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It's Christmas Day, so the gifts for this year get unlocked! 24 gifts consisting of fics, art, and fanmixes, posted these past 24 days for my Friends List and now made public for everyone else! Enjoy, and comment, please!

All fics are The OC, but many are crossovers, so here's a list of abbreviations:
SPN - Supernatural
SCC - Termintor: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
BTVS - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
TW - Torchwood
DW - Doctor Who
SGA - Stargate: Atlantis

Merry Chrismukkah & Happy Holidays! )
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Final gift! It's another AU, but this one is probably stand alone, so no universe. Kinda... not for Taylor fans... or Seth fans... but there's soem Ryan & Lily Atwood cuteness... lol

Christmas Morning )

Tomorrow or early Friday morning, these will all be made public, so Merry Christmas to my friends list! Enjoy the day!
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AU, obviously. This is about Sophie Rose Cohen as she grows up in my Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano universe. So, yes, as the warnings say, there's mentions of Ryan having a boyfriend, but it's basically from the POV of like a 4 year-old, and the only reason it's not rated G is because there's some mention bad words and Sophie Rose is so very obviously Ryan's baby sister in this one. Jake Atwood is, of cours,e Frank and Julie's son.

Best Friends )
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This one... I wrote the first little section awhile back, and fell in love with it even though it painted such a fractured image of Ryan... and then I wrote the rest tonight. It's angst, and suggests (pretty obviously I think... but that might just be because I know to begin with) what happened to Ryan, but never out right says it. Each of the 5 sections si basically from a different point of view from each of the 5 members of the Cohens+1 (Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Ryan, and Sophie Rose).

It's sort of gut wrenching, but... hopefully it'll be liked. Don't worry, Ryan isn't dead and doesn't die! lol

Fixing Ryan )
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Same universe as The 3 Little Winchesters, but taking place when Ryan is about 20.

This is what happens when I watch the first 4 eps of Supernatural in a row... lol...

Should Have Known Better )
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This is another one in the Superstar!Verse, where Ryan is a David Beckham-esque Soccer star. This one takes place back when Ryan and Isabella were nearer to the beginning of their relationship, when Ryan was just starting to become famous.

All About The Image )
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Paralyzed!Ryan Verse, angsty but.. you'll see it's not overly so in the end.

Collection )
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This is a completely new Ryan/Isabella universe. I'm actually kinda surprised I've never seen a fic that has Ryan with this particular profession... it seems so obvious...

Title comes from the song 'Home' by Vanessa Carlton.

Oh! And Sophie Rose is about 12 or so in this, and Ryan is about 30.

With you I am home )
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Sorry this one is so late (technically it's the 18th already here!)! It took me longer to finish it up than I thought because I decided the original cover art sucked royally.

A long time ago, just for the hell of it, I wrote a one shot where Ryan Atwood was a genuis and got recruited to live in Eureka. Last year, for my 24 Gifts Of 2007, I added Stargate: Atlantis to the mix by having Ryan get hired from Eureka to work on Atlantis. Then came the idea that Ryan once travelled with The Doctor for a time, which evolved first into a story where Ryan helped Torchwood out, and then into one where Ryan and his Atlantis teammates run into The Doctor and Rose in the Pegasus Galaxy.

This mix tells a story, from the point following Ryan's first meeting Captain Jack Harkness (I promise, I WILL write that story someday!) and then his adventures with The Doctor, Rose, and Jack, and finally a little about Atlantis and how he relates it to his days as one of The Doctor's Companions. Hopefully it makes sense as a narrative.

8 songs are MP3, 2 are WMA. Uploaded on MediaFire as both Individual songs and as a .Zip file (about 48mb), which includes all 10 songs, plus Cover Art, and the Windows Media Playlist.

The Universe At His Feet )
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A bit late, but... yeah...

This is the universe where Ryan goes to NYU instead of Berkeley, and he meets a flirtatious Brooke, and after she gets him to forgive her for coming on WAY strong, they become friends.

Admissions )

As an aside? This universe was created for LAST year's 24 gifts! lol
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Just a little piece of art that goes with my The OC/Gossip Girl universe where Ryan and Chuck become friends. The art doesn't have symbols in the word, so language warning applies.

A**hole )
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More in the new Ryan/Isabella Universe of Meeting You and One Wild Night. This one takes place between those two. I've finally named this universe, and it's the Berkeley!Verse.

Desperately Wanting )
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Takes place in the Eureka/Torchwood/SGA!Ryan universe, and officially makes Doctor Who part of the continuity of the universe, too. Rose is my favorite Companion of The Doctor's, so... yeah, I'm going AU that she's still his companion. Also, I like Dr. Weir as head of Atlantis, so... she's still there. Oh! 10th Doctor is the one I'm picturing as I write this.

Also? This is total and complete crack, referencing a fic I haven't written (yet) involving Ryan getting sidetracked during his time helping out Torchwood and going on this little adventure with The Doctor, Rose, and Jack...

The Flying Time Travelling Blue Police Box )
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Part of my universe where Ryan is the youngest of the THREE Winchester brothers. Instead of Mary dying when Sammy was 6 months old, it was when Ryan was 6 months old. This one takes place when they are all kids, and focuses on Bobby's first meeting with the three Wee!Chesters.

It's cracky and... despite John being hurt, it's humorous...

The 3 Little Winchesters )
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Not only the 10th gift, but also part of the StrokeVerse, and one of the 100_Situations prompts (038 - Challenge).

So Hard )
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Made a while back, but... today was a long day and I spaced and had nothing ready to post when I all of a sudden remembered I need to post a gift... lol...

Deathlands Art )
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Takes place in my Ryan/Jess universe, after Jess met The Nana, but before the visit to Newport. Features Jess and Luke, and talks about Ryan.

Punchline )
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Because it's coming so late in the day, this one is a double gift of art AND fic!

There's some bad language here (Isabella maybe be adorable, but... she's foulmouthed... lol)

One Wild Night )
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It's official, I have a nephew who I will meet tomorrow afternoon! Liam was born at 12:49pm this afternoon to my brother Owen and his wife Dyan. He's healthy and so adorable (they e-mailed us a picture already!) and I can't wait to meet him!

On to the gift...

Bubbly )
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Gift #4!

I've been sitting on this for a while, just added the finishing touches tonight...

I'm not 100% sure of whether I have the characterization of the Gossip Girl characters down, but... I think I sorta of have them? lol

The Way It Goes )


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