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Sorry this is so late... more snowy weather today and the internet was really in and out... still is so i'm trying to post in between outages... lol

Behind the cut you will find two new manips, one of Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill) and one of Faith Lehane (Buffyverse) that are for my new planned ApocaFic (which is as yet untitled... lol)

More Apoca!Art )
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This is actually something of a work in progress wallpaper that is intended as art for a story idea I've been poking at for a while. The OC/Supernatural/Buffyverse ApocaFic. Ryan, Dean, and Faith as an awesome team of survivors. Below the cut you'll find the wallpaper (1600x900, but I can resize/crop to new size by request), as well as a close up of the manipped portion. The base image is a promo pic from 'Falling Skies' with Drew Roy, Noah Wyle, and Moon Bloodgood.

Survivors )

I have gifts ready for the next few days, but as a warning: My internet has been spotty recently, and especially today with the cold front and accompanying wind... it's been in and out all day (I had to wait through three different spots of going on to get the pics uploaded just now!) so it's possible I may end up not posting a gift one of these days... I will make it up to you guys as soon as possible though...
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I posted an entry asking for pics of abandoned/sppoky/creepy locations to inspire apocafic. so far only [livejournal.com profile] lving_darkness has been the only one to respond, and this is my response. Enjoy!

Image behind the cut.

Broken Bridge )
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This is the story I mentioned last night that put me through a ringer... I hope you guys like it.

I mention the team (specifically referred to collective as 'The Rangers' because of Jo Lupo's status as a former US Army Ranger, other teams are/were called other things) as caring P-90s. These are real submachine guns, and they are the weapon of choice in the Stargate 'Verse. They became standard issue for the SGC Teams in about 2000, and were standard issue for the Atlantis Expedition. One of it's pluses is armour piercing capabilities. For more In-Universe information, check here on the Stargate Wikia.

'The Trust' is another Stargate 'verse thing. They are an interplanetary terrorist group who's priority is gaining new technologies, even if they have to destroy other, non-earther, humans to do so. They want the tech for the sake of power and money. And now that money is worthless following the apocalypse, they are focusing on technology so they can rule the world. Yeah, pleasant folks there. For more information, look here also at the Stargate Wiki.

I also mention 'Croats' and 'Croatons', which are from Supernatural. These are people infected with a virus that causes the same kinda reaction as the Rage Virus in 28 Days Later. Basically? Living Zombies who will tear you apart without any hesitation. Essentially, this is a future that was partially inspired by the SPN episode 'The End', where Dean was sent into a possible future, apocalyptic of course, and dealt with a world in ruins. For more info on the 'Croats' and the episode 'The End', go here and here. Also, for info on 'The End', try here. All links go to Winchester-Journals, which is an awesome SPN resource site.

Yeah, this world is totally fucked up.

The Rangers )
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Here's the final gift, some maybe spoiler-ish/maybe just a fun way of brainstorming for 'Keep Breathing' manips!

Behind the cut are:
One Peter Petrelli and Jo Harvelle Manip
One Molly Walker and Dean Winchester Manip
One Brooke Davis and Mystery Baby Manip
Four Peter Petrelli/Brooke Davis Manips

Going Through Life, Looking For Angels, People Passing By, Looking For Angels )

Hope everyone enjoyed this year's gifts! Merry Christmas! And if you don't celebrate, have a Great December 25th!
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Behind the cut are 15 Character Banners for 'Keep Breathing', my new Multifandom Apocafic. Some characters have yet to appear, and there are some vague spoilers for what's to come since each banner features a quote from the character.

They are in alphabetical order by first/primary name.

Keep Breathing... Just Keep Breathing... )
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I struggled a bit with today's gift. I had a bad day at work (Who the hell, after hearing the cashier say three times "We're suppose to be closed now, but we can't close until there's no line." then spends 5 fucking minutes hemming and hawing about what she wants to get to eat? And then changes her mind not once but twice? And then takes fucking forever to get her money together? I mean seriously? Will it kill you to get $4.65 back instead of $5 even? Do you have to waste so much time that someone ELSE got online, delaying us MORE so that we didn't close until like TEN MINUTES after we were suppose to? Bitch.) and none of my planned gifts seemed... good enough... when I got on my computer.

So, I started thinking, and decided that tonight, the gift is a couple snippets from a storyline I've been working on for a while. It's very much a multiple crossover, with characters from about a half dozen fandoms (only 1 or 2 per fandom, though), and I'm kind of in love with it.

I don't wanna give away too much here in the notes, and I think the snippets make the back story relatively clear. In short, though? Apocalypse. Massive Apocalypse.

The snippets feature characters from Eureka, Supernatural and The OC. But there are other fandoms in the universe, too. Before each snippet, I've listed the characters featured in the snippet. Others may be mentioned or cameo, but the listed characters are the focus of the snippet.

For reference sake, since I write a LOT of apocafic, this one is (for now at least, it may change) being called the 'Keep Breathing' universe, because that's what everyone is trying to do, Keep Breathing.

Scenes From A Resistance... )
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Two Dean/Faith arts beneath the cut. The second one uses the manip from the first along with several other manips... The second one is also my current desk top wallpaper (in a larger version, of course... lol)

Cut For Images )
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Title: The Good Fight
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missmara
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] beckyh2112
Prompt: After the end of the world, Dr. Brennan has a mystery to solve in the form of a man who looks exactly like her dead partner.
Fandom: Bones/Angel
Rating: R
Spoilers (if applicable): Everything up until the end of Season 4.
Warnings (if applicable): Past (major) character death.
Summary: Dr. Temperance Brennan had always thought she would be the last person to lose her mind completely..
Notes: Many thanks to my wonderful beta, [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]

The Good Fight )
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Mediafire FINALLY verified the uploaded songs, so I'm posting this now, complete with links to downlaod the inspiration songs.

Lyrical Endings Songs And Explainations Ahead! )

I'm working on the playlist for the Third in the Lyrical series, which I plan on having be Lyrical Love, which will almost certainly be MUCH lighter in tone. There may be some angst and sadness, but it's couched in stories about Love of all sorts, ranging from Parental, to siblinglar, to Friendship, to Romantic.
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Another Lyrical Entry! 19 ficlets this time, all Apocalypse related. One of these is part of a universe you guys have scene before, but it's sort of a prequel... Also, two of these are set in the universe of 'In The Blood', but not canon to that universe (meaning this isn't what will happen in the main storylione)... There's some sex in one of these, and there's one death scene, but it's a not Ryan who dies, and some of these kinda suggest imminent death, but don't show it.

Some of them are kinda... confusing... but if you have questions, just ask and I shall explain where my head was going with it. I'll also upload the reveal of what the songs are and my thoguhts ont eh universe tomorrow or the next day, after I have a chance to write them down...

They're apocafic, people, they are naturally disturbing and dark. But there's some happier moments in some of them.

Lyrical Endings: The End Of The World With Lyrical Inspirations )

That last one enough of a mindf*ck for you? lol Like I said, I know some of these are kind of confusing, so if you need me to clarify anything, let me know.

Can you guess which one was inspired by a recent horror movie I watched? lol
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Something that has Ryan and/or Kaitlin looking kick ass... or maybe, since I have so much space for Icons still... one icon for each lead character (Ryan, Kaitlin, Faith, Dean, Brooke, and then Spike will be a regular later on) and then maybe some Icons that are veyr clearly ITB related, like make some wallpapers for the series and then shrink and crop like I did for one of my Ryan/Brooke 'Leaving Normal' icons... lol

So... anyway... last night I kinda plotted an outline for what would, if ITB was written as a TV series, would be a season long arc (like BTVS Season 4 had the Glory Arc, Season 7 had The First Arc). Today, I reread that and went bakc and expanded the early stuff, and OMFG I came up with a great, amazingly detailed, description of what I want to happen in the first full length story...

The First full length story (which will include slightly editted versions of the first couple ITB bits I've already posted, plus TONS of new stuff because it's gonna be a LONG story... but maybe quickly written because I'll have LOTS of time to write next week, when I'm off for Spring Break) will still be called 'In The Blood', but that will also be the title for the entire little series of stories.

OMFG I am so excited for this universe! Ryan kicks ass! There's angst! There's humor! There's Ryan referring to Buffy as 'B' just like Faith does! There's Dean thinking it's kinda hot that Faith could kick his ass! There's Faith thinking it's hot that Dean could possibly kick her ass right back!

Are there any specific characters from any of the involved fandoms you'd like to see 'guest star' in a story? I already have tenative plans for Whistler (BTVS/ATS), Bobby (SPN), and Illyria (ATS) appear at one point or another for at leats brief appearances, but... anyone else? I'm considering have Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls) join the team at some point, because he would bring in some much needed sarcasm to them... So... anyone from the involved fandoms, or from another fandom you know I watch/write, that you'd like to see 'guest star' in a story?
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More of my Amazon Order arrived today! Among the MANY packages?

21 Jumpstreet Season 5 and Friday night Lights Season 1...


Angel RPG Core Rule Book and Buffy Monster Smackdown Supplemental!

I'm reading through the Monster Smackdown and the Angel Corebook ones now, and OMFG there's SO much that will be helpful in developing the world of 'In The Blood', and I'm still in the first chapter! There's this section where they create backstories for othe rpossible Hellmouths in the world, and then a section on different Demon dementions with some ready made examples!

Cut Because it got WAY too long with my rambling! lol )

I need to make some ITB art... lol... including icons...
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I think I like this 'verse even if, again, it's focused on The OC... I promise, characters from the other fandoms will be coming into play soon. I'm just trying to establish things first... and the Ryan and Kaitlin dynamic is an important one... it's a catalyst for everything else.


two )

I'm gonna go back and edit the tags on the first part to include all the fandoms...

Sometime soon, I gotta go back and edit tags to tag by pairing... and I seriously need to catalog all my fics on Deliscious... lol...
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Playing with timelines slightly, namely moving the BTVS series finale forward 3 years, so it happened 2 days after Marissa died in Ryan's arms. ATS was moved forward the same amount to match everything up. SPN is moved back one year and takes places in an AU of the Season 2 finale, so Sam is dead courtesy of Jake the strong man, and Dean is emo about it. One Tree Hill is Season 2, when Brooke has to go see her parents in California and doesn't know if they'll let her go home to Tree Hill at the end of the summer. This first part is mostly The OC, though Slayers and Hunters are mentioned.

In The Blood )
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Takes place a few days following After The Fall", so Dean, Faith, and Ryan have had time to get clothes that fit preoperly, and get ahold of guns, and track down the Connors (because they, or Ryan at least, knows the info from John, so once they know the year, it wasn't that hard).

Posting now because I'll be gone from now until sometime tomorrow evening (I'm going down to Denver to meet my new nephew, Liam who is SOOOO adorable! They already sent us a picture int he e-mail! :D) so I won't get another chance until tomorrow. I'll try to get tomorrow's gift posted as soon as I can tomorrow evening, but if I forget or am just too tired, I'll post 2 gifts on Monday.

Proving A Point )
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So... these are all SCC/SPN/BTVS/OC Crossover fics. The timelines have been altered to work the way I want them to, and I'm assuming that because of the events of SCC, the future has been altered significantly, but with Judgement Day still happening. These all take place in the first 3 years or so after Judgement Day, though the last one takes place BEFORE Judgement Day. You'll understand when you read.

If my HTML woks, then clicking ont he small pics SHOULD take you to see the larger ones. I jsut didn't want the big images appearing if I could help it.

Oh! VERY mild smut in one of them, but no details, just the pretty clear suggestion of it... lol

After The Fall )
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Or rather, what ideas pop into my head suddenly and I can't really explain why I think this, but I do... Let's assume, for the sake of this little list, that all the mentioned fandoms take place in the same universe, even if the 'rules' are different between fandoms (the Vampires in Buffy and SPN are different from eachother), although obviously not all these ideas would be in the same timeline... lol... and obviously timelines don't always mesh... lol

Oh... and some of these are severely Cracktastic... lol

Please Forgive Me... My Crossover Canon )

End of the insanity... thank you for your time... lol


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