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I hate myself... lol... I just made a piece of artwork for 'Black Friday', and I LOVE the way it turned out, it looks amazing and it took forever because I had to make layers, adjust colors, carefully edit stuff out...

The problem is? It's also EXTREMELY spoiler-y for some later events in Black Friday! Like gives away a MAJOR plot twist kind of spoiler-y! Like you guys would KILL me if you knew this was coming ahead of time... lol... so I can't post it until AFTER I get to that point in the story, and there's a long wait yet because it won't happen until AT LEAST halfway through, depending on where exactly I end the story...

so... GAH! lol...
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I figured I'd make a quick reference post for where I get my info for Black Friday.

Now, obviously, I have to tweak some stuff because BuffyVerse and Supernatural have different rules for Demons and Vampires. Overall, I've gone with the Buffy Rules in regards to those things, but (though it hasn't come up) I've kept the Supernatural thing that there are vampires out there who CHOOSE to be good and not kill people, just animals, even though they don't have souls. Werewolves... I haven't yet figured out which set of rules I'm going by (Buffy's 3 days surrounding the full moon, Supernatural's anytime of the month)... I guess I should if I'm ever gonna have Oz show up, not that I'm planning on that, but... lol

Anyway, my main reference points are behind the cut )

Okay, that was a bonus for the curious... lol... and because I'm bored as hell... lol... I've got 2 hours to kill before I need to even start THINKING about going over to my mom's office to meet her... but my brother arrives today, so... woohoo! lol
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18th Gift, just barely gutting it in under the wire (in my time zone... lol).

Black Friday Universe which is my epic The OC/Supernatural/BTVS/One Tree Hill crossover with an impending apocalypse. This takes place a LONG time before 'Black Friday' does, though. It fits in between Someday (The story that started the 'Verse), and this little snippet here (about Ryan meeting Ellen for the first time). I'd say this takes place when Ryan's been hunting with Dean about a month or so.

When Ryan met Bobby... )
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Okay, so, I promised to post this like bakc on the 8th and then I... didn't... well, here it is, finally, the first official chapter of 'Black Friday', my Apocalypse The OC/Supernatural/OTH/Buffy crossover. Click the 'Black Friday' tag to read the prologue, or the 'lostboys' tag to read the original one shot that started this universe plus the extra oneshot that had Ryan meeting Ellen for the first time. It'll help this make more sense if you've read those first.

Black Friday: Chapter One + What I Have Become )
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Okay, well, here it is, the prologue for 'Black Friday', my Supernatural/The OC/Buffyverse/One Tree Hill crossover. It begins to set things up, introduces the mythos of Black Friday a bit... I hope this story lives up to the hype I've been giving it... lol

Black Friday: Prologue + War Drums )
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This one designed to look like a movie poster... I'm not exactly thrilled with the two figures that form most of the background, but... overall I like how it turned out. I used elements from 3 different horror movie posters... lol... bonus points to anyone who can guess where any one of the elements came from, double bonus if you can guess two, and triple amazing super duper bonus if you can identify the origins of all three... lol... text is all me, so it's not involved....

There's no real spoilers for the story beyond what I've already said about it, and the reveal of the 4 main characters based on who the credited cast is and what the fandom tags on this entry are... lol

Click For The Poster... )
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Guess what I found today? My mom and I went to the local flea market, Bart's, and we were perusing the shelves with books in the back, and what do i find? A copy of 'The Outsider', the novelization of the first like 7 eps of The OC (From earlier in the day that Trey took Ryan to steal the car, until Ryan carrying Marissa out of the alley in Tijuana)! And it was only a $1! So obviously, I bought it. Funny thing is, right off the bat it proves a couple of my personal canon things correct! lol... Okay, so the book isn't strictly canon because it didn't air on screen, but still! It's semi-canon! lol

THEN I was checking out other booths and what do I find? The Dark Angel Season 2 DVD set that ahs been there for MONTHS and MONTHS, like since before last Christmas at least, was STILL THERE! And when I opened it up and checked the underside of the discs for scratches? THEY WERE IN PERFECT CONDITION! 20 bucks for perfect condition DVD box set of a show I loved which starred 3 of my favorite people (Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba, and Michael Weatherly)? Hell yeah I bought it!

I take those two things as a sign about a certain project of mine that a handful of people know about, so I've been working on it today... I'm slowly working out some more details, and I'm getting really excited about it... if you have no idea what I'm talking about... tough... I'm not gonna tell you because I'm limiting who knows about it to people on my friends list. Don't whine or complain or ask, because then I may decide not to ever post it publically on this journal. Deal with it... lol
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Specifically, a WIP cover for it... it wound up being square instead of book cover shape, but whatever... lol... take a look, tell me what you think.

The image isn't perfect, the coloring doesn't match exactly for Ryan and Dean, but... I think it turned out pretty good...

The story will defintiely be in my Supernatural/The OC universe (the one where the Yellow-Eyed Demon killed the Cohens, Sammy is dead, and Papa Winchester is possessed by the YED. I may bring BTVS into the mix, because Dean and Faith in the same room? hehe... and poor Ryan listening to the two of them... and I might end up tossing OTH in there two, with Brooke as eiher a slayer or demons invade Tree Hill and she accidentally winds up becoming a hunter after someone she loves (Lucas or Peyton most likely) is killed... if I toss OTH in, it'll be Brooke/Ryan... lol...

But we're talking epic, apocalyptic style war between sides here. and no garuntee that the good guys 'win' (meaning stop the apocalypse... even if the world ends, the survivors will keep fighting... oooh... I could blend my Lonely World universe that I have yet to post into this... hmmm... lol)... this is gonna be fun... lol

The quote at the top of the image is one I plan on having in the story. And the title of the story (The working title, anyway), and the 'black friday's coming down' phrase in the quote, come from a book I have (titled 'Black Friday Coming Down'), which is filled with stories about cops. 'Black Friday', as referenced in the book, was the penultimate day in a week of officers being injured. 5 seperate officers were injured between April 1st and April 4th of 1988, 3 of them bad enough to need emergency and long term care, and the author suggests that it's commonly used to describe days, usually fridays (because of the weekend there's more activity) that are really, really, really, bad for cops. I like the phrase, and it works for the story...


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