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A short little amusing moment in my Genuis!Ryan universe. Ryan is already part of AR-5 on Atlantis, and the Warehouse 13 team is there to collect a recently discovered Artifact that accidentally was brought along by a new arrival to the expedition. And then AR-5 Returns from one of their usual types of missions...

Warehouse Seeking: Atlantis )
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Written while LJ was down. Ryan and Zane's first official meeting, and it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship as Ryan geeks out slightly. I just realized how much I miss the Eureka!Ryan universe, and how much it needed more Ryan&Zane epic friendship and scheming. Remember, one of the previous snippets indicates Zane was involved in the plot to get Carter and Allison to finally get together. I also kinda tease about other events made AU by Ryan's presence, including the reason for Ryan's legal guardian switching from Stark to Carter.

World Domination )

Also... ahem... new default icon because I made it and love it muchly because it's pretty... I keep saying to my mom that clearly Jo and Zane belong together because even altering the timeline can't keep them apart... lol... in case it's hard to read, the icon says 'their love spans the multiverse'.
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Warehouse 13 returned last night for Season 2, and since then? I've kinda been thinking that Ryan's perfect match in the Genuis!Ryan universe is Claudia Donovan (played by the amazing Allison Scagliotti, aka the girl with asthma who saw Dan shoot Keith in the school shooting ep of OTH, and apparently the female 'Wonder Twin' in an ep of Smallville...)

This is a W13 Season 1 promo shot of AS as Claudia:

Claudia is smart, kick ass, and able to take care of herself. She is used to the wacky and bizarre (Her introduction to the series? Was her kidnapping the guy in charge of the Warehouse Team to help her rescue her older brother from a weird bottled universe thing!) She's all kinds of awesome and I can just imagine if there'd been a W13 style artifact in Eureka and Myka, Pete, and Claudia all went to try to find it, and Claudia befriended Ryan and Zoe... and Ryan and Claudia totally have a thing for eachother... it could be so much fun...

And I can see them exchanging vague emails (Since neither really has clearance for the other's job, but they have vague ideas... Ryan knows Claudia deals with dangerous antiquities, Claudia knows Ryan deals with non-terrestrial tecchnology) about the trials and tribulations of dealing with their coworkers (Myka and Pete are as bad as my version of AR-5... lol... it's always gotta go horribly wrong... lol)
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Using the icon for the Ryan and Zoe moments in this fic!

A quick note on this universe.

While I'm referring to it here as 'Genuis!Ryan', it's tagged as 'Eureka!Ryan' because that's what it started out as, a simple The OC/Eureka crossover. But then it expanded to include Stargate: Atlantis and Doctor Who/Torchwood. So, it's either call it 'Genuis!Ryan', or the much more cumbersome 'Eureka!Companion!Atlantis!Ryan'... lol...

Anyway, this universe is AU in several aspects, among them that Dr. Elizabeth Weir is still alive and in charge of Atlantis. Also, there is no Dr. Jennifer Keller, although the Carson beckett may or may not be the Clone!Beckett, I haven't decided...

This may also, at some point, be editted to include the fact that in this universe? Lt. Laura Cadman is twins with Dr. Tess Fontana. In my mind, their parents got divorced when they were pretty little, and one ended up with mom's maiden name (or maybe a stepdad's name), the other has Dad's name. But they're in contact with eachother. But most of this was written LONG ebfore I found out that the actress who played Cadman was joining the cast of Eureka, so... no mention of Tess in this...

Anyway... onto fic...

Genuis!Ryan - Declassification )
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Sorry this one is so late (technically it's the 18th already here!)! It took me longer to finish it up than I thought because I decided the original cover art sucked royally.

A long time ago, just for the hell of it, I wrote a one shot where Ryan Atwood was a genuis and got recruited to live in Eureka. Last year, for my 24 Gifts Of 2007, I added Stargate: Atlantis to the mix by having Ryan get hired from Eureka to work on Atlantis. Then came the idea that Ryan once travelled with The Doctor for a time, which evolved first into a story where Ryan helped Torchwood out, and then into one where Ryan and his Atlantis teammates run into The Doctor and Rose in the Pegasus Galaxy.

This mix tells a story, from the point following Ryan's first meeting Captain Jack Harkness (I promise, I WILL write that story someday!) and then his adventures with The Doctor, Rose, and Jack, and finally a little about Atlantis and how he relates it to his days as one of The Doctor's Companions. Hopefully it makes sense as a narrative.

8 songs are MP3, 2 are WMA. Uploaded on MediaFire as both Individual songs and as a .Zip file (about 48mb), which includes all 10 songs, plus Cover Art, and the Windows Media Playlist.

The Universe At His Feet )
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Takes place in the Eureka/Torchwood/SGA!Ryan universe, and officially makes Doctor Who part of the continuity of the universe, too. Rose is my favorite Companion of The Doctor's, so... yeah, I'm going AU that she's still his companion. Also, I like Dr. Weir as head of Atlantis, so... she's still there. Oh! 10th Doctor is the one I'm picturing as I write this.

Also? This is total and complete crack, referencing a fic I haven't written (yet) involving Ryan getting sidetracked during his time helping out Torchwood and going on this little adventure with The Doctor, Rose, and Jack...

The Flying Time Travelling Blue Police Box )
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Could either be AU of Eureka!Ryan where he goes to Atlantis and joins Lorne's Team, or could take place randomly between the two (Since Ryan is 23 when hired to work in Atlantis and he's not quite 20 in this one), I haven't decided. But it COULD make for some amusing additional Atlantis!Ryan snippets if Ryan also has Torchwood experiences... He could so take his first Wraith encounter in stride because he's seen Weevil's, fishheaded guys, and other Rift critters... lol

An Extremely Short Torchwood Primer for Non-Fans, made brief and possibly slightly wrong for the sake of somewhat clarity... lol )

Torchwood!Ryan - A Spin Off Of Eureka!Ryan )
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Partially written yesterday, then rewritten slightly to include what is actually a VERY minor spoiler for tonight Season Premiere of Eureka. It's nothing mind shattering spoiler-y, just something that was a relatively minor part of the story, and actually this ignores a LARGE portion of the main plot of the episode. Basically, assume status quo is maintained from some point last season (Beverly has been busted as a bad guy, Henry hasn't been arrested for anything, NO Alison/Stark ickiness because Jack/Alison FTW! lol), and not for any of the major changes from the season opener, just one small Zoe related thing... lol

Assume this to take place in the time frame of Season 3, though, so Zoe and Ryan are both almost 17.

Untitled Eureka!Ryan Story Snippet )
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Okay, this is what I was talking about before, the background info for Leri Akora in my fics where Eureka!Ryan is living and working on Atlantis.

Click to Learn about Leri's People )

Do you think I maybe like worldbuilding? I let some stuff out because I didn't spoil the SGA tory that I still wanna write someday... lol...
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Yes, another Eureka!Ryan story in the same night! I was looking at what I have written and thought this one was cute, so... I'm posting! lol

Title: Stupid Genuises
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/Eureka Crossover
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really, except that it's a crossover.
Summary: What if Ryan was there for the ep "E=MC...?" in Season 2? lol
Notes: A crossover, heavy on the Eureka, since Ryan is the only The OC character who appears. This oen takes place in Season 2 of Eureka (as opposed to Season 1 like msot of the Eureka!Ryan fics) While the title is similiar to the 3rd part of my The OC/Eureka universe ('Briliant Idiots'), I just couldn't resist because it fits so well... spoilers for the ep 'E=MC...?'...

Stupid Genuises )
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Thinking about this universe again... loving it, trying to figure out what I wanna do next with it (Do I wanna write more teenage Ryan and Zoe? Or more of Dr. Ryan Atwood getting recruited out fo Eureka to go to Atlantis? lol... I actually had an idea for a Eureka!Ryan in Atlantis story that would reference part of MY version of the truth about Beverly Barlowe and how Eureka!Ryan and Zoe ended up in big danger because of it... lol... but I should probably write the actually story with the truth about Beverly first... lol)

Anyway, this is just a short little cute 'Ryan and Zoe are best friends' snippet... Someday I need to work out EXACTLY where in the Eureka Canon Ryan entered into things... lol... Maybe this weekend... lol

To Drive Or Not To Drive )
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It's Eureka!Ryan... with another show tossed in for fun! lol... This one takes place 6 or 7 years after the bulk of the Eureka!Ryan stories, and was jsut written as fun so it doesn't really have any bearing on the future of the other stories... except that Ryan WILL have degrees of some kind by the time he's 22, and they'll be degrees that normally take a LONG time to get... lol...

This is purely for fun and my own amusement... I think ti can be understood jsut find without much knowledge of the third universe... might make it funnier since you're just as lsot as poor Ryan is... lol...

Ryan's Job Offer )
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Title: Brilliant Idiots (AKA: Ryan Visits Global Dynamics)
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/Eureka Crossover
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really, except that it's a crossover. 1 'bad' (but not really BAD...) swear word is said once... lol
Summary: Stark takes Ryan on a tour of Global. Sheriff Carter makes an appearance and so does sticky purple goo... lol
Notes: A crossover, heavy on the Eureka, since Ryan is the only The OC character who appears (Trey gets mentioned in this part... and Luke, Caleb, and other Early Season 1 Newport Jerks are vaguely mentioned...)... lol... Third in a series, takes place after Welcome To Eureka and Of Talking Houses And Sheriffs. No Zoe this part, but I have a direct follow up to this one that features Zoe, Vincent, and possibly Henry... lol

Brilliant Idiots (AKA: Ryan Visits Global Dynamics)
Read more... )
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Title: Of Talking Houses And Sheriffs
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/Eureka Crossover
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really, except that it's a crossover.
Summary: Ryan and Zoe hang out, and Ryan meets both a talking house and the Sheriff.
Notes: A crossover, heavy on the Eureka, since Ryan is the only The OC character who appears... lol...

Of Talking Houses And Sheriffs
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Title: Welcome To Eureka
Author: Mara
Fandoms: The OC/Eureka Crossover
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really, except that it's a crossover.
Summary: Ryan Atwood finds himself recruited to be groomed as a new genuis in Eureka.
Notes: A crossover, heavy on the Eureka, since Ryan is the only The OC character who appears... lol... I'll probably write other short fics, and maybe a long one, set within this universe...

Welcome To Eureka
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I think my muses may ahve returned, though I'm still accepting any prompts or ideas anyone wants to give me... lol



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