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Another year, another 24 days of fics and art posted for you guys. As always the gifts were friends only until today, but they have now been made public, so... enjoy! This year, all the gifts are crossovers, and there are a LOT of AUs based on other fandoms, too. But just about everything is Ryan Atwood related, so I'm sure everyone will find something they like... lol

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Christmas Eve and the final gift! Below the cut you will find six Ryan/Blair arts, all related to my new 'Frog Prince' Universe I've been posting this month.

The Princess & Her Frog Prince )

There you go! Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Chrismukkah or any other holiday you may celebrate during this season!

I for one have Christmas Dinner very soon (we have it on Christmas Eve so no one has to cook or scrub pans on Christmas Day... lol... tomorrow will be reheating leftover ham on paper plates... lol), then I get to open my stocking, and tomorrow... presents! lol
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Even more of my new Ryan/Blair universe! Another little collection of random moments in Ryan and Blair's lives together. This one just has two moments, one sad and one happy, where they had their hearts on their sleeves with each other.

Moments In Time - Tear My Heart Open )
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Another in my new Ryan/Blair universe, this one taking place after the Tackiest Birthday Ever that Ryan threw for Blair, but before the get together as a couple.

Where Do You Go? )
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Ryan/Jess (The OC/Gilmore Girls) Banner. Loosely related to my Inside Out/Upside Down universe... kind of a prequel to it... which I may someday write in fic form... lol
Across The Room )
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The OC/Sons Of Anarachy Crossover where Ryan is the youngest son of John and Gemma Teller, making him Jax's baby brother. Takes place post-season 3 of SoA, while Jax and the others are in jail.

This was the gift that should have been posted yesterday but wasn't due to my own exhaustion... sorry for the delay!

Visiting )
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More of the Ryan/Blair!Verse created in 'Ryan/Blair Birthday', where Blair's birthday was ruined by a Serena/Nate sextape playing and, despite usually being insulting towards him, Ryan surprised her with an incredibly re-party the next day and she actually enjoyed the over the top tackiness of it.

Moments In Time - Frog Prince )
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This time, Livejournal is to blame for the lateness of the gift, not me! lol I've been having issues with LJ all day... bah...

Relics... )
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Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano - Upside Down, Inside Out Verse. Takes place a ways in their future, after Ryan has successfully battled cancer, and they are married and living together in Stars Hollow with their adoptive kids. Robbie's been with Ryan and Jess since he was about two years-old and is now is almost four, and who was severely abused as an infant and is still a little more reserved than most kids his age. Katie is ten and has been with them for a few weeks at this point, so she's still settling in and they are trying to make this a very happy holiday season for her.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas )
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Continuation of Snow and No Happy Ending, A multifandom crossover based on ABC's Once Upon A Time, with Ryan as Prince Charming and Brooke as Snow White. For the most part if the 'fairytale' names (Charming, Snow) are used it's a fairytale land flashback, if the normal names (Ryan, Brooke) are used it's in Storybrooke, the land of 'no happy endings'.

Always Find You )
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So, a long while back I talked about an idea for a multifandom crossover using the premise of 21 Jumpstreet (Based on the TV Show, NOT the movie), and with Doug Penhall as the guy in charge. This is a little tiny snippet of it I wrote...

Family )
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Sorry this is so late... more snowy weather today and the internet was really in and out... still is so i'm trying to post in between outages... lol

Behind the cut you will find two new manips, one of Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill) and one of Faith Lehane (Buffyverse) that are for my new planned ApocaFic (which is as yet untitled... lol)

More Apoca!Art )
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A short little amusing moment in my Genuis!Ryan universe. Ryan is already part of AR-5 on Atlantis, and the Warehouse 13 team is there to collect a recently discovered Artifact that accidentally was brought along by a new arrival to the expedition. And then AR-5 Returns from one of their usual types of missions...

Warehouse Seeking: Atlantis )
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A relatively short addition to the Arrow AU. With two flashbacks to island!Ryan!

One At A Time )
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More of the Ryan Sloan!Verse, Ryan and Mark get to Seattle Grace. I threw my very own Nurse Cassie into the mix as a Pediatrics nurse, because I love her... lol...

The OC/Grey's Anatomy - Seattle Grace )
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Finally I post this... Internet was seriously in and out all day... bah...

The opening bit of what may someday become a longer story... A multifandom AU based on the show 'Terra Nova'. The Cohens+1 go from an overpopulated, polluted, future to nature in the extreme 85 million years in the past. But things don't go smooth and never will. I took the basic premise, including the population police thing, but twisted it around a bit.

Fandoms in this part: The OC (Cohens+); Eureka (Zane Donovan); Supernatural (Dean Winchester); and Stargate: Atlantis (Sheppard and Weir).

BraveNew World )
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This is actually something of a work in progress wallpaper that is intended as art for a story idea I've been poking at for a while. The OC/Supernatural/Buffyverse ApocaFic. Ryan, Dean, and Faith as an awesome team of survivors. Below the cut you'll find the wallpaper (1600x900, but I can resize/crop to new size by request), as well as a close up of the manipped portion. The base image is a promo pic from 'Falling Skies' with Drew Roy, Noah Wyle, and Moon Bloodgood.

Survivors )

I have gifts ready for the next few days, but as a warning: My internet has been spotty recently, and especially today with the cold front and accompanying wind... it's been in and out all day (I had to wait through three different spots of going on to get the pics uploaded just now!) so it's possible I may end up not posting a gift one of these days... I will make it up to you guys as soon as possible though...
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Mercy!Verse, with added CSI:New York. Ryan was a uniform on the LAPD at first, but kept being ribbed because he was John's son, so he decided to take a few more classes at UCLA and become a CSI, but the ribbing continued, and he decided to go back to New York (Where he went to college originally) and got a job at the Crime Lab with the CSI:NY team.

Enough )
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The OC/Gossip Girl crossover, Ryan/Blair (well... Ryan and Blair... they aren't a couple in this... lol). Art + Fic.

Ryan/Blair Birthday )
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Mercy!Verse. Remember how last years snippets revealed that Ryan went to West Beverly Hills High School and knew the 90210 gang? Well, this expands on his friendship with Erin Silver. It takes place towards the end of Season 3 of 90210, just after the incident where Adrianna switched out Silver's bipolar meds and causing Silver to behave eratically. In my AU, Ryan never bought into the idea of Silver having stopped taking her meds, and he figured out what Adrianna did and busted her.

Warning: Ryan talks to Silver about being repeatedly raped in juvie by the warden. Not graphic, but... still disturbing.

Ryan & Silver Friendship )


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