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Ryan/Jess (The OC/Gilmore Girls) Banner. Loosely related to my Inside Out/Upside Down universe... kind of a prequel to it... which I may someday write in fic form... lol
Across The Room )
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Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano - Upside Down, Inside Out Verse. Takes place a ways in their future, after Ryan has successfully battled cancer, and they are married and living together in Stars Hollow with their adoptive kids. Robbie's been with Ryan and Jess since he was about two years-old and is now is almost four, and who was severely abused as an infant and is still a little more reserved than most kids his age. Katie is ten and has been with them for a few weeks at this point, so she's still settling in and they are trying to make this a very happy holiday season for her.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas )
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Another AU based on an existing show, though this may be even more loosely based than the first two. This one is The OC/Gilmore Girls/One Tree Hill crossover. I think it explains things pretty well... but Ryan and Jess are werewolves. The Nichols family are hunters. Brooke is human but loves her werewolf boyfriend Ryan.

When Alphas Attack )
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Behind the cut are four arts:
2 Ryan/Jess Arts (The OC/Gilmore Girls)
1 Ryan/Damon Art (The OC/The Vampire Diaries)
1 Kono/Steve Art (Hawaii 5-0)

Art! )
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Behind the cut are SIX new arts.

Manips! )

I'm taking requests if anyone wants me to make something.
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So, last night I posted about wanting to challenge myself with new crossover pairings, and shortly after postiung, I started writing this. I'm moving on to the ones people suggested as soon as I post this one.

Linger )
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Part of my Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano Universe. Takes place a few eyars after the previous installments, the day ebfore Luke and Lorelai's wedding in Stars Hollow. Ryan has a little confrontation with Lorelai's parents, who knew Caleb.

I wasn't gonna post this, but there's one line I really adore... it's not even dialogue, it's a description... lol... but I love it and decided to post the rest... plus? it gives me the oppurtunity to use the icon I uploaded for slash fics! lol

It can be safely assumed that Ryan and Jess are firmly together and committed to eachother.

Ryan Vs. The Gilmores )
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Behind The Cut You Will Find:
#1: The OC - Ryan And Volchak - Breath
#2: The OC - These Walls - Together... But Still Apart
#3: The OC - Ryan/Summer - Baby You Save Me
#4: The OC/Criminal Minds - Ryan and The BAU - Hostage Poster
#5: OTH/The OC/Gilmore Girls - Brooke/Ryan/Jess - Random Acts Icon

No watermarks, but if you wanna use something for some reason, just let me know and give me credit.

Oh! The 'Breathe' and 'Hostage Poster' arts are thumbnails, everything else is fullsize.

5 Arts Behind The Cut )

Expect more arts soon, and I'm still taking requests, either post in a comment here or in the initial post located HERE and let me know what you'd like to see.
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Behind The Cut You Will Find:
Gossip Girl - Chuck/Vanessa - A Study In Contrasts
Gossip Girl/The OC - Blair and Ryan - Now It's Your Turn
Gilmore Girls - Rory/Tristan - You Always Belonged To Me (Requested)
One Tree Hill/Brothers & Sisters - Haley/Justin - When The Sea Is Rough... (Requested)
Brothers & Sisters - Justin/Rebecca - Mexico (Requested)
One Tree Hill/The OC - Brooke/Ryan - Beach Glass (Requested)

I only put a 'watermark' of my LJ name on one of them, but I really don't think/hope I don't have to worry about them being stolen. If for some reason you want to use the non-Requested works for something, just let me know where you're using it.

Oh! And All except for the Trory banner are thumbnails, click on the art title to see the full size version.

6 Arts Behind The Cut )

I'll work on the other requests tomorrow and post them ASAP.
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So... I was watching Gilmore Girls this afternoon, and there was a quote of Jess' that actually made me think it could be taken as 'evidence' of my theory in my GG oneshot 'Scars' being true... so I went back looking at various things Jess said on the show, and it occured to that there's a lot of things that could also be taken as 'evidence'... lol... yes, insane, but...

I grabbed quotes from the Wikiquote page for GG, and also described a couple scenes I remember well enough or could find on Youtube...

Cut for length... )

Again, I may be reading WAY too much into these scenes, but... I think it's officially part of my personal canon: Jess was defintiely emotionally neglected/abused by Liz and her boyfriends (though Liz as portrayed on the show in Season 4 and later wouldn't have done so on purpose), and may very well have been physically abused by the boyfriends to some degree.

EDITTED: Oops... I messed up the cut... sorry...
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1 Chad Michael Murray/Rachel Bilson Banner, 1 Ryan Atwood and Justin Walker Banner, 1 Lorelaie Gilmore and Brooke Davis Manip, 1 Ryan/Brooke Manip.

Four More Arts Behind The Cut )


Still taking requests! Feel free to ask!
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Behind the cut is a Brooke Manip, 2 Ryan/Brooke arts, and one Brooke/Ryan/Jess banner.

Four Arts Behind The Cut )

Is there something you want me to make art of? Single characters, Couples (Including crossover pairings), Groups (again, including crossovers), whatever. Request and I will do my best to fullfill it... If you have a specific image you want me to use, please link me to it, but remember, the bigger the source image (and the better quality) the better the manip will be because I'll have a bigger canvas to do the fine details on before making it smaller...
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Part of the Inside Out/Upside Down universe, which means Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano SLASH.

The title is a play on Lorelai's comment to Luke in Season 3 of Gilmore girls about how a conversation between Rory and Jess that seemed very ordinary was actually 'Jess and Rory, the early years'... lol...

The first two sections are about right after they met, the last section is when they've been together a few weeks/months, long enough to be falling in love, but before Ryan introduced Jess to The Nana.

Ryan & Jess - The Early Years )
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What did you do in 2008 that you had never done before?
Wrote slash and felt like it wasn't crap. Even liked it enough to let the general public see it!

I didn't even full intend to start an entire little slash universe with my Ryan/Jess snippet, it was this little kinda experimental piece to see if I could make them believable as a couple but still keep in character. And now... now I know Ryan is Jess' date to Luke and Lorelai's wedding, and Jess is suitably horrified the first time he meets Che, and they'll adopt some troubled kids and have a ahrd time with them, but they'll make the family work... so much for a little one-shot!

Onto other, vaguely related stuff... I've been reaidng soem Dark Angel fics tonight and... I suddenly got this idea to write an AU that has Ryan as about the same age as the X5's at the time DA took place, and it's Ryan/Alec slash... and really I shouldn't do it, but omfg that hotness... and Ryan not giving a shit that Alec is an X5, Alec liking at Ryan's tough enough to handle the X5 stamina... and omfg I'm gonna end up doing it, I know I am... lol...
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Takes place in my Ryan/Jess universe, after Jess met The Nana, but before the visit to Newport. Features Jess and Luke, and talks about Ryan.

Punchline )
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Title: Scars
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missmara
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Characters: Jess Mariano and Luke Danes, minor appearance by Lane Kim and mentions of Liz Danes and Taylor Doose
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of child abuse.
Summary: Luke hadn't meant to see anything, but when he walked into the apartment and saw the marks on Jess' back, he couldn't tear his eyes away.
Notes: Liz Danes does NOT come out looking good in this. To me, the early eps that talk about Liz still make her seem like worse than just an airhead who can't handle raising a teenager as she was later portrayed as. To me, there were hints that she was at the very least emotionally abusive, and considering some of Jess' character traits, may have been physically abusive to some degree, or let boyfriends be physically abusive. And I had this image on my prompt table, so... yeah... a non-Ryan angst fic! I could be convinced to write another one in this universe, or to tie this universe into either my Ryan/Jess slash universe or 'Friends & Other Strangers' as backstory... since Liz hasn't really been talked about in either one... I play with the Gilmore Girls timeline slightly, since this takes place shortly after Jess came to Stars Hollow (before the car crash and subsequent return to New York even) but Lane is working at Luke's already.

Scars )
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Title: Crazy Life
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missmara
Fandoms: The OC/Gilmore Girls
Pairings: Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Slash. Suggestion of sex. Some mushy-ness.
Summary: Jess meets the Coopers and has a heart to heart.
Notes: More kinda mushy-ness, but... there's some minor seriousness.

Crazy Life )
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Title: Woke Up With This Feeling
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missmara
Fandoms: The OC/Gilmore Girls
Pairings: Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Slash. Suggestion of sex. Some mushy-ness.
Summary: Ryan took Jess home to Newport to meet the Cohens, and Sophie Rose's innocent comment leads to a big moment for the boys.
Notes: This may not include Jess' first meeting with the Cohens, but... it's cuteness... And it includes Jess reading to Sophie Rose! lol Title is from the song 'I Think I Love You' by Less Than Jake.

Woke Up With This Feeling )

Oh... and thanks to an art I made during my 'fanart spam' period, then promptly completely forgot about, this universe now had a title: 'Inside Out/Upside Down'
Click For Art... )
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Another little snippet in my Ryan/Jess SLASH universe. This one takes place pretty much right after the first one (where Jess and Ryan arrived outside Luke's Diner), and features Ryan interactiong with Luke and then Lorelai. There's funny, and mushy, and I like it. Especially the parts that mention Sophie Rose... you'll see why...

Ryan/Jess Snippet - Ryan Meets Luke Danes & Lorelai Gilmore )

In side news, I am so relieved to be just about done with my Apocalyptothon entry. I WAS gonna go with one request and I actually wrote some stuff for it, but it kept begging to turn into a crossover and I didn't want to do that with a request response... so I switched to one of the others and wound up with an original character carrying half the story and it may be horrible but... I sort of like it... lol... I still need to spellcheck/beta and edit and stuff, and then in Early September I'll fidn out what the requester thinks... gah I'm nervous... lol... but if it sucks, it sucks... it's sort of my first attempt to write this fandom, so... we'll see.
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I like this 'verse... lol... Ryan/Jess slash fic... you've been warned... I need to name this 'verse for indexing purposes... lol...

Jess Meets The Nana )

I will write about Jess meeting the rest of the Cohens (Somehow, I picture Sophie Rose totally adoring him immediately simply because he makes her big brother Ryan smile... lol)


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