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Mercy!Verse. Remember how last years snippets revealed that Ryan went to West Beverly Hills High School and knew the 90210 gang? Well, this expands on his friendship with Erin Silver. It takes place towards the end of Season 3 of 90210, just after the incident where Adrianna switched out Silver's bipolar meds and causing Silver to behave eratically. In my AU, Ryan never bought into the idea of Silver having stopped taking her meds, and he figured out what Adrianna did and busted her.

Warning: Ryan talks to Silver about being repeatedly raped in juvie by the warden. Not graphic, but... still disturbing.

Ryan & Silver Friendship )
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Last year, I posted several pieces of art as gifts that were potential covers for a Mercy!Verse fanmix. Two of the pieces, neither of which was used as the cover, were actually based off a larger manip of John and Ryan, though it had been further altered and moved around. Below, as the 4th gift of this year's 24 Gifts, you'll find the original full manip.

Mercy!Verse Art )
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Title: Mercy
Fandoms: The OC/Southland
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of past violence, rape, and language.
Summary: Family is what you make. (Sequel to Three Years)
Notes: AU for both shows, most prominently that Ryan didn't move in with the Cohens, and Ben Sherman doesn't exist. This chapter is short, but every time I tried to add more it just seemed like I was forcing it... But hey, a short chapter is still a chapter, right?

Mercy - Chapter Two )
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Locked for now... will unlock in a few days...

Title: Mercy
Fandoms: The OC/Southland
Characters: Ryan Atwood, John Cooper, others
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of past violence, rape, and language.
Summary: When John offered to help, he didn't expect to end up with a teenager. Sequel to Three Years.
Notes: Wow... I seriously didn't expect the kind of reaction I got when I posted a question about whether everyone would want to see this. I thought one or two people would express an interest, but I definitely didn't expect any excited capslock YESs... lol... AU for both shows, most prominently that Ryan didn't move in with the Cohens, and Ben Sherman doesn't exist.

Also... I like this is as, and while I haven't had the chance to rewatch eps/scenes with Laurie to make sure she's in character, I don't think we've had much characterization besides "Still cares about John even though he's an ass"... so I'm gonna stop worrying and post this. Hopefully you guys will like it.

Mercy )
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I'm back with live review... mostly one liners because I'm still loopy from being sick last week... lol

Southland! )

All in all? A good finale. I really want a 4th season, though... and I want Ben and John to be partnered together again...
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I'm back with live review... mostly one liners because I'm still loopy from being sick last week... lol

Southland! )
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Southland! )
The preview has me going 'holy shit' in multiple ways... lol
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My brain is... not functioning well, so I may make less sense than usual... lol... but here's the latest ep from my opinion...

Southland 3x06 )
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Damn it... my being a genius, I missed the first minute or two of Southland... came in just as we saw John with the acupuncturist.

I'm... distracted tonight, so it'll almost exclusively be Cooper and Sherman rambling... and even that is kinda... lacking this week... ::shrug:: sorry... I'll download the ep and rewatch later for a more in depth review...

Southland )

Not as in depth as usual, but... there ya' go. I kinda think my brain is like our car, when it's this cold (-28F) it just doesn't wanna work. lol
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Slightly delayed this week since from now on I'll be watching the 10pm re-airing of Southland, because One Tree Hill is back from winter hiatus and... well... I can't abandon Brooke! OTH was awesome, by the way... hilarious, and kinda ridiculous, but... I loved the Alex/Quinn bonding, and if the show does get renewed for another season (though it's like 50/50 chance last I heard) I want Alex to stick around... and Brooke and Haley at the end? See, THAT is why I have Brooke refer to Haley as her best friend in most of my fics... Because Haley has always been there for Brooke.

As usual, Ben and John get the most attention, Lydia gets some attention, too.

Southland 3x04 Live Review )

Fuck. I liked the ep, but... damn it.

I didn't need this tonight, today was a crappy day... I watched a guy have a seizure and actually stop BREATHING briefly today... thankfully he started breathing again on his own, and the paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital, but... it freaked me the hell out... over 12 hours later and I'm still freaked out...
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As usual, Ben and John get the most attention, Lydia gets some attention, too.

Southland 3x03 Live Review )
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Still caring most about Sherman, Cooper, and Lydia. But since there's mixed partners this ep, Dewey turns up tons in this review...

Again, written as I watched, so... it's kinda rambling...

Southland! )

I'd love it if, at some point, they had like a season long villian, like we see them getting closer and closer to catching the bad guy who keeps just barely managing to get out of it... and then a big finale with them finally catching the guy... Unfortunately, with such short seasons, it's unlikely they'd do it, too little time to slowly build the tension... but maybe if Southland keeps getting good ratings for TNT, it'll start making longer seasons? I hope, I hope? lol
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I miss doing this for The OC... lol

I'll admit it up front, I don't care as much about anyone who's not John, Ben, or Lydia... lol... I like them, but... there absolute love isn't there like for the other three... so the stuff for everyone else is kinda sparse... and really I know I missed a few bits of Lydia's story this week... but John and Ben are my primary interest, Lydia a close second to them...

I'm grinning just from the sound of the opening credits... lol...

I'm with Lydia, that chick is crazy... I'm assuming her new partner... guess we'll see...

It's back! )

In short? FRICKIN' LOVED IT! As expected... I don't really like Lydia's new partner much, though.
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From the January 7th issue of Entertainment Weekly, a scan of the oh so cute behind the scenes pic... I couldn't resist the title I gave it when I scanned... lol

Click here for a bigger version (794x662)
Click here for a zip file of the biggest version (1984x1654)
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Southland Apocafic... Cooper and Sherman Vs. Zombies. Except the fic never once says Zombies... lol... meant to be kinda bleak, but also humorous ::shrug:: I like it... lol

Warning for language. Sherman's nerves are fried and he's swearing more than Cooper is... lol... actually, Cooper never does swear in this, it's all Sherman... lol

Getting The Rules Straight )
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Title: Don't Matter If I Bleed
Fandoms: The OC/Southland (Focus on Ryan, Ben, and Cooper with some of the others)
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, mentions of Child Abuse, Language
Summary: Frank Atwood is a dangerous man, and the officers of LA's Southland are about to find out just how dangerous.
Notes: Part of the universe from these three little ficlets I originally posted as part of my 'Lyrically Tragic' series of ficlets. In this universe, Ben Sherman had a little brother, Ryan, who was kidnapped at 4 years old by the men who beat their mom and Ben, one of them being Frank Atwood. 16 years later, Ben manages to find Ryan again.

When the chapter hit 8 pages, I figured it was time to go ahead and post it... If anything strikes you as totally out of character, let me know, that's the only way I'll improve my voices for them...

Don't Matter If I Bleed )
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Originally posted as part of my 'Lyrically Tragic' ficlets series. I decided to post them together since I'm about to post Chapter One of a longer fic in the universe.

Brothers )
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Behind the cut are spoilers... or possible spoilers... mostly a random idea in my head...

Spoilers Ahead! )

Anyway, I also added a TON of new icons, all from my various Icon Prompt Tables I made myself... including FINALLY having several Apocalypse icons, a slash icon, a couple of generic couple icons, and a couple others I'm sure will come in handy... and I STILL have 50 open icon spots... lol
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I'm... not completely sinking. I felt like the first day after ACC died. I had him since I was twelve, almost 14 years now, and losing him came just a month short of the 4 year anniversary of my beloved Meja dog dying. It hit me really hard, and even now as I type this, I'm trying not to cry.

But I'm not sinking. I'm okay.

I have the 'explainations' for the 'Lyrical Endings' post written, but when I tried to upload the sings last night, mediafire was giving me trouble... it would upload, then it wasn't verifying the files... I'm gonna try again in a little bit... mayb upload elsewhere instead since it seems now mediafire is having other problems...

I've been putting a lot of focus and work into my original webseries ideas... I WAS gonna do a complete reboot of my first webseries, Heaven Falls, but... that kinda boxes me in in terms of stories, unless I totally change tons of stuff... so instead I'm taking characters I planned on introducing into HF, and some plans I had for a series called 'Hood Point', and putting them in a new series...

Years ago, I told you guys a bit about Hood Point (You can find that post here) and some of that still stands... more info on the new series behind the cut.

Cut If You Don't Care )

Okay, yeah.

Don't worry if you don't care about my original stuff, but like my fanfic, I will still write fanfic plenty, I always need to bounce between writing projects because if I focus too much on one thing, I get completely burned out on it and stall out.

Watching Southland now... I kept forgetting to watch online, but it's reairing on NBC now, so... I'm watching. Taylor Handley's on again! I kinda like in a hate kinda way his character... lol
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Anyone know how soon they get the new episodes up?

I'm watching Supernatural because hello? A possible third Winchester brother? (I'm so thinking of how to write an AU of this with Ryan in the place of Adam... the kid who calls the bros looking for John and says he's John's son, and the bros are skeptical, especially Dean...)

But that means I can't watch Southland (It's on right opposite SPN) live as it airs... which is kinda killing me...

So does anyone know how soon the new ep gets put up on NBC.com for viewing? Because I wanna see! The description on my onscreen guide says something about Ben talking more about his past and why he joined the force, and I'm DYING to see it...


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