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Sorry for the long wait. Been busy with work and other things.

Give Me Love - Part Five )
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These next few chapters will somewhat be skipping ahead in time. They'll basically be montages of scenes, because in general things won't get interesting until Lucy is home from the hospital, because I can only right so many scenes of Ryan spending as much time as possible sitting next to Lucy's incubator. But there's little bits and pieces that need to be shown (First time Ryan holds Lucy, Ryan's first night back in Newport, Marissa and Julie finding out Ryan's back, trying to get Seth back, first day back at Harbor, etc). So this chapter and the next one, and possibly one more after that, will basically be montages of a couple weeks worth of events, showing only major things that are important in the grand scheme.

Give Me Love - Part Four )
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I originally had Ryan back in Newport at the end of this part, but after a conversation in response to the prologue I rethought my approach and this is the result which, while dragging things out longer, is much better than the original version.

Give Me Love - Part One )
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A few days ago, I posted a fic called Lay Bare Your Heart, which was an AU of the 1st season episode 'The Strip' (You know, the one where Seth accidentally hired like four hookers?). This is the sequel to it, which will be much longer.

I want to warn for sexual assault in this part (and references to it in later parts) as well as the fact that it briefly mentions that the first time Ryan had sex with Eddie, Ryan was 12 and Eddie was 16, and while Ryan doesn't consider it rape, it was traumatic and he did say stop which Eddie ignored. So to be clear: both that previous encounter, and the events near the end of this prologue are both rape/sexual assault, whether Ryan acknowledges the earlier encounter as such or not.

Give Me Love - Prologue )
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AU for The Strip. After catching Seth with the bikini clad UNLV girl, Summer immediately dumped him and stormed out, having hit her limit of his crap. Ryan follows her, and neither knows about the whole prostitute thing. They end up hanging out for a while and Ryan makes an intended confession.

Lay Bare Your Heart )
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Kirsten, Summer, and Kaitlin visit Pasadena! There's some silliness, and some seriousness. And Ryan gets a hug! lol

Good Enough - Chapter Seven )
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You're not imagining things, I really am posting fic! lol

This is the The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover where Ryan is the biological son of William Walker, making him half brother of the Walker kids. And Sandy told him the Walkers wanted nothing to do with him, but then Ryan found out the opposite is true, and he's getting to know his new siblings, but he's not on good terms with Sandy or Seth at the moment because they're both being stupid jerks...

Last Part: Ryan got arrested for trespassing while trying to help Kaitlin get away from an abusive Frank and a neglectful Julie, and he called Kevin to bail him out, but Justin and Sarah came too. Sandy showed up and revealed the cge fighting meltdown, and Ryan revealed more of his past to the Walkers, who put some of the pieces together and realized just how damaged Ryan is.

Part Six )
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So... this is a little collection of The OC drabbles, all exactly 100 words. These are NOT all set in the same universe. They are more fragments of different universes, different possibilities, different versions of the characters and what their lives could be. Several have potential of becoming fulls fics someday, because I really like the little glimpse they give, but... for now this is all they are.

Most are Ryan/Summer because... yeah, still love them... but there's a handful of other ones, including a crossover (#7, with CSI:NY, taking place in the Mercy!Verse), and an appearance of Lily... Some don't make a lot of sense because there's so much missing from the story, but... I tried to at least give a sense of the story with them.

Most were inspired by prompts on Write Words, which is an awesome site.

Word count does not include the title.

10 Stories, each 100 words, means 1000 words of fic... )
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Yes, this is really and truly a new chapter of one of my fics... These Walls was last updated like two years ago, but... lol... it's back!

Title: These Walls
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missmara
Fandom: The OC/OTH
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst. Mentions of child abuse, violence, possibly sex in later chapters.
Summary: A decade after being kidnapped by the abusive Atwoods, 15 year-old Ryan Cohen is coming home to a family he doesn't even remember.
Notes: So... I watched the first three episodes of the MTV show 'Finding Carter' and it reminded me of this fic, so I had to go reread the first three chapters, and then I wrote this chapter...

Entire chapter written last night in one go. Only waited to post so I could do a little spellchecking/editting this morning when I was awake and fresh. There's some moments I truly love in this chapter.

These Walls - Chapter Four )

Most of the canon main characters (Cooper family, Roberts family, maybe Alex Kelly/Lindsay Garner/Zach Stevens) will eventually appear. But history is different here, so there may be some unexpected differences... just wait and see... I'm actually starting on Chapter Five right now, so... lol
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So... I'm sorta picking this fic back up after like four and a half years...

Good Enough is the Brothers & Sisters/The OC story where Ryan Atwood is the illegitimate Walker sibling. This little thing fits between Parts One and Two of Good Enough, so after Ryan talking to Nora and arguing with Sandy, but before Ryan arrived at the Walker house and met his new found siblings. It shows why he was late enough that Nora thought he wasn't coming.

Decision )

Part Six is coming, I actually had it almost all written, but I realized I was missing an opportunity for potential awesome, so I scrapped half of it to switch it around. But probably in another day or two I'll have it up.

I need to get some Brothers And Sisters Icons... lol
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So, I'm trying to get back in the habit of actually writing. In that vein... have a oneshot! Ryan, Kirsten, and (kinda) Sophie Rose. Just a sweet little family moment taking place while the Cohens+1 were living in the Roberts Mansion Post-Earthquake.

Kick )
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Wait... what is this? Am I actually posting fic sometime that ISN'T 24 Gifts??!! lol This has been sitting on my computer for a long time (along with another complete chapter and one half finished chapter... I'll get them up before the end of the month... I think... lol) and I decided to post...

I went back and forth a bit... Mean!Kirsten who sides with Sandy and Seth? Ambivalent!Kirsten who is sorry about what happened and agreed emancipation was best for Ryan but otherwise just let him go? MamaBear!Kirsten who gets pissed that one of her sons was hurt so badly by the other son, multiple times, while Sandy sat on his ass?

I did decide, obviously, and now there's a new chapter!

Also, a warning: Marissa makes an appearance. But in good news... it doesn't go well for her.

Feel This - Part Five )
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So... it's been a while, you may want to click the tag and reread the first three chapters to refresh your memory. Short version is: After catching Seth and Marissa together, Ryan and Summer got together behind their backs in revenge, but it became real love. When Seth found out, he managed to catch Ryan off guard and punched him, leaving Ryan with a broken arm and no longer considered safe with the Cohens. Neil Roberts has volunteered to help Ryan become emancipated, loaning him some money until his arm is healed and he can find a job, and Ryan is staying at the Robert's mansion until they can find him an apartment.

This chapter is actually the longest of this fic yet! lol

Feel This - Part Four )
I'm working on some other Ryan/Summer stuff... we'll see if/when I actually get something in good enough shape to post... lol

One of my many R/S projects is a fanmix for them... because I have a huge long list of R/S songs... lol... I just need to decide if it'll be a general R/S mix or a soundtrack to one of my R/S fics, or a FicMix that has little bits of a brand new story that go with each song... lol... or what...
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Christmas Eve and the final gift! Below the cut you will find six Ryan/Blair arts, all related to my new 'Frog Prince' Universe I've been posting this month.

The Princess & Her Frog Prince )

There you go! Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Chrismukkah or any other holiday you may celebrate during this season!

I for one have Christmas Dinner very soon (we have it on Christmas Eve so no one has to cook or scrub pans on Christmas Day... lol... tomorrow will be reheating leftover ham on paper plates... lol), then I get to open my stocking, and tomorrow... presents! lol
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Even more of my new Ryan/Blair universe! Another little collection of random moments in Ryan and Blair's lives together. This one just has two moments, one sad and one happy, where they had their hearts on their sleeves with each other.

Moments In Time - Tear My Heart Open )
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Another in my new Ryan/Blair universe, this one taking place after the Tackiest Birthday Ever that Ryan threw for Blair, but before the get together as a couple.

Where Do You Go? )
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Ryan/Jess (The OC/Gilmore Girls) Banner. Loosely related to my Inside Out/Upside Down universe... kind of a prequel to it... which I may someday write in fic form... lol
Across The Room )
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The OC/Sons Of Anarachy Crossover where Ryan is the youngest son of John and Gemma Teller, making him Jax's baby brother. Takes place post-season 3 of SoA, while Jax and the others are in jail.

This was the gift that should have been posted yesterday but wasn't due to my own exhaustion... sorry for the delay!

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