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Christmas Eve and the final gift! Below the cut you will find six Ryan/Blair arts, all related to my new 'Frog Prince' Universe I've been posting this month.

The Princess & Her Frog Prince )

There you go! Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Chrismukkah or any other holiday you may celebrate during this season!

I for one have Christmas Dinner very soon (we have it on Christmas Eve so no one has to cook or scrub pans on Christmas Day... lol... tomorrow will be reheating leftover ham on paper plates... lol), then I get to open my stocking, and tomorrow... presents! lol
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Even more of my new Ryan/Blair universe! Another little collection of random moments in Ryan and Blair's lives together. This one just has two moments, one sad and one happy, where they had their hearts on their sleeves with each other.

Moments In Time - Tear My Heart Open )
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Another in my new Ryan/Blair universe, this one taking place after the Tackiest Birthday Ever that Ryan threw for Blair, but before the get together as a couple.

Where Do You Go? )
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More of the Ryan/Blair!Verse created in 'Ryan/Blair Birthday', where Blair's birthday was ruined by a Serena/Nate sextape playing and, despite usually being insulting towards him, Ryan surprised her with an incredibly re-party the next day and she actually enjoyed the over the top tackiness of it.

Moments In Time - Frog Prince )
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The OC/Gossip Girl crossover, Ryan/Blair (well... Ryan and Blair... they aren't a couple in this... lol). Art + Fic.

Ryan/Blair Birthday )
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Now this one I may write more of at some point... lol

Arrow )
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The OC/Gossip Girl.
Ryan/Chuck Slash.
Nana Awesomeness.

There's also, at the very end, after the chapter, some kinda spoiler-y ranting about last nights GG. It doesn't specify what happened, but... yeah. It's kinda spoiler-y.

Beautiful World - Part Six )
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Another Dan/Blair fic thing. Takes place at some unspecified point in the future.

You do know you're not fooling anyone, right? )
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A random little fluffy Dan/Blair future-ficlet. Dan is sick, Blair goes to the loft to take care of him. Mocking and sweetness ensue.

You Can't Go Wrong With Audrey )
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I'm a happy girl because last night's ep sure seemed to be implying that D/B were gonna end up at least briefly together! That makes me very happy because as different as they are on the surface, and as much as they snipe at eachother, they could be completely awesome! I LOVED the whole watching Rosemary's Baby together over the phone thing! Frankly? I think that was kinda romantic of Dan to put it on and watch it with her! And when I described it to my mom? She agreed, totally romantic! lol

I may kinda, sorta, have a little D/B ficlet in progress... lol
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Behind the cut are SIX new arts.

Manips! )

I'm taking requests if anyone wants me to make something.
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Cut For More Massive Spoilers! )

Icon is because... well... I don't have any just GG icons, and since I said all three expressions repeatedly through out this commentary... lol
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A Ryan/Chuck Wallpaper! It's sized for my desktop (1366x768) so it's big... Unfortunately, I can't really size it down for other resolutions because, well, the design is made to be this long...

They Are So Frickin' Gorgeous... )
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The OC/Gossip Girl.
Ryan/Chuck Slash.
Much Mocking of Seth.

Beautiful World - Part Five )

Holy crap... this chapter? Is 9 pages long... 3,027 words... so far, the entire story is 32 pages/10,108 words... holy crap... lol
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Another drive-by chapter posting hurriedly before work. This time I think I caught all typos... lol... this one pretty much establishes where things are going in general... I need a Chuck/Ryan icon... lol


Beautiful World - Part Four )

On a different note... I'm starting to try and piece together a soundtrack for this story. I've got a couple good ones already... most of the songs will be Chuck/Ryan related, but some will relate to Ryan and the Cohens, Ryan and his newfound family, etc... If nothing else, it'll end up being one of my 24 Gifts for 2009... if you guys can think of any fitting songs, feel free to tell me!
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Beautiful World - Part Three )
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More of my new universe where Ryan is the son of Lily and Rufus (from 'Gossip Girl') and he and Chuck have a past 'romantic' (in the making out/hot hot sex kinda way) relationship. Chuck's a bit... introspective/thoughtful in this one, but... I think I stayed fairly true to him. Personally, I believe he is a LOT deeper and more caring than he presents himself as being.

Ummm... timeline wise...

Ryan is about a year older than Serena and Dan and the rest of the older group of GG teens. He met Chuck during the summer following Marissa shooting Trey, when things were all f*ed up, which would be the summer before GG started. This story is starting the fall/winter after Season 4 of the OC (which went differently in this universe...) and during the current season of Gossip Girl. I'll try to clear up timeline issues in story sometime soon, but right now... I'm kinda having too much fun exploring the idea of Chuck/Ryan... lol

Beautiful World - Part Two )

And now I am off to work on my 'Good Enough' (The OC/Brothers & Sisters)
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I've been waiting to write it... now I have. It's a universe where Ryan Atwood is the long ago given up for adoption son of Lily Van Der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey. I'm playing with the timeline a bit, since Ryan is only, at most, 2 years older than Dan and Serena and the rest. More likely just a little more than a year older. Lily married Keith Van Der Woodsen (Serena and Eric's dad) at her mother's urging not long after giving Ryan up, and a broken hearted Rufus married Allison (Dan and Jenny's mother) soon after to try and mend said broken heart.

I kinda jump into the middle, though. Ryan's met Rufus and Lily, and he's met Dan, Serena, Eric, and Jenny. Someday I'll go back and write how those meetings went. But for now, I'm jumping into the first Upper East Side party. I can tell you now, it goes about as well as Ryan's first couple of Newport Parties.

Be prepared for a bit of a shocker at one point... ::evil laugh::

I kidna switch POV part way through... lol... it just needed to suddenly be in the different POV.

Two quick warnings:
Minor kinda spoilers for tonight's ep. Nothing specific, more if you watched the ep you'll see the reference, but if you didn't? you probably won't... still wanted to warn, though...

Also? ...it's kinda slashy.

Beautiful World )

Oh! Before I forget! Title comes from the song 'Beautiful World' by Coldplay. Somehow, it just seemed to fit a bit.

I need a Chuck icon.
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Behind The Cut You Will Find:
Gossip Girl - Chuck/Vanessa - A Study In Contrasts
Gossip Girl/The OC - Blair and Ryan - Now It's Your Turn
Gilmore Girls - Rory/Tristan - You Always Belonged To Me (Requested)
One Tree Hill/Brothers & Sisters - Haley/Justin - When The Sea Is Rough... (Requested)
Brothers & Sisters - Justin/Rebecca - Mexico (Requested)
One Tree Hill/The OC - Brooke/Ryan - Beach Glass (Requested)

I only put a 'watermark' of my LJ name on one of them, but I really don't think/hope I don't have to worry about them being stolen. If for some reason you want to use the non-Requested works for something, just let me know where you're using it.

Oh! And All except for the Trory banner are thumbnails, click on the art title to see the full size version.

6 Arts Behind The Cut )

I'll work on the other requests tomorrow and post them ASAP.


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