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So, I think I will go back to my original 24 Gifts format of one gift (fic, art, video, fanmix) a day from December 1st to December 24th. I pretty much gave up on NaNo because I got a class I HAVE to take for work (It's a managers class I need to take to officially be a department manager and get a pay raise...) dropped in my lap on November 3rd, and I've had to do some prep stuff for it, as well as work out the logistics of getting to it since it's in a city an hour away and my family only has one car (Mom drops me off in morning, I stay overnight in a hotel, paid for by my work, then mom will come back and get me the next night when the class ends...) So... yeah, got behind on NaNo and there's pretty much no way I'll catch up.

Anyway, yeah, so 24 Gifts will be back in it's original form. I've had more writing inspiration lately, and I have a couple things written already, but I realized I wanted opinions...

Do you guys want mostly happy fluffy stuff? Or is some of my usually kinda sad/angsty stuff okay?

Like I have some Ryan/Summer ficlet ideas I'd like to use, but they are snapshots of a life together where they're estranged from the Cohens because Seth accused Summer of sleeping with Ryan while Seth and Summer were still engaged (which isn't true). The ficlets would actually be kinda mini prequels to a longer story I wanna write that takes place years later... but they have a lot of sadness and angsty because the circumstances of Ryan/Summer don't start out happy, and then Summer feels guilty for coming between Ryan and the Cohens...

And I have some more stories set in the Robbie Universe I started with my (fairly) recent pick a prompt post, but since they deal with Robbie having a pretty traumatizing background (and in one Ryan seriously lays into Sandy for some things he says in Robbie's earshot), so I don't know...

I mean, I know I'm kinda known for the angsty stuff, but... Christmas is suppose to be happy and fluffy? So... are you guys cool with angsty for gifts? Or should I try to focus on Fluffy? Like the presidential election, there's no guarantee I'll actually go with the popular vote....
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