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7 Arts from requests!

1 Ryan/Brooke (The OC/One Tree Hill, Never Again 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Isabella (Various Fic 'Verses)
1 Ryan/Jess (The OC/Gilmore Girls, Inside Out/Upside Down 'Verse)
1 Ryan & JJ (The OC/Criminal Minds, Cousins 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Julie (It Only Hurts 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Lorelai (The OC/Gilmore Girls, Vegas Baby 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Rachel (The OC/Glee, Karaoke)

Finally posting these! lol Sometime relatively soon I'll post another one with arts that weren't from requests...

Cut for 7 Arts )
There you go! Like I said, I'll post some other, non-requested, arts sometime soon.
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I do this every so often, and it's been a while so I thought I would again.

Ask for an art from one (or more, crossover is always good!) and i will do my best to make something. You can give me a character, a pairing, a song (as in I'll make something inspired by the song, though not necessarily showing the lyrics...), or maybe a specific image of an actor/actress/character or a certain texture you want me to use (or even something like 'an art with lots of hearts and stars one it!'... although I may look at you sideways and make some monstrosity just because... lol) feel free to offer it up

I'm alreayd planning on making arts for the following couples, so if you have specific suggestions related to them, they are VERY welcome!
Ryan/Brooke (The OC/One Tree Hill)
Ryan/Quinn (The OC/Glee)
Ryan/Claudia (The OC/Warehouse 13)
JJ/Danny (Criminal Minds/CSI: New York)
and probably some multi-fandom mock-posters for fics that may or may not every exist... lol

So, any requests, suggests?
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Behind the cut are four arts:
2 Ryan/Jess Arts (The OC/Gilmore Girls)
1 Ryan/Damon Art (The OC/The Vampire Diaries)
1 Kono/Steve Art (Hawaii 5-0)

Art! )
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I'm in the mood to make some arts while I mull over a 'finished' chapter for Beautiful World (you know, let it sit a day or two then go back, reread, and see if I still like it as is or think I need to edit/rewrite some more), so I'm sending out a call for prompts.

I'm gonna be making some manips of various couples, both crossover and not (I can guarantee at least one Ryan/Summer manip, and maybe a Ryan/Alex manip), and I'm looking for suggestions. Give me a pairing (or simple two people, not a romantic pairing), especially random crossover ones (Ryan/Brooke is pretty much a given), and I will try to come up with something... I'd prefer fandoms that I'm at least somewhat familiar with, so the ones in my tag list are preferred... hell, give me a couple people and we'll see what I come up with.
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Behind the cut are SIX new arts.

Manips! )

I'm taking requests if anyone wants me to make something.
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Either tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon I'll be posting an art spam... I made two new icons (one General Apocalypse, one Jess Mariano) and four manips (two Ryan/Brooke, one Luke/Lorelai/Jess, and one Brooke/A Baby) over the last hour and a half, and I'm betting this art streak will continue tomorrow after work...

If anyone has an requests, go ahead and ask! I'll do my best to make something for all requests. I have tons of pics on my laptop for my primary fandoms, and if you have a pic you'd like me to use, just link me to it.
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So, Yellow Vampire Eyes is leading in the poll, and for the most part, Yellow looks best in the manips I've made... except for the Willa Holland one, where the yellow looked horrible but Red looks prettty good... maybe she's just really pissed off? lol Anyway, all except for the WH one have yellow eyes, Willa's are red. Leighton's are kinda subtle, a least compared to the others...

Behind the cut you will find Chace Crawford, Olivia Wilde, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, and Willa Holland with Vampiric eyes.

Five Vampire Eye Manips )
So, the reason behind my Vampire obsession? I think I may have decided on what I'm gonna try to write for NaNoWriMo 2010...

I'm in the early stages of figuring out the exact plot and characters, but it will have vampires, some of them good and some of them bad, and I am a person who likes visuals. Some of the above Vamp manips might become visuals for my own sake... Especially the Chace Crawford one because omfg the eyes look good on that one... and that little kinda smug looking smile... lol...

And a non-Vampire manip art! )

A New Art!

Aug. 20th, 2009 03:05 pm
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I saved it in both .png and .jpg format because the .jpg cases the red of the text to go slightly blurred or something, but not everyone can see .png files. So. Both formats so everyone can see it, but hopefully most people can see it looking the way I meant it to...

Warning: Minor Ryan/M content. But the picture is from a R/M scene that I'm sure M-Haters remember fondly... lol

Tear My heart Open )
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When I asked for prompts, [livejournal.com profile] garnigal suggested (among many others) The OC/Veronica Mars, Ryan/Veronica. Well, that's what struck me as most interesting to do tonight, and... I did 5 graphics!

Usually I put commentary about the graphic and the story I think it tells, but... [livejournal.com profile] garnigal said she'd write fic to match, I won't. Although I will say that, if put in a certain order, I can see a story told through these graphics. I didn't put them in that order though, so... who knows if anyone else can see it... lol

Ryan/Veronica FTW! )

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I feel like making art... I made, what I feel is, an awesome banner the other night for a fic, but it's a fic I don't plan on posting until it's finished and the banner is slightly spoiler-y so... yeah, can't post...

But that makes me wanna make arts. So, anyone have a request? Any show, any pairing... although preferably shows I'm familiar with (take look at my tags... if it's listed in the 'Fandom:*' section, I know it... lol, but if I've talked about it and it doesn't have a tag, that's fine too) will be much easier for me to do...

Alternatively? Give me a 'genre' (angsty, happy, funny, etc) and I'll make some sort of image reflecting that feel...
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Behind The Cut You Will Find:
#1: The OC - Ryan And Volchak - Breath
#2: The OC - These Walls - Together... But Still Apart
#3: The OC - Ryan/Summer - Baby You Save Me
#4: The OC/Criminal Minds - Ryan and The BAU - Hostage Poster
#5: OTH/The OC/Gilmore Girls - Brooke/Ryan/Jess - Random Acts Icon

No watermarks, but if you wanna use something for some reason, just let me know and give me credit.

Oh! The 'Breathe' and 'Hostage Poster' arts are thumbnails, everything else is fullsize.

5 Arts Behind The Cut )

Expect more arts soon, and I'm still taking requests, either post in a comment here or in the initial post located HERE and let me know what you'd like to see.
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Behind The Cut You Will Find:
Gossip Girl - Chuck/Vanessa - A Study In Contrasts
Gossip Girl/The OC - Blair and Ryan - Now It's Your Turn
Gilmore Girls - Rory/Tristan - You Always Belonged To Me (Requested)
One Tree Hill/Brothers & Sisters - Haley/Justin - When The Sea Is Rough... (Requested)
Brothers & Sisters - Justin/Rebecca - Mexico (Requested)
One Tree Hill/The OC - Brooke/Ryan - Beach Glass (Requested)

I only put a 'watermark' of my LJ name on one of them, but I really don't think/hope I don't have to worry about them being stolen. If for some reason you want to use the non-Requested works for something, just let me know where you're using it.

Oh! And All except for the Trory banner are thumbnails, click on the art title to see the full size version.

6 Arts Behind The Cut )

I'll work on the other requests tomorrow and post them ASAP.
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I can't beleive I forgot to post this on friday when I intended to!

I have 2 weeks off (I go back to work on the 25th), so I'm thinking I'll probnably make some fanarts during that time (I actuially already made 1...)

So, anyone wanna make a request for Fan Art Spam #3?

I can pretty much definitely do something from any fandom I've mentioned on this journal, but even if I haven't mentioned it, request and I'll try (Although if I don't know the source, I'll need both character AND actor name so I can find the right person... lol). If you want text on it, let me know. If you want a certain 'feel' (romantic, funny, angsty, etc) to it, let me know and I'll try.

Fan Art Spam #1
Part One
Part Two

Fan Art Spam #2
Part One
Part Two
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1 Chad Michael Murray/Rachel Bilson Banner, 1 Ryan Atwood and Justin Walker Banner, 1 Lorelaie Gilmore and Brooke Davis Manip, 1 Ryan/Brooke Manip.

Four More Arts Behind The Cut )


Still taking requests! Feel free to ask!
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Behind the cut is a Brooke Manip, 2 Ryan/Brooke arts, and one Brooke/Ryan/Jess banner.

Four Arts Behind The Cut )

Is there something you want me to make art of? Single characters, Couples (Including crossover pairings), Groups (again, including crossovers), whatever. Request and I will do my best to fullfill it... If you have a specific image you want me to use, please link me to it, but remember, the bigger the source image (and the better quality) the better the manip will be because I'll have a bigger canvas to do the fine details on before making it smaller...


Mar. 14th, 2009 05:21 pm
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I think the rest of my Amazon stuff came... i need to double check the full list of what I order later and make sure, but... yeah, I think this was the last of it... and it includes The OC Season one and Veronica Mars season one! So expect some The OC Season 1 related one shots over the next week... lol... and some The OC/Veronica Mars crossovers... maybe some art... which reminds me!

Remember last summer when I had like a week off in August and I basically said "If you want me to make an art involving specific characters, ask and I shall do"? I'm doing it again! I have 9 days before I have to be bakc at work (okay, TECHNICALLY I ahve to go in on Tuesday and Friday to water plkants, but we're tlaking like a half hour to an hour each of those days so they SO don't count! lol) and I WILL be making some art during those days (inbetween writing fic) so...

Any fandom you know I know (Including the fandoms I just bought on DVD, like Veronica Mars). Or any actor/actress that there are tons of available pics of (especially if I'm familair with them). Or give me a quote, a bit of text, or a song (or song lyric) and I will make something based around the concept of whatever... lol...

I like fanart spams! lol

EDITTED: Tagged and to add Link To My Mastlist of DVD Box Sets.
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Two arts below the cut, made for requests by: [livejournal.com profile] thjazi13 and [livejournal.com profile] rymmer.

Cut For The Arts )
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Only one image for this first post in a planned many with misc fanart for misc fandoms...

Title: Untitled (Dean & Evil!Sam #1)
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchester
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied violence since Evil!Sam = VERY BAD!
Notes: I kinda love this... lol... I have an obsession with Evil!Sam... I sorta very much hope that whoever got assigned my Apocalyptathon story ideas chose to write my one about Dean having to fight Evil!Sam... lol...

Dean & Evil!Sam #1 )


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