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[livejournal.com profile] lving_darkness prompted me with #99, in the Good Enough Universe.

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Check out the details for this Pick A Prompt over HERE. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. Please Challenge/Accept the challenge, over on that post. Jennifer Smith challenged me to write #29 with The OC/Brothers and Sisters, and it is set in my 'Good Enough' universe, but I might not use this in the actual story, I don't know for sure yet.

The gif chosen isn't related to either fandom (I'm not 100% sure what it's from, either... I found it randomly), but that's part of the fun, finding a way to take inspiration from something unrelated!

Prompt #29 - All My life )
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Kirsten, Summer, and Kaitlin visit Pasadena! There's some silliness, and some seriousness. And Ryan gets a hug! lol

Good Enough - Chapter Seven )
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You're not imagining things, I really am posting fic! lol

This is the The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover where Ryan is the biological son of William Walker, making him half brother of the Walker kids. And Sandy told him the Walkers wanted nothing to do with him, but then Ryan found out the opposite is true, and he's getting to know his new siblings, but he's not on good terms with Sandy or Seth at the moment because they're both being stupid jerks...

Last Part: Ryan got arrested for trespassing while trying to help Kaitlin get away from an abusive Frank and a neglectful Julie, and he called Kevin to bail him out, but Justin and Sarah came too. Sandy showed up and revealed the cge fighting meltdown, and Ryan revealed more of his past to the Walkers, who put some of the pieces together and realized just how damaged Ryan is.

Part Six )
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So... I'm sorta picking this fic back up after like four and a half years...

Good Enough is the Brothers & Sisters/The OC story where Ryan Atwood is the illegitimate Walker sibling. This little thing fits between Parts One and Two of Good Enough, so after Ryan talking to Nora and arguing with Sandy, but before Ryan arrived at the Walker house and met his new found siblings. It shows why he was late enough that Nora thought he wasn't coming.

Decision )

Part Six is coming, I actually had it almost all written, but I realized I was missing an opportunity for potential awesome, so I scrapped half of it to switch it around. But probably in another day or two I'll have it up.

I need to get some Brothers And Sisters Icons... lol
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I passed my NaNo minimum quota of words, and got my ass in gear to get this chapter done... some Ryan/Walker Sibling bonding, some Ryan/Nora bonding... He kind of has a meltdown in this one... but I like how it turned out. Still hoping my Walker voices remain true to character.

Good Enough - Part Five )

And now I'm off to work on the next part of 'Beautiful World'... because the awesome hotness of Chuck/Ryan cannot be denied... lol
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Eh... I like the turn in this one... but not so sure about how true to the B&S characters it is... but hey, the situation Kevin, Sarah, and Justin find baby brother Ryan in is kinda unusual, so... yeah... lol...

Good Enough - Part Four )

Okay, no that that's written... I got this random idea for a fic but i didn't wanna write it until I finished this part... lol...
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This one focuses on Ryan's relationships with The Cohens, Kaitlin, and Julie. A little of Frank, too. The Walkers are mentioned, of course, but... it focues on his 'other' family.

Good Enough - Part Three )

While thinking on this... and it seems kinda odd now because they two stories are nothing alike and totally different ones to them... I came up with this totally Crack-Tastic idea that you can find over here: Controlling Cohens. The Cohens are control freaks that are downright scary in their control-y-ness. Ryan has tried to escape and hdie from them, but they've found him. It's Crack AND Angst!
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I tried to capture the feeling of the Walker Family Bickering... hopefully I succeeded...

Good Enough - Part Two )
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The OC/Brothers & Sisters Crossover. Ryan Atwood is the biological son of William Walker. Sandy met the Walkers, thought they'd just cause Ryan a lot of angst and pain, and said he didn't want them bothering Ryan. But Nora isn't exactly good at doing as others wish, so... lol...

Title comes from Good Enough by Sarah McLachlan.

Good Enough )

Good? Bad? Worth continuing? Give it up? Any B&S fans have an opinion about my 'Nora-voice'? I'm a relatively new fan, so... I don't know if I have her...


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