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Click HERE for the details on this new Pick A Prompt. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. challenged me with with #27 and The OC.

The prompt itself has nothing to do with The OC, I believe it's from True Blood, but could be wrong. In this case, it's the text on the gif and the emotion of it that inspired...

Minister's Wife )
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Check out the details for this Pick A Prompt over HERE. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. Please Challenge/Accept the challenge, over on that post. Jennifer Smith challenged me to write #29 with The OC/Brothers and Sisters, and it is set in my 'Good Enough' universe, but I might not use this in the actual story, I don't know for sure yet.

The gif chosen isn't related to either fandom (I'm not 100% sure what it's from, either... I found it randomly), but that's part of the fun, finding a way to take inspiration from something unrelated!

Prompt #29 - All My life )
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So, late last night I posted THIS. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. Well, [livejournal.com profile] garnigal was the first response and I was challenged to use prompt #13 and write The OC fic. Here is that fic.

Prompt #13 - I'm Sorry, Kid. )
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A new kinda pick a prompt thing? I have a folder with, as of now, 106 different things for inspiration (I have more, but I've picked 106 for this... lol... may add more at any time and will give the new total number if I do). Most are gifs, some are still images, and there's also 4 songs. I have renamed all of them a number (going from 1 to 104).

Comment and tell me the following:
A number between 1 and 106.
Whether you are accepting the challenge (you will write fic) and challenging me (I will write fic)
If challenging me, you can request a fandom I've written before and I will include it somehow. If you don't request a fandom, it'll most likely be The OC, but not for certain.

If you accept the challenge and recieve a gif or picture from a specific fandom, you are NOT required to write that fandom. Just use the image/text something about it as inspiration. At least a third of the gifs are The OC Related (either from the show or from shows/movies the cast has been in), but there's also gifs from: Nip/Tuck, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210, Flowers In The Attic (2014), China Beach, True Blood, The Following, Med Cezir, Lucifer, Home & Away, Bones, The Night Shift, and Criminal Minds.

There are a few that could be triggering. If suggestions of violence (blood, knives, bruises, cuts) or car accidents (one is a car hitting another car, another involves a car crashing into a lobby) disturb you, let me know when you challenge/accept the challenge, and if you picked a trigger-y prompy I'll ask you to pick another number.

As a double challenge, pick two numbers!
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So... I just wrote something. It's not even fandom related, it's just a bit of a depressing thing caused by watching too many shows and reading too many fics where characters die. So... have a thing. A single warning: It plays on the concept of someone's life flashing before their eyes as they die, so yeah... the unnamed protagonist dies.

Cut For... Something... )

Yeah. I don't even know what this even is, but I actually kinda really like it. I don't normally like 1st person POV, either to write or read, but it seemed like the only way that would work for this.

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Kirsten, Summer, and Kaitlin visit Pasadena! There's some silliness, and some seriousness. And Ryan gets a hug! lol

Good Enough - Chapter Seven )
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I've almost complete part 7 of 'Good Enough' (The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover, Ryan Atwood is the Walker half sibling. Sandy told Ryan the Walkers wanted nothing to do with him, but really they want to know him and Ryan is kind of enjoying have a big loud loving family that accepts him, screwups or no)...

I've been marathoning B&S (A couple eps into season 2 now) so I'm feeling even more confident in my characterization of them. But now I'm doubting my characterizatiuon of Ryan in GE7 because it's been YEARS since I watched even a single ep of The OC... then I discovered that The OC is streaming on Hulu, so... guess what I'm watching? lol

I forgot so many little details from the pilot... like just how devastated Ryan looked when Seth outed him as being from Chino... and how much of a complete ass Luke was to both Ryan and Seth... and omg!

I had been starting to doubt myself about Ryan being snarky, but he totally was! At least in the pilot... I mean his comment about not wanting to tie himself down career wise since he'll have to work until he's like 80 because of Social Security running out was pure snark and mocking... and his 'less trouble where I'm from' comment to Marissa at the after party... and the look on his face when Seth said he'd never even talked to the girl he named his boat after and planned to take to Tahiti like he was thinking "Shit... I'm on a boat with psycho planning to kidnap some poor girl and take her to the south pacific... and no one but his parents know I'm even here... shit." He was looking around like he was wondering if he could swim back to shore! lol

I think everyone focuses so much on Badass Ryan, and Emotionally Fragile Ryan, they forget Snarky Ryan. And I love Snarky Ryan. He can be all those things at once, but Snarky is my favorite.

Anyway, yeah. I've been writing. And since I'm watching The OC again, I may be writing more. Especially when I get to 'The Truth' because you guys know how much I love my The Truth AUs... lol...


Feb. 26th, 2016 09:12 pm
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So I was being silly and looking at 'Fuller House' stuff on Tumblr, and I saw that there's apparently a scene in a later ep where DJ's two love interests, Steve and some guy, lean into to kiss her at the same time and she moves back and they kiss eachother. Mostly I love it because all though there's shocked faces, and the guys yank apart and have some seriously 'ugh' expressions when they realize, the guys don't seem to be disgusted just because they kissed another guy. It's pretty clear they're disgusted by the specific guy, since they're rivals for DJ's affections. And I love that.

Anyway, it made the thought pop into my head that I'd love a sitcom or family dramedy type show to have a gay love triangle that is played for laughs the same way a Boy/Girl/Boy or Girl/Boy/Girl love triangle is, and where there is no obvious answer of "C is a jerk! B should chose A!", because both are great guys in different ways. The two rivals for affection hate each other, but they both love the center of their affections. Maybe the center of affections actually leads them both on, dating them at the same time, but there's hijinks in the whole thing as they try to keep the guys from finding out about each other. But of course the guys do find out, and there's a big 'Choose one!" scene, and the center can't chose and both guys walk out, go to a bar and become friends... and maybe get together with each other... but they aren't just forgotten because they are main characters.

I just would love to see truly equal representation in all sections of TV. Why must gay characters on sitcoms/comedies have to be perpetually single, or over the top in one way or another?

In my little dream scenario above, none of the guys would be 'effeminate', because too often that is played for laughs and mocking. One would be in a rock band. One would be an athlete, playing football or basketball or something. The third would maybe be a science and math geek, but not the kind of geek who too often gets mocked. He'd be the kind like NASA's famous mohawk guy, and he'd be the one to go to if you needed help making a stink bomb or something similar. None of them are cliche gay guys, and being gay is just a relatively small part of who they are. They have families, parents and siblings, who maybe love and support them but maybe don't. Maybe Jock's conservative dressing 'traditional family values' parents are actually incredibly open minded and supportive of him being gay, as long as he's in a happy, healthy relationship. Maybe Mohawk who everyone thinks has the greatest parents ever and everyone assumes support him because they are so laid back and 'cool', actually has homophobic parents that want to ship him off to 'pray away the gay' and 'fix' him.

Oh God... now I want to actually figure out my dream cast and figure out all the other characters and write a detailed episode guide... lmao... I need to stop having 'fun little ideas'... because they always blossom into big fun ideas... lol
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You're not imagining things, I really am posting fic! lol

This is the The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover where Ryan is the biological son of William Walker, making him half brother of the Walker kids. And Sandy told him the Walkers wanted nothing to do with him, but then Ryan found out the opposite is true, and he's getting to know his new siblings, but he's not on good terms with Sandy or Seth at the moment because they're both being stupid jerks...

Last Part: Ryan got arrested for trespassing while trying to help Kaitlin get away from an abusive Frank and a neglectful Julie, and he called Kevin to bail him out, but Justin and Sarah came too. Sandy showed up and revealed the cge fighting meltdown, and Ryan revealed more of his past to the Walkers, who put some of the pieces together and realized just how damaged Ryan is.

Part Six )
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So I got off to a bad start this year. A couple weeks ago my laptop started making this godawful grinding noise, most likely the fan, it was driving me crazy so I splurged and bought a new laptop, which I love. But the process of transferring all my files from the old one is... ugh... tedious. My new laptop which I've had just barely over a week, is wonderful and I love it and I am happy with it, but it's mostly empty. I'm still trying to get all my favorite programs installed... lol...

Anyway, I had been planning to write SciFi for Nano, since that is one of my favorite genre's, but I kept writing one paragraph, never more than about a hundred words, and then... nothing. I had a million ideas but couldn't seem to get any of it written down.

Then I had sudden inspiration. A new story idea, in a new genre (which I haven't really written at all before...) and suddenly? Almost 500 words in less than an hour.

It's basically a gothic horror/mystery/thriller type of thing, planning to have it geared towards Young Adult level. My main character, Jace, was orphaned a few weeks prior to the story in a car accident that will most likely turn out to have not been as much of an accident as he thought. After being in the hospital for his own injuries, he's released to the news that his mother's estranged father, who for unknown reasons despised his father, has agreed to take him in. The Grandfather lives in a huge mansion, on a huge expanse of land, with the creepy name of Ravenholme (name of the estate may change). The mansion is creepy, the townspeople are creepier, and there's something dark and mysterious in his family's past that has proven fatal before.

The 'plan', what little there is since the idea was literally born like an hour ago, is that monsters are real, there's a curse on the family, and Jace has to figure out how to break the curse, but also whether his grandfather is a good man or an evil one. Does he trust his only blood relative, or the people who insist that the devil is in his family's blood? Why did his grandfather hate his father so much that his parents had to flee in order to be together? Does his grandfather have ulterior motives for taking him in?

I'm actually kind of excited about this... and I may just be able to reach the daily word count goal before midnight... maybe... lol

Home now.

Jun. 25th, 2015 08:26 pm
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Actually I got home a couple hours ago, but I completely conked out in a nap. I haven't been sleeping too well, and today was beyond stressful and just wiped me our.

Longer version of the last few days. )

I am just so worn out at this point, and my boss is pissed about me screwing up her schedule, but... there's no way I could work as swollen as I was, and the doctors all want me to take a few days. I do have notes from the clinic doctor yesterday, the dentist today, and the ER doctor today, so I have my back covered that I really needed to be out for all these days. She'll have to deal.

In other news, I'm watching Divergent right now and getting some fic ideas. Like another multifandom AU, with Ryan and Brooke in the lead roles, although I'm not sure who would be Four and who would be Tris. I can see either one in either role. Although it could be interesting to play against type and have Ryan being the one who is the novice not used to be brave and outspoken, while Brooke is the kick ass somewhat jaded one. And together they become a badass Battle Couple. Anyway, it's quite possible nothing will come of the idea, but I do like the idea.
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In ER. Face was puffy Tues night, but by Weds morning was massively swollen. Doc put me on an antibiotic buy it didn't make much difference, so today sent me to ER an hour away.

New doc giving me different antibiotic, hopefully it'll work better.

Will post update once home in a couple hours.
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So... this is a little collection of The OC drabbles, all exactly 100 words. These are NOT all set in the same universe. They are more fragments of different universes, different possibilities, different versions of the characters and what their lives could be. Several have potential of becoming fulls fics someday, because I really like the little glimpse they give, but... for now this is all they are.

Most are Ryan/Summer because... yeah, still love them... but there's a handful of other ones, including a crossover (#7, with CSI:NY, taking place in the Mercy!Verse), and an appearance of Lily... Some don't make a lot of sense because there's so much missing from the story, but... I tried to at least give a sense of the story with them.

Most were inspired by prompts on Write Words, which is an awesome site.

Word count does not include the title.

10 Stories, each 100 words, means 1000 words of fic... )


Nov. 1st, 2014 06:35 pm
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Trying again this year, even though last year was a dismal failure. This year, I am already at 2031 words, and I've only been at it since about 2:30 or so this afternoon (got off work at 1:30, ran errands, got changed to comfy clothes, and only then started writing) and while most of what I've written will probably get edited out later because it's kinda... boring... I am still calling this a win... especially since I'll be writing more tonight before I go to bed...

For now, I'm taking a Star Trek Online break, because I think I earned it, and with my new laptop the graphics are AWESOME! I can actually run it on high graphics settings without massive lag! OMFG! lol

Funny thing is, I've been listening to the soundtrack for the show Terra Nova, and it keeps syncing up with what's happening in my STO game... I'm going into battle again bad guys and a soft tune turns all dramatic... I've even had a couple times where a crescendo of music happened JUST as I won the battle... lol... very odd but cool...
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Yes, this is really and truly a new chapter of one of my fics... These Walls was last updated like two years ago, but... lol... it's back!

Title: These Walls
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missmara
Fandom: The OC/OTH
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst. Mentions of child abuse, violence, possibly sex in later chapters.
Summary: A decade after being kidnapped by the abusive Atwoods, 15 year-old Ryan Cohen is coming home to a family he doesn't even remember.
Notes: So... I watched the first three episodes of the MTV show 'Finding Carter' and it reminded me of this fic, so I had to go reread the first three chapters, and then I wrote this chapter...

Entire chapter written last night in one go. Only waited to post so I could do a little spellchecking/editting this morning when I was awake and fresh. There's some moments I truly love in this chapter.

These Walls - Chapter Four )

Most of the canon main characters (Cooper family, Roberts family, maybe Alex Kelly/Lindsay Garner/Zach Stevens) will eventually appear. But history is different here, so there may be some unexpected differences... just wait and see... I'm actually starting on Chapter Five right now, so... lol
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So... I'm sorta picking this fic back up after like four and a half years...

Good Enough is the Brothers & Sisters/The OC story where Ryan Atwood is the illegitimate Walker sibling. This little thing fits between Parts One and Two of Good Enough, so after Ryan talking to Nora and arguing with Sandy, but before Ryan arrived at the Walker house and met his new found siblings. It shows why he was late enough that Nora thought he wasn't coming.

Decision )

Part Six is coming, I actually had it almost all written, but I realized I was missing an opportunity for potential awesome, so I scrapped half of it to switch it around. But probably in another day or two I'll have it up.

I need to get some Brothers And Sisters Icons... lol
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So, I'm trying to get back in the habit of actually writing. In that vein... have a oneshot! Ryan, Kirsten, and (kinda) Sophie Rose. Just a sweet little family moment taking place while the Cohens+1 were living in the Roberts Mansion Post-Earthquake.

Kick )
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Wait... what is this? Am I actually posting fic sometime that ISN'T 24 Gifts??!! lol This has been sitting on my computer for a long time (along with another complete chapter and one half finished chapter... I'll get them up before the end of the month... I think... lol) and I decided to post...

I went back and forth a bit... Mean!Kirsten who sides with Sandy and Seth? Ambivalent!Kirsten who is sorry about what happened and agreed emancipation was best for Ryan but otherwise just let him go? MamaBear!Kirsten who gets pissed that one of her sons was hurt so badly by the other son, multiple times, while Sandy sat on his ass?

I did decide, obviously, and now there's a new chapter!

Also, a warning: Marissa makes an appearance. But in good news... it doesn't go well for her.

Feel This - Part Five )


Aug. 4th, 2013 08:20 pm
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Josh Swartz on The OC Secrets
Linking to the article, but the part that jumped out at me?

Where the characters would be now: "I had actually pitched the idea that Ryan and Taylor were not together and that he had recently run into Alex Kelly and that they were actually starting to date."

That so makes me want to write Architect!Ryan who is foster dad of Street!Kid from the finale runs into Alex and they are secretly dating (secretly because of the awkward 'dating my dead exs ex' thing, and Seth would probably at least mildly flip out...), and only Street!Kid knows about them, and they are kinda starting to be a weird little awesome family... and then of course people find out and there is shock and surprise and maybe some doubt about whether Alex is 'right' for Ryan... and omfg... Taylor goes kinda off the deep end that Ryan is now dating like the anti-Taylor (laid back instead of uptight, punk more than prep, not a stalker... lol) and starts trying to 'win Ryan back'... lol...
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I'm still heartbroken over Fargo's death, it's still not fair, but I'm not breaking into sobs every time something reminds me of him, so I guess that means I'm doing better.

I've been trying to focus on other things, and I've written some new stuff, not sure if any of it'll actually get posted... but, keeping my mind occupied has helped, even if the stuff I wrote sucks.

The point is, thank you to everyone that offered their condolences, and I'm doing better, though I'm not gonna stop being sad for a long while.


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