal.com profile] missmara
The Visit by [livejournal.com profile] fredsmith518


Jan. 13th, 2007 10:01 pm
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I'm bored and freezing my ass of... it's currently -19 degrees. High today was about 1 degree...

I've kinda got some writer's block on my fics... I can't think of where to go with them... I have scenes written for later chapters of HB and AD, but I need to connect the chapters before I can do anything... and I can't figure out how to connect them... my muses are totally messed up lately...

So, I'm gonna try something to get me thinking creatively again: I'm asking for people to give my prompts.

It can be a sentence... it can be a couple words... it can be a song (in which case provide a link, please)... it can be specific or kinda vague... it can even, in addition to the other prompt/prompts, have a request for specific characters (Bonus points if anyone gives me a prompt and requests that Lily, Ryan's daughter, be in it... lol...)

Most likely anything I write in response will be The OC related, but I'm also willing to give Supernatural, GH, or One Tree Hill a shot if anyone requests... or crossovers involving any of those (Personally, i'm dying to write a The OC/OTH fic, but I can't seem to get inspired much... bonus points if someone inspires me to do that!)

Okay, hopefully someone respons here... lol... if not, I'll just have to wait for the muses to return on their own...



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