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Sorry for the long wait. Been busy with work and other things.

Give Me Love - Part Five )
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These next few chapters will somewhat be skipping ahead in time. They'll basically be montages of scenes, because in general things won't get interesting until Lucy is home from the hospital, because I can only right so many scenes of Ryan spending as much time as possible sitting next to Lucy's incubator. But there's little bits and pieces that need to be shown (First time Ryan holds Lucy, Ryan's first night back in Newport, Marissa and Julie finding out Ryan's back, trying to get Seth back, first day back at Harbor, etc). So this chapter and the next one, and possibly one more after that, will basically be montages of a couple weeks worth of events, showing only major things that are important in the grand scheme.

Give Me Love - Part Four )
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I originally had Ryan back in Newport at the end of this part, but after a conversation in response to the prologue I rethought my approach and this is the result which, while dragging things out longer, is much better than the original version.

Give Me Love - Part One )
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A few days ago, I posted a fic called Lay Bare Your Heart, which was an AU of the 1st season episode 'The Strip' (You know, the one where Seth accidentally hired like four hookers?). This is the sequel to it, which will be much longer.

I want to warn for sexual assault in this part (and references to it in later parts) as well as the fact that it briefly mentions that the first time Ryan had sex with Eddie, Ryan was 12 and Eddie was 16, and while Ryan doesn't consider it rape, it was traumatic and he did say stop which Eddie ignored. So to be clear: both that previous encounter, and the events near the end of this prologue are both rape/sexual assault, whether Ryan acknowledges the earlier encounter as such or not.

Give Me Love - Prologue )
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AU for The Strip. After catching Seth with the bikini clad UNLV girl, Summer immediately dumped him and stormed out, having hit her limit of his crap. Ryan follows her, and neither knows about the whole prostitute thing. They end up hanging out for a while and Ryan makes an intended confession.

Lay Bare Your Heart )


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