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Another one I like...

The Follow Through - Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven )
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This one's... kinda hokey... but it sets up the next chapter well...

The Follow Through - Chapter Nine )
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Sorry it's getting out so late... I spent most of today kinda... drifting... mentally. I'm not really feeling my best today... thankfully? I have ALL of next week off work! So I sitll have a full 7 days before I ahve to go back to work... woohoo!

A quick reminded for those who didn't read/haven't recently reread 'The Unexpected': Anna is a megabitch in this universe. She delibrately stole Seth from Summer, and then rubbed Summer's nose in it that she was with Seth, and said horrible things to Summer. I love Anna, but in this universe... she's a bitch.

The Follow Through - Chapter Four )
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The second chapter. As I said before, this is an early fic of mine, though I have been working on it again lately. I don't want to rewrite the whole thing to make everything make perfect sense because... I kinda like the over the top silliness of some of it. And I'm not ashamed that I used to leave plotholes! lol

I'm correcting small things as I go, like typoes and minor things that I know recognize as ridiculous... but the major stuff is all the same as what I wrote years ago.

Written during Season Two/Early Season 3...

The Follow Through - Chapter Two )
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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the The OC characters.

Notes: To fully understand this fic, you should read The Unexpected first. I think most of it is self explainitory, after a fashion. Most of it was written back when Season 2/early Season 3 was first airing, so it doesn't mesh with the canon timeline in the slightest beyond season one, and even that is AU (The Theresa-Baby mess didn't happen).

Like I said when I asked if anyone was interest, it has some problems in terms of things moving along way to fast and unrealistically, but... it still love this universe and it's wacky-nonsense... lol...

And believe me when I say, this fic IS Ryan/Summer, they just aren't together as it starts...

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