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The latest written by me for THIS challenge. Come challenge me or accept a challenge! Lots of prompts have yet to be chosen!

I was challenged to use Prompt #62, set in the universe of 'Missing Persons' (The OC/One Tree Hill/Criminals Minds, Ryan and Brooke meet when abducted by organ stealing rogue doctors BAU works the case).

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Prompt #62 - Undercover

"We've had an undercover working the trafficking ring for a year, but we had to pull him," Captain Vasquez explained as the BAU team settled into the conference room that had been designated their home base. "There was a kid, barely fourteen, about to be auctioned off. There was no way he was going to let that happen."

"Did you preserve his cover?" Hotch asked. "It could come in handy."

"We staged a raid on the warehouse. Got about a dozen victims out, got our detective out, and arrested a half dozen members of the organization. As far as any of the arrested know, one of the giuys who got killed was the one feeding us information. Our guy got his ass kicked by the SWAT team, so our targets think he's been locked up elsewhere. He's willing to go back in, but doesn't want to."

"We'll try to avoid it," Hotch said, nodding.

"I'd appreciate that, Agent Hotchner."

Hotch turned, as did the rest of the team, momentarily confused. JJ was the first to recognize the young man walking into the room.

"We know you," she said. "Ryan? The organ thefts in California?"

Ryan nodded, smiling slightly. "Never let it be said that being short a kidney slowed me down," he said.

"Ryan was one of the last victims of a human organ smuggling operation," Hotch explained to Rossi. "He and a young woman actually managed to escape on their own..."

"Yeah, but we would have been recaptured if you guys hadn't figured it out by then and showed up," Ryan said. "Shoot out on a fire escape, me dressed for my internship at a real estate empire, with a missing kidney that was very badly stitched up, Brooke in yoga pants and a sports bra... must have been a sight."

"That's how you and gorgeous met?" Vasquez asked, clearly trying not to laugh. "I thought she was joking when she said she was half naked and you were in a blood stained suit!"

"Nope, it's a love story for the ages," Ryan said with a snort before looking back at the BAU agents. "You guys made we want to do more with my life than be an architect. So... engineering and physics classes were dumped in favor of criminal psychology and forensics. Ended up in the undercover unit after I got my degrees."

"What can you tell us about the traffickers?" Rossi asked, gesturing for Ryan to sit.

"In general, they're smart. Each of their warehouses functions separately, very few people know anything about where the other warehouses are located," Ryan said. "Lucky for us, I'm one of them."

"You were only in a year and they trust you that much?" Rossi asked.

"My biological father is involved in it, he's one of the 'regional' guys. He handles shifting... 'cargo'-" Ryan made a face as he said the word, but pressed on. "-from one warehouse to another, setting up auction sites... since I have an 'in' with a real estate empire, I've found a few... locations for them. Funny how they keep getting raided," Ryan replied. "My father has always been a monster. But he's the kind who doesn't know what he is. He thinks he was a great father, and that his boys love him more than anything. He thinks I resent the people in Newport, including my foster family, for looking down on me for so long. He's easy to manipulate and fool into seeing me as a devoted son, and I'm pretty sure if anyone suggested otherwise to him? They wouldn't live to finish the accusation. Truth is, though, I just want to see him rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life. Maybe even end up getting castrated when the other inmates find out he bought and sold kids."

"I like you," Rossi said dryly.

The End

I wasn't sure where I was gonna go with this, but... lol... yes, Ryan and Brooke are together, married and happy (although they haven't seen each other much int he last year with him undercover). Ryan is a kick ass cop, and I picture him eventually ending up in the FBI.
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