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This one's for [livejournal.com profile] steve_ski who requested I use Prompt #1 for 'something new'. Well, technically not brand new, since this takes place in the same universe as #27 - Minister's Wife, though prior to that one. In MW, Robbie mentions Ryan helping him deal with his mother, and this explains that comment. Robbie's mother is not a good mother. It also reveals the actor I picture nowadays when I picture teenage Robbie for one of my fics. Not the actor from the final scene of The OC, even though the character is intended to be the boy from the finale. But I adore the actor I picture as him...

Pick-A-Prompt Fic - My Son - Prompt #1 )
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[livejournal.com profile] steve_ski requested Prompt #106, in my Ryan/Chuck universe... so here's some adorableness of them with their adoptive daughter!

Pick-A-Prompt Fic - Tale As Old As Time - Prompt #106 )
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Jessica made another request, #17 in the universe of this (I assume... it's the only The OC/Vampire Diaries I've written, and it is vaguely slashish for Ryan/Damon... there's innapropriate flirting...) This one kinda makes it even more innapropriate, since we see Damon interacting with Ryan when he was little, right after Damon and Stefan saved Ryan from getting killed by the evil vampire. To be clear, Damon is NOT flirtatious or at all innapropriate with little Ryan, he's actually kinda sweet and big brother-ish, like he was with Stefan in the TVD flashbacks taking place before they were turned. But since it shows how young Ryan was when they met, it makes the later flirtation 'worse' for lack of a better term.

Pick-A-Prompt Fic - The Kid - Prompt #17 )
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Go HERE to either challenge me or accept the challenge

[livejournal.com profile] lving_darkness prompted me with #99, in the Good Enough Universe.

Pick-A-Prompt #99 - Image )
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Another prompt response for Jessica (Got her name wrong on the last one and only realized when she commented on the fic... sorry Jessica! I've fixed it now)!

#82 - The OC/Grey's Anatomy, set in my Ryan Sloan!Verse. There's some talk of physical abuse, and Ryan is injured because of it. Also, warning for Dawn Atwood. She doesn't appear but she exists, so there needs to be a warning... lol

Prompt #82 - Keep it Quiet )
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The latest response to my new Pick-A-Prompt Challenge! Go accept the challenge or issue a challenge to me! lol

Jessica issued another challenge to me, #53, set in the 'Beautiful World' universe (The OC/Gossip Girl, Ryan is Lilly and Rufus' long lost son, he and Chuck had a thing in Newport on summer).

The prompt features a car accident (a fictional one, gif is from the show 'The Originals'), and so does the story, but there isn't anything graphic (No blood, just people being thrown around a bit and broken car windows as the two vehicles hit)

Prompt #53 - Mistake )
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The latest written by me for THIS challenge. Come challenge me or accept a challenge! Lots of prompts have yet to be chosen!

I was challenged to use Prompt #62, set in the universe of 'Missing Persons' (The OC/One Tree Hill/Criminals Minds, Ryan and Brooke meet when abducted by organ stealing rogue doctors BAU works the case).

Prompt #62 - Undercover )
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Click HERE for the details on this new Pick A Prompt. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. challenged me with with #27 and The OC.

The prompt itself has nothing to do with The OC, I believe it's from True Blood, but could be wrong. In this case, it's the text on the gif and the emotion of it that inspired...

Minister's Wife )
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Check out the details for this Pick A Prompt over HERE. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. Please Challenge/Accept the challenge, over on that post. Jennifer Smith challenged me to write #29 with The OC/Brothers and Sisters, and it is set in my 'Good Enough' universe, but I might not use this in the actual story, I don't know for sure yet.

The gif chosen isn't related to either fandom (I'm not 100% sure what it's from, either... I found it randomly), but that's part of the fun, finding a way to take inspiration from something unrelated!

Prompt #29 - All My life )
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So, late last night I posted THIS. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. Well, [livejournal.com profile] garnigal was the first response and I was challenged to use prompt #13 and write The OC fic. Here is that fic.

Prompt #13 - I'm Sorry, Kid. )
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A new kinda pick a prompt thing? I have a folder with, as of now, 106 different things for inspiration (I have more, but I've picked 106 for this... lol... may add more at any time and will give the new total number if I do). Most are gifs, some are still images, and there's also 4 songs. I have renamed all of them a number (going from 1 to 104).

Comment and tell me the following:
A number between 1 and 106.
Whether you are accepting the challenge (you will write fic) and challenging me (I will write fic)
If challenging me, you can request a fandom I've written before and I will include it somehow. If you don't request a fandom, it'll most likely be The OC, but not for certain.

If you accept the challenge and recieve a gif or picture from a specific fandom, you are NOT required to write that fandom. Just use the image/text something about it as inspiration. At least a third of the gifs are The OC Related (either from the show or from shows/movies the cast has been in), but there's also gifs from: Nip/Tuck, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210, Flowers In The Attic (2014), China Beach, True Blood, The Following, Med Cezir, Lucifer, Home & Away, Bones, The Night Shift, and Criminal Minds.

There are a few that could be triggering. If suggestions of violence (blood, knives, bruises, cuts) or car accidents (one is a car hitting another car, another involves a car crashing into a lobby) disturb you, let me know when you challenge/accept the challenge, and if you picked a trigger-y prompy I'll ask you to pick another number.

As a double challenge, pick two numbers!


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