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Click HERE for the details on this new Pick A Prompt. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. challenged me with with #27 and The OC.

The prompt itself has nothing to do with The OC, I believe it's from True Blood, but could be wrong. In this case, it's the text on the gif and the emotion of it that inspired...

 photo _ 027_zpsncgea6ap.gif
Minister's Wife

When he opened the door, Ryan almost didn't recognize the woman in front of him. Dark blonde hair, falling in soft waves from where it was clipped back off her face. Buttoned up blouse paired with a knee length skirt. Manicured fingernails, light makeup, and tasteful jewelry. He had never seen her looking like this, not even the times he'd seen her in court trying to get custody of he and Trey back.

"What the hell, Dawn?"

"Hi, baby," Dawn replied with a smile.

"What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you! Show you how good I'm doing and tell you... I'm a changed woman. No drugs, no alcohol... I'm engaged!"

"What?" Ryan asked.

"He's a minister at a church in Albuquerque, isn't that great? I'm gonna be happy at last!"

Ryan was silent for a moment, then burst out laughing. "That's... that's a good one, Dawn."

"I'm not joking!" Dawn snapped. "He's a good man, and he loves me, and..."

Ryan stopped laughing to stare at her, realization dawning on him. "And you want me to play doting son and make you look good," he said.

"This is my chance to be happy for once..."

"Right, because you were always such a devoted mother," Ryan replied. "No. Leave."


"Don't call me that!" Ryan snapped. "You know, if you had shown up a couple years ago with this bullshit request? I might have agreed, because I do still love you. But now? Now I know what it's like to have a kid, I know how a real parent feels about their kid, and it is not to toss them away when they're inconvenient!"

"You're a dad?" Dawn said. "I'm a grandma? Since when? Boy or girl?"

"You don't get to know," Ryan said. "Because no, you aren't a grandma. That title goes to the woman who has actually been a mother to me. The woman who was there for me when I needed someone to be there. And you are not even remotely that person. Never have been. I will not expose my kid yo you're shit. You will never know my family. And you need to leave. Now."


Ryan just shook his head and stepped back inside, closing the door then turning to see Robbie standing at the foot of the stairs, an uncertain look on his face as he tugged his sleeves down over his hands as much as he could. The doorbell started ringing, accompanied by Dawn knocking and begging him to open the door, and Ryan slowly moved over and sat down on the stairs. "So... that's my mother."

"You know what? I am totally cool with having an uptight rich lady for a grandma if that's the alternative," Robbie said, sitting down next to him, but watching the door warily. "You okay?"

"Been better."

"You've been my dad for like six months, and you're already better at the whole parent thing than she seems to be," Robbie said. "It's like she didn't even really see you."

"She never has."

"Well, no clue how it happened, but you're awesome," Robbie said, thumping his shoulder against Ryan's. "But she sucks."

Ryan chuckled, glancing up at the door as the doorbell stopped and the knocking tappered off. "Thanks, kid."

"Anytime," Robbie said. "Besides, you helped me deal with my lousy mother. Least I can do is commiserate with you about yours."

Ryan snorted and put an arm around Robbie's shoulders, pulling him close. "Now you know why I said 'I get it' about your mother," he said. "And I'm sorry you had to hear all that."

"I've heard worse. And I'll bet you have, too."

"Let's just say, compared to past behavior, I can almost believe her as a minister's wife," Ryan said. "Honestly, I was expecting her to through something through the window," he added with a shrug.

Robbie considered. "Maybe we should go into the kitchen. Just in case she changes her mind and... throws something."

"Good idea," Ryan agreed, getting up.

The End
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