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Finally a new chapter! This one's been half written since August, but tonight I suddenly got inspired and finished the chapter. There's some background info given here, explaining some stuff and setting up a new part of the story.

Previous Chapters:
One - Two - Three - Four - Five

Chapter Six - Bring It )
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Another new chapter of this one... I know there's a lot going on in this story, but... lol... when I do action stories, I like to have it be one thing after another... lol

Previous Chapters:
One - Two - Three - Four

Chapter Five - Haunted )
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FINALLY the fourth chapter... I completely forgot to post it... edited a little bit on re-read to make a bit more impact in one scene and clarify something in another... lol... so maybe waiting was a good thing...

I'm thinking I'm gonna make some more art for this story soon... and I'm actively piecing together a soundtrack for it... but I do still love this story, even if it DID get abandoned a bit... lol...

In case you need a refresher, this is the fic that takes place in a universe where an attack like the one in the show 'Jericho' happened. Ryan Atwood comes home to Tree Hill, California for his adoptive mom's birthday the day before nuclear explosions go off around the country. It's a multiverse story with characters from The OC, One Tree Hill, Heroes (minus superpowers), and Supernatural (Minus ghosts, ghouls and paranormal monsters).


Previous Chapters:
One - Two - Three

Chapter Four - Still Here )
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Finally posting the third chapter of this one... partially because I truly adore a couple parts of Chapter four and have to post this one first... lol

Chapter Three - Scars )

Supernatural FINALLY makes it's appearance into things next chapter... just remember, I'm using CHARACTERs from Supernatural, but not the backstory. There's no ghosts/demons/monsters in this universe... lol...
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The second chapter.

Chapter Two - Waking Up )
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Maybe if I post, I'll manage to get the inspiration to finish it... I have such good plans, but everytime I sit to write, I go blank... I'll post the rest of what I have so far tomorrow...

This story features characters from: The OC, One Tree Hill, Heroes, and Supernatural, as well as mentions of characters from the Stargate Universe. But there are no superpowers, demons, or aliens in this universe.

Chapter One - Homecoming )

Like I said, I'll post the rest of what I have so far tomorrow sometime... right now I'm too sleepy...


May. 5th, 2008 12:02 am
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Forgot to psot Progress last ngiht, but there wasn't much anyway because I was gone all day...

My total wordcount as of right now is: 7,309

I'm not as far ahead as I was, but still ahead of where I was by a couple hundred words. Yay me. I'll try to catch up soon.
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Day Two word counts:

Current Word Count: 6,471
Words Left: 43,529
Ahead Of Schedule By: 3,138

I am so rocking this thing! lol
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I'm about to go to bed, and...

Current Word Count - 4,841
Words Left To Write - 45,159

Meaning I exceeded my daily quote by 3,175 words. I can so totally do this thing! lol

I'm off!

May. 1st, 2008 04:41 pm
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I've actually gotten about half the first chapter of "After", my NaNo Trial Run Novel, written... and it's already 2,165 words long! I figured out I need to average 1,666 words a day over the next 30 days to get to 50,000 words by May 30th. So I am already ahead of the game. And that's after just writing PART of the Ryan half of the chapter (I still need to write the Brooke scenes, and then edit to intersperse her scenes with his... lol)...

I seriously can't wait until I finish this so I can show everybody... I don't wanna post it as I write, so it won't be readable by people until like June at the earliest, but I seriously can't wait to find out what you guys think of it...

I'm thinking that maybe each night, right before I go to bed, I'll post what my word count (both for the day and as far) is... just to keep you guys updated on where I am with it...

I may post a bunch of oneshots, like in response to the prompts I recieved for my Custom Prompt Table, this month so you guys will have stuff coming from me... and if I get inspired for any of my other fics, I'll write them, too... I think I may have a couple of them with chapters that are almost ready... lol
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Thursday is May 1st, the day I cna start writing my NaNoWriMo Trial Run. So two more days. I can last two more days... especially when 6 and a half hours of each of those days I'm working, and 8 hours of each day I'm sleeping... so 21 out of 48 hours... I can totally do that... and this afternoon if the weather's nice I'm walking home so there's an extra 35 minutes of not writing, though I WILL be going over scenes in my head... lol... and if the weather isn't nice, I'll go over to Coe Library and try to find some books to use as reference sources, which will be another two hours or so of not writing... so I can totally get through the next two days...

I hope... lol
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So... I've made two different posters now... they're similiar, but not identical. One of them is available in two sizes: a smaller vesion for simple viewing and a MUCH bigger one for seeing the details...

Cut For The BIG images )


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